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Huge pack of 10 works by Azasuke Wind [English, 392 pictures]

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I could have chosen a sadder pic ;)

I wanted to catch up on an interesting mangaka, Azasuke Wind.
The style is very hardcore (might there be more anal than vaginal? ^^), and there’s little room for feelings, it’s a brutal world, driven by desire. That gives us straight dark stories (rape, mindbreak) or kinky not-truly-dark stories (domination, fetishes of rape and abuse sublimated in sexual plays), depending on the mangaka’s whim.

I’m not sure this will be for everyone’s tastes, but I believe it’s worth sharing, in my eyes it’s more than “industrial” porn, there’s talent, unique traits, and personally I took a great liking to the kinky relationships between Levy and Rock in several volumes, they’re twisted, unable to enjoy “normal” sex, so they settle for more, erm, exotic forms of fulfillment…

Here’s the list of the 10 volumes I repacked in my post:
Analbeit: with Reuse, the darkest of the volumes. Hanaru, from AnoHana (lemme google for the full name: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai), betrayed and raped
Distorted Love: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, with their kinky games, (almost) pretend rape
Paraphilia: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, with their kinky games, asphyxiation play
Reuse: Tenryuu, from Kantai Collection, treated as a, quote: “jeez latrine”, and later, a, quotation again, “semen receptacle”. I’ve read merrier hentai. Depressing, dreadful.
Sick From Drinking: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, plenty of booze, and to my surprise, no kinky game, that one is as close to vanilla as twisted characters like Levy and Rock can go
Slave Secretary: Roy Mustang, from Full Metal Alchemist, is made to watch his dear lieutenant Riza, mindbroken, treated as a cum dump, netorare vibes
Sleeping Revy: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, with their kinky games, spiking a drink, taking advange of the still victim
Super Big Size: Levy and Dutch, alcohol and sex
Threaten: Rock and Balalaika, from Black Lagoon
Welcome To The Fuckin’ Paradise: Levy and Rock, from Black Lagoon, Rock found Levy’s adult vids on the internet, she finds out, that one is as close to vanilla as twisted characters like Levy and Rock can go.
(Oh, a note: yeah, I got used to writing “Levy” over a decade ago, deal with it, sorry if it’s Revy otherwise.)

By Azasuke Wind, I also share Asasuke Wind Collection volumes 1-12, a pack of animated hentai gifs, and Secret.

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Hakuai Seishin (“Benevolent Saint”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Alice No Takarabako

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Blindfold FTW!

That one’s pretty simple to describe: Byakuren, the Touhou character (it’s weird, whenever I “remember” her I picture blond hair, her violet hair always takes me by surprise when I see it again), has slutty sex with a group of men. Details just don’t matter here ^^

I’ll let it to your appreciation, me, the blindfold part pressed a lot of my buttons, and the art is as good as of usual with the mangaka, Mizuryu Kei =)
Thanks to Hot Soup, from Sharpie Translations! :jap:

For more, see The List of Alice No Takarabako’s Works on HentaiRules.

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Kinoshita-kun X Andou-chan chapters 1-2 + Extra [English, 74 pictures], by Shomu

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Conversion successful.

Haaa, the charm of sweet and original vanilla! :)
Here is a cute share, about two highschoolers (who look like full adults, in terms of sheer art, IMO) becoming lovers, but it’s not plain usual vanilla, huhu.

The boy is hard to read, his eyes are always half-closed, and the girl – must I even mention, they’re childhood friends -, ah, she’s a handful. Not feminine at all, wearing boys’ clothes, she lost the feminity manual years ago and is too embarrassed to try to find it now. Fortunately, the boy guessed well: she didn’t know it yet, but he had the correct hinch: she totally loves being teased, and this teasing tor through her defences.
At first that was just sex, it took them two full chapters for the girl to notice the obvious, it wasn’t just lust, it was heart-warming love :)

The drawings are pretty good, and very original. The girl had a unique physique, thin arms, long relatively thick legs, and a particular hips and chest area that looked like it has been drawn by Rubens (non-linear spine, plenty of meat bumps) ^^;; Let’s add natural pubes volume, little censorship over crude vaginal sex: it wasn’t bad at all!!

I’m sharing that one thanks to Yad-Scans, I hope you’ll enjoy the read! :)

By the same artist, I also share Kinoshita-kun X Andou-chan, Reticent Boy And Sexually Pervert Girl, Yenkoh To Kuro-gal, Futago Ni Shihai O – Dominate Twins and Higyakusha Ni Kutsuu O.

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Datenshi Corruption (“Dark Angel Corruption”, or “Fallen Angel Corruption”) volumes 1 and 2 [English], a pair of hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live Sunshine series, by Napo

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Rape is bad, mmmkay? But disregard the constabulary, enjoy! :D

It’s a funny thing, the official drawings for the Love Live Sunshine! girls look shitty in my eyes. I reckon I’m not the target audience anyway, but usually idol girls look cute to me in their official art – except for this series ^^
My point being: I have a good bias in favour of new a Love Live Sunshine doujinshi, I know it will look better than the original =)

In the pack of doujinshi I share, Datenshi Corruption volumes 1 and 2, two idols, Yoshiko Tsushima (aka Yohane) and Riko Sakurauchi are raped and, “because hentai”, immediately corrupted: they love it, they demand more, from now on their #1 interest in life is getting more dick from the rapists.
… look, what can I say, is there any point in ranting anyway?

Graphically, even with the thick censorship bars, the art is superb. Yohane (75% of the pages) looks super, a petite brunette drawn very well, first naked, then in a black swimsuit plus cat ears, having oral, vaginal, anal and DP, the girl was ten times cuter than her fugly original design.
If you can disregard (or straight enjoy) the rape+corruption theme, those volumes should please you greatly, here’s to hoping :)

Thanks to Petra_lal, Master117 and AAW, from Awesome Sauce Translations, for the two releases! :jap:

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Ganbaru! Shufu No Hibi [English], by Ahemaru

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Step 1: oil her up. Step 2: IGNITE!

Normal reaction for a normal husband after he finds his wife has been the entire neighborhood’s fuckhole for months while he was away for work: “divorce time, it is!”
The husband’s reaction in that share: horny resignation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In a work like that, it’s best not to take anything seriously. So, this share’s female heroine is a cheerful housewife with a very hot and very meaty body, she’ll accept with a smile the dicks generously offered by pretty much every male in the vicinity, and enjoy it without any parasite thoughts such as “might my husband disapprove”. No, she loves her husband, she loves dicks, she doesn’t love saying no, and everything’s allright in her simple world.

At first I just wanted to shrug, but I must warn you, several of the pages are fucking gross. I’m talking massive dilatations from unusual items. It’s technically good looking, but I was mostly freaked out, personally O_o

Constantly and an Anonymous are behind this release, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Meikko Ga Kuru.

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Harmoniodeon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the NieR:Automata game, by Amano Kazumi (AKA Haiiro Koubou, AKA Amanoissui)

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Cute, right? ^_^

Harmoniodeon isn’t the best-looking NieR:Automata doujinshi ever, but it’s already pretty great looking, and it’s one of the best in terms of vanilla topping, so I’m quite glad I can share it with you guys :)

In short, 2B and 9S discover a relic from the past, a video tape, and find out it’s actually a porn vid. They wonder why androids like them were built with genitals at all since they can’t reproduce, conclude it’s to reinforce the bonds between individuals, and decide to give it a try.
In terms of drawing quality, well, yeah, it’s average, it doesn’t even use 2B’s amazing ass to its full graphical extent. But I felt the kissing scenes and ambient atmosphere are making up for it. Your call! =)

We owe this release to Switchloop and Pride, from the E-Hentai Cove, thank you! :jap:

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Saimin Shinsatsu (“Hypnotic Treatment”) [English, 179 pictures], by Kinntarou

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Shitty men, high quality women. Pity, but still hot ^^

Here is a complete hentai tankoubon, full with hardcore sex, and with only very moderate amounts of censorship on the images, one or two translucid bars at a time, it’s not much at all :)

… And with that, I’ve depleted every compliment I could give, the rest would be bitching and whining because the manga doesn’t suit my tastes ^^;;
So, yeah, save the last almost vanilla chapter, the rest is entirely about men with sadistic tendencies successfully humiliating, dominating, blackmailing, forcing women to submit, until they’re happy to be fuckholes. The first third of the volume is about a doctor with a gift for hypnotism, and the rest is made of single chapters not varying much though, ending kinda the same :roll:
If you’re into that niche, this is quality material, in my opinion.

Thanks to Desudesu and whoever commissioned him for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, Kinntarou, circle Nanakorobi Yaoki, I also share Musashi-Ryu Seikyouiku, Female Fighter Gangbang Round, Nikuyoku Chikan Sharyou, I Want Yukarin To Devour Me, Delicious Head Maid and Tobikkiri No Senkan VS Senkan.

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