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Akane-san Ero Sugidesu (“Akane-san Is Too Hot”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Black God series, by Brain Dead

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Quality fap'n'go. Enjoy :)

Before I saw its name in a rar file’s name, I had no idea the Black God (AKA Kurokami) series even existed. If you like, you can read it on Batoto. So, I can’t tell much: a girl visits a boy in bed before something important (a final boss of sorts ?), and they have sex at last.

The censorship is very low, and the sex is intense enough, and drawn well enough, to pleasantly impress the eye :) We’re far from a “great” level, but it gets the hormones flowing. I don’t dislike this kind of frank hentai, discarding emotions, only caring about representing quality sex.
Credits are for Red_Piotrus, Atomicpuppy, Seviper9, KirbyDances and Lesher, for and from the E-HentaiCove. Thank you very much :)

By the same artist, also calling himself Eiji in postcripts, I also share Onegai Tearju-sensei,  To Love Ru Trip, Tearju-sensei No Houkago and Mysterious Creature OO.

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