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NTR-EX Kare Ni Wa Ienai Mesu Ochi Life (“A Shameful Life I Can’t Tell Him About”) [English], by Bonten

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The thighhighs: a masterful move.

It’s that kind of hentai in which, graphically, the boobies are larger than the head, basically. A large amount of censorship made of multiple black bars, intense crude sex with the girl clearly loving it.

And as for the story, honest warning, they may be stereotypical, it’s still quite dark, a scumbag teacher blackmails a female student into becoming his cum dump otherwise he gets her and her boyfriend expelled for sex at school, and in the end she totally falls for his dick, poor boyfriend-kun didn’t stand a chance, etcetera.
Well, there, you have it. Your call, at least it looked good ^^

It’s been released by Philo, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works (Anzu Destruction + Hissatsu Ane Gokou), Moratte Kudasai! Azumi Sensei, Three-point reversal, Hinako-Senpai One O One and BBS – Big Boobs Sisters.

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Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan [English, 502 pictures], by Kojima Miu

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Hard not to love MILFs :3

Five. Hundred. And. Two. Pages.
Packed full of MILF sex, plus a bit of young adult and a tiny bit of teen.
With a complex, rich, interesting scenario.
In which the sex is intense, drawn crudely with only very faint censorship.
… Nice :twisted:

The scenario? A male highschooler’s incestuous life with his sexy MILF of a mother thanks to nymphomycin, a drug that places its user in an hypnotically induced submission state… Well, that’s how it starts, anyway, it certainly doesn’t end there…
You know me, I’d love to write an entire novel and waste your time, but I feel my hands are tied, I must STFU because the scenario is long, evolves, multiple protagonists interact, and don’t even think it is linear as you’re in for a few surprises and changes of perspective ;)
I’ll just say, I’m glad I read Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan, for BOTH the art and the story :)

Just in case: it’s almost entirely happy sex, with rare bits of forced sex, strong domination, and occasional netorare vibes during hallucinations.

This long and interesting manga has been released by Fated Circle, thanks a lot!! :jap:

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Konya Otto No Joushi Ni Dakare Ni Ikimasu (“Tonight, I Will Service My Husband’s Boss”) [English, 76 pictures], by Maguro Coffee

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This time I didn't bother picking an image in which the censorship wasn't annoying

In most of the parallel hentai universes, there is no social security. Whatever medical fees you must pay (for instance, for a gravely bedridden child), you’re on your own, there’s no private or public insurance to shield you.
Also, you can only work at one company your entire life, so you better hold that job dearly and do whatever it takes to keep it, or else you’re as good as homeless.
Also, in that universe, once you’ve been blackmailed you don’t have the right to bring with you a mic to record the lengthy bragging of the blackmailer in order to blackmail him back – it would be unfair.

… Okay, I may have gotten slightly angry at the moronic scenario. You see, I’m even, yeah, glad there’s fugly mosaics censorship, I would have grieved if a shitty, moronic, facepalmesque scenario had been unfairly blessed with godly art.

And yet, here I am sharing it, yeah. I get it that not everyone shares my tastes, and I can respect you dig other stuff too. I feel that, within the “dumbass NTR” niche, the present manga will shine, so there you go.
Release credits are for Raknnkar and Sereno, from RaknnkarScans, thank you! :jap:

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Aphrodite No Yuuutsu [English, 156 pictures], by Kitamimaki Kei

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I warned you, there's maximum censorship.

I was a small child discovering the NES when that hentai manga was published in Japan, hooooooooooly shit ^____^

Here comes Aphrodite No Yuuutsu, a tankoubon in which each chapter or pair of chapters is a separate story. This is almost exclusively happy sex, plus a blackmail and another domination chapters. There’s a fair deal of futanari and of (nicely, not bad at all) muscular girls, and tiny bits of yaoi.
However, I must warn you, the censorship is massive, everything is white, so here’s to hoping you don’t mind old drawings, low resolution, and huge censorship ^^

Thanks to Mongolfier and Anonymous for the scanlation! :jap:

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Ikenie Navy [English], by Sugaishi (AKA Maniac Street)

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A despicable story, but damn does it look good

Holy coooooooooow. I downloaded that one thinking it was a Kantai Collection doujinshi of sorts (the “Navy” misled me, I guess it was for the girl’s sailor uniform that we see at the beginning) and trusting the one random pic I opened that looked absolutely gorgeous.
While, in fact, it’s a dramatic story :shock:

In short, Ikenie Navy is the story of a highschool girl that has become her widowing father’s sex outlet, the guy’s not taking her refusal for an answer and threatens to go after her younger sister if she refuses. During the sex, the girl feels good but is in orgasm denial.
To each his own, if you dig this stuff, help yourselves, it’s right here. And I must reckon the art, even with the horrible censorship (max blur) looked absolutely gorgeous, Sugaishi’s talent is shockingly good even in that dark context :shock:

Still, the best part of this release, these are the credits. This manga was translated and QCed by Bread, proofread by Bacon, redrawn by Lettuce and typeset by Tomato. Hats off lol :lol:

For more Sugaishi / Maniac Street hentai, please see this Redirection page

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C9-22 Haruna Wa Daijoubu Desu (“Haruna’s Fine”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Crazy9

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Sex on the bed, with her shoes still on her? SO UNREFINED!!! :(

It’s a sad story this time, but served with godlike drawings.
We’re in the Kantai Collection universe, and Haruna has been working hard to help her admiral behind the scene, sexually relieving an influential guy and in exchange he supports her admiral. However, as that guy is unsatisfied with non-penetrative sex, and obsessed with the thought of making Haruna his woman, we (unsurprisingly, right?) end up in a blackmail situation, Haruna has to give up on her anal virginity. It’s not stopping at that, the man is skilled, and it’s clear as day it’s only a matter of time before he successfully steals the girl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, still, as I wrote, the art is fantastic. Paizuri, oral, anal sex, everything looks perfect, and hardly even censored. Check it out, if you can endure (hey, or if you love it) the scenario! :)
It’s a Doujin-Moe release, thank you! :jap:

–Edit: I had forgotten, this one’s got a sequel, I was already sharing it :shock:

For more: check The list of ALL the Crazy9/Ichitaka shares on Hentairules!

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Aitsu Dake Ga Shitteru Watashi No Subete + Sonogo (“Only This Guy Knows Everything About Me + After”) [English, 51 pictures], by Keke

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I still wonder, did the scanlator try retouching the images, or did they come like that?

Oh come on, the Earth’s already overpopulated with humans, we’re wrecking the ecosystem and dilapidating the finite resources we can extract from the Earth’s crust, so go for it, boyfriend-kun, murder the male MC!!… … No? You prefer to run away with your tail between your legs? Ah, shoot, I’m reading a classical netorare manga :(

And thus, yet another sadistic scumbag skilled in betraying, manipulating and fucking steals a girl, mindbreaks her, etcetera. I’m still sharing it because I must reckon there’s plenty of talent in the drawings, the girl has a fine ass, mad tits, the censorship isn’t much of an issue either, so I think this should please all you NTR lovers.
Thanks to Zkillz269 for this one!

By the same artist, I also share Tomodachi No Tsukurikata chapter 1.

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