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Trauma Overwrite [English], by Dr.P

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments

LOL! Not the expected reaction ^______^

There’s a striking similarity with Tora Uma Overlight, another thing I’m sharing here, we also view a woman curing her male partner from his aversion to women cause by a too young exposure to sex. It counts as vanilla hentai with a strong comedy note, although the whiteout censorship killed a vast part of this share’s interest.

… Oh shit. Here, it’s Trauma Overwrite.
The other one, Tora Uma Overlight, if you de-Engrish is… IS SOMEONE FUCKING KIDDING ME OR IS THAT THE SAME TITLE?!? O_o :shock:

I feel stupid for only noticing it now -_- How much of a coincidence can it be?!? O_o
It’s embarrassing. Anyway. Thanks to NecromanCr for this release ! :)

By Dr.P, I also share the uncensored versions of Bokunchi No Mikage-san (184 pictures), Ren Ai Stampede (189 pictures), Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi (201 pictures) and of Whenever You Touch Me (201 pictures), Athletic Aromatic and Drunk Teacher (also uncensored). Just in case, let’s not confuse Dr.P with DP !

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Succubus Stayed Life [English], by Sasamori Tomoe

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 11 comments

Jebus. The oral sex was good.

Supposedly, I’ll be sharing with you a succubus story. Or at at least the hentai story of a girl proclaiming she is a succubus ^^;; Let us forget about wings, horns, tail or anything even remotely supernatural, to stick to facts, we simply witness a highschool boy who’s extremely lucky to have a hot and cute girl with glasses having sex with him a lot of times per day and who is supremely gifted at giving pleasure to a man.
Here, you either follow the supernatural route or the “I call BS, but a hot nympho can tell any tales she likes and I’m OK with it :twisted: ” route. To each his own.

I’ll let you enjoy the story (not much of a story actually) and the drawings (them, they are great, long hair, glasses, large natural breasts, “naturally coming” sex, it was good all along!), with hopes you’ll find it to your taste :)
Thanks a lot to Von and Palaxius, from Facedesk ! ^_^

Update: don’t forget there is now Succubus Stayed Life 2.

By the same artist, under the pen names Sasamori Tomoe and Nanimoshinai, I also share Houkago No Yuutousei (216 pictures), Succubus Stayed Life 2, Hakka and Kokka.

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Akuma De Kanojo (“She’s My Angel, And Demon”) [English], by Takeda Hiromitsu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

DAT ASS !! :3

To preserve your reading pleasure, I can’t tell anything factual. And yet, I so wish I could! But everything would end up in spoilers ruining the fun.

Let’s settle with this : I used to adulate Takeda Hiromitsu for his wonderful Tsundero era, happy sex with vanilla tsundere and comedy. But then I hated to the core the U-turn he (or she ?) took later with sadistic mindbreak and corruption of pure girls… … …
Until today, when a new U-turn has been taken! :shock: :woot:
Please, if you know what I like and dislike, trust me on this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this new release :)

Sorry for the long talk. Thanks to HappyMerchants ! ^_^

(Don’t miss The list of my shares by Takeda Hiromitsu !)

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Doko Miterundesuka Producer-san [English], a gorgeous Idolm@ster hentai doujinshi, by TelomereNa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

HNNNNG! She'd belong to the bangable++ category, if it ever existed.

I’m not sure I deserve this hentai goodness :D First an intro with short hair and hotpants (I wish the whole manga stayed like that :twisted: ), followed by long hair and a racing queen outfit. YES! :twisted:
Story-wise, it’s a bit less excellent, the Idolm@ster producer is “the thing” of one of the idols, Minami Nitta, he’s obediently obeying her orders (such as “no masturbation during a week”), and in exchange she bestows her sexual favours on him. I both (a) wanted to kick this producer in the balls for lack of manliness and (b) felt jealous of him, having the chance to bang such a sexy girl ^^

The drawings are real good, with style quirks that were unusual and really pleasant. Nitta’s self-confident and power-imbued face was really something while, below, there was just a bit of censorship, it was well drawn :)
Enough said. Thanks a LOT to PuchimasuTL and Hihohahi, from MasterScanz ! If you like what their group is doing, just FYI, they’re recruiting experienced redrawings, cleaners and typesetters…

For MOAR Gustav/TelomereNA works, see Their list on Hentairules!

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Kodomo Janaishi (“I’m Not a Little Kid”) [English], by Harenochiame

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments


That was adorable =)
Basically, the story is about two childhood friends finally becoming a couple. But thanks to the sweet drawings where the heroine reveals her cute side while she was only looking like a tomboy before, thanks to the beautifully made setup, it becomes awesome, touching and arousing ! ^_^

Graphically: pettanko with more breasts than we’d have thought first. Scenario : pure vanilla :D
Credits are for Nandeyanen, Palaxius and Patamon, from Team Koinaka and Flatopia, thank you ! :)

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DT To SF (“Virgin And Sexfriend”) [English], by Utu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 29 comments
HNG! She'd make the perfect sexfriend.

<—- Woah o_o
Sometimes, the most erotic image of a whole hentai share will be that of a fully clothed woman. Just… look at her… :shock:

A “sexually confident” guy takes his inexperienced kouhai to one of his sexfriends’ place, and – oh, the hentai odds (100%) – it’s the female colleague on whom the lad has a crush.

What doesn’t follow is netorare and virgin crush.

What does follow is a superb threesome, full of lust, of fluids, of energy, of booze and of joy. The lad feels that jealousy bubble show up, and he simply – pop! – discards it, even winning his prize in the end, it wasn’t just sex eventually ^___^

That was a great read, and the girls body ! Generous, smiling, welcoming ! Even with the whiteout censorship, she was shining. Thank you so much, Happy Merchants, for this release ! ^_^
By the same artist, I also share A Dog’s Job.

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Yurufuwa Juujun Atago [English], a Kantai Collection hentai doujinshi, by Chibikko Kingdom

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

One of the best hentai representations of Atago, I must say =)

Rather than a Kantai Collection parody, that could as well be a fully independant story, not a parody of anything, that wouldn’t change a thing ^^
In short, Atago, a beautiful, cheerful curvy and blonde woman, pays a visit to her boss (“her admiral”) and extremely happy sex follows, with Atago taking and keeping the lead all along, good girl =)
In more details, it’s paizuri from Heaven, handjob, raw sex with her riding on top, and then soap-play with the admiral on an air mattress and Atago, in nanobikini, servicing him with a full-body massage. And her smile, her blond hair and green eyes (thank you, cover picture, thank you), her large breasts… she was really great! ^_^

Thanks a LOT to Stark and ABS from Rapidswitch Extra ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Last Train X Dead-Drunk Big Sis Chifuyu and One Night Summer.

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