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Honeymoon Beach [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Naruto series, by OhRin

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More than adorable. Hats off.

The drawing style in this Naruto parody is noticeably different from the original manga’s art, but I won’t complain, the drawing traits have been pleasantly refined and, pardon the neologism, shoujo-ified.
We lost on the hardcore side, but gained on the WAFF-emphasizing side.

The scenario is pure vanilla, Sasuke and Sakura are newlyweds on a honeymoon, they spend a few days at a beach cottage, enjoying the sea and the sex. Sakura is cute and all, but the biggest change might be with Sasuke, he’s represented as a total bishie, revealing to his wife his needy and lover side… that didn’t fit a lot the original Naruto narrative, which is good IMO, this time ^^

Check it out maybe? Me, I had a good time reading it, that was adorably cute. Thanks a lot to Hecatom, Anon and Naruto-dj-forever! :jap:

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Beast Cos De Off-Pako Shimashu [English], by Nokoppa

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Merry faps, my dear pervs ^_^

An hentai artist hires a cute female cosplayer, dressed up as Mash Kyrielight from Fate / Grand Order, to assist him during his booth sales at a comicket, ensuring himself great sales. Hentai logic forbids they finish the day without going to a love hotel ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The girl wore a really cute outfit, a super skimpy furry bikiny… Tell me, is that outfit canon, does it exist in the real game? If it did, it would be awesome lol :lol: –Update: awesome, it IS canon! Thanks to the commenters for the info! It’s the “dangerous beast” card :shock:
As for the sex, it was a bit too censored (many thick black bars) in my eyes, but apart from that, I’ve got no complaints, it was good =)

Thanks a lot to Cgrascal, I think his scanlation work shows fine progress, after all these years I’m starting to notice :)

By the same artist, Nokoppa, circle Ennui, I also share Fukei Na Pharaoh Ga Daikouzui, Nekomimi Onee-san To Kyouei Mizugi Hiyakeatox, Dagashi Yori Oppai Ga Suki, and a pack of 2 CG pictures sets (Catgirl Battle 7 + Ijiwaru Inma (Malicious Succubus).

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Suzuya To Cos Resort [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Awayume

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I'd say, this doujinshi is a must-read.

Suzuya and the Kantai Collection admiral spend their holidays at a seaside resort, alternating between sightseeing during the day (plus quickies here and there) and lots of cosplay sex at night, with Suzuya wearing “sexualized” versions of her various shipgirl colleagues.
Is it just me, or, talking holidays for people working with the sea all the time, wouldn’t you have expected them to choose a mountain resort, for a change, no?

There isn’t much focus on that, but it still counts as vanilla, Suzuya and her admiral aren’t just having sex, there are feelings too.

And in terms of art… goddamnit that was AWESOME! Not *too* much censorship, Suzuya looking mighty fine, both during sex, and when she’s just simply being her, with her natural beautiful a bit cheeky smile… haa, that was a real pleasure to read every of the pages ^_^

Thanks a LOT to Renne, Bank, A Horse and (sic) Our Lord And Saviour, from Shuten Doujin Translations! :jap:

By the same artist, called Awayume or Yusaritsukata (circle), I also share Chiisana Nii-san Genki Ni Natte (Uncensored), Anata To Nara, Watashi No Kawaii Onii-chan, Attaka Milk No Shiboriai, Anata No Kaori Ni Sasowarete, Suzuya To Natsu Love Vacation, Call me, Alice, Samugarikko and Yawaraka Lip No H Na Sasoi.

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Ne Nuitageyokka (“Hey, Mind If I Get You Off”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane series, by Ahru (circle Tenrake Chaya)

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Lovely, isn't it? ^^

Long story short, Zara, from Azur Lane, has sex with her admiral/commander/something, on the beach, and her black bikini is simply gorgeous :D
First a handjob, then a paizuri, and finally vaginal sex. The handjob and paizuri were great, the vaginal sex was more average, while the censorship was, well, shall we say: typical? ^^

About her outfit, there’s something I found funny… It’s not just hentai, there’s EXACTLY the same outfit and “ready to fuck” body in the real game ^___^

Here’s to hoping you’ll enjoy the release, me, I sure did.
Thanks a lot to CellTF, Axalon, MrWayne, CynicW, Bache and Magikarp_Guy! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Amayadori.

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Chaldea Soap SSS-Rate Service Maid [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Loflat

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That rubbing must be nice. I never experienced anything, even close, to that soapland thingy

That, I’m certain it isn’t in the original Fate Grand Order game :D
Artoria welcomes her gudao, dressed as a bikini maid, into his flat remodelled as a soapland room, and thus, they have sex. This is it ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

In my eyes, that wasn’t my best LoFlat share, but it still had charm, a certain comic relief dimension, a loveable female lead, a funny conclusion… In other words, I think it was worth the read, still :)
Thanks to Keesuz, from Clog Translations!

By the same artist, I also share Mor-san Gohoushi Daisakusen and Secret Recipe volumes 1-2-3.

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Mika And P Plus [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls game, by Simon

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Hot damn. It's good to be alive, to read hentai of that caliber

For some reason, I was under the impression, with that cover, that it was going to be a yaoi doujinshi. Well, nope, an idol is going to be dicked hard and well, by her producer, she’ll allow herself to temporarily be a bit selfish and let the man she loves, and who loves her back, indulge her. Which is great :twisted:

The drawings are fucking splendid. The quality of the screentones work is just off the chart, it gave, not just depth, but also life to the art, damn, I was torn between the hurry to reach the next page for more awesomesauce, and the need to stop with each page to lose myself in the great art…
… You know what, I suspect I’m lacking in the objectivity department, when it comes to describing Simon’s art. Not sorry :D

By the same artist, known as Simon, Saimon and NS Craft, to this day, I also share Isekai No Mahoutsukai (“Mage From Another World”, 203 pictures), Last Battle + Secret Price, Completed + Two Of Us, Love And Sick, Gyouretsu No Dekiru Youkai Shoudanjo, Beast Max, Heisei Hourouki, TransSisters + Entendu Omake Booklet, Rin To P, Kaede To P, a pack of 3 works (Entendu, Frick X Frick and Last Battle Extra), and Irony.

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Akiko-San To issho UP TO DATE REPACK: the Volumes 1-10 (Uncensored, Re-translated, high res), 11-21 and 24, by Mitarashi Club (AKA Mitarashi Kousei), in total: 22 volumes, 771 pictures :)

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In one word: BUCKETS.

Boys, girls, aliens, this is the post in which I’m repacking the complete Akiko-san To Issho series (today as I write it, in English), by Mitarashi Kousei :)
With occasional delays (*cough*) I’ll keep this repack updated over time.

To avoid grandiloquent speech, I’ll just say this is the best MILF hentai series there has ever been. Akiko-san, a 30-or-so widow living with her daughter and nephew, Yuuichi, is the pinnacle of MILFs: cute, childish at times, mature every other time it matters, with a splendid body, a nice braid, a perfect hourglass figure, god-tier round heavy breasts, and, simply said, the most perfect butt I have yet to witness in hentai :twisted:

We’re treated to multiple slices of life of Akiko-san and Yuuichi, with adorable vanilla, heart-warming moments of mutual love, mutual care, and steamy hot vaginal sex. The mangaka enjoys rebooting again and again their first time, experimenting with variations on the pivotal moment in which the series branches away from the original Kanon visual novel, though…

I hope you may enjoy it, and, as I always say, may MILF love never end :twisted:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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