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Kadan – Helichrysum [English, 102 pictures], by the mangakas Sakurai Minami and Umemaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Oh boy, that page was... magnificent. Astounding. I must tell you, the rest isn't SO beautiful, okay.

First things first, allow me to quote the mangaka: In the language of flowers, the Helichrysum means “Memories”, “Devotion”, and “Joy everlasting.”
That should explain the title ^^

So: here’s a pleasant yuri hentai manga, with both sex, and yuri plot. A manga that, I think, I will remember, it left me with a strong impression :)

In terms of graphics, “yuri” means a change of pace: kissing, licking, caressing, scissoring, yes. Dicking super hard with a giant long organ, no. You may “need” it, if you do, sorry for you ^^ I felt the art was very sweet, although not as awesome as in this post’s big preview pic (no false promises, simply couldn’t *not* choose it, it was so beautiful it would have been a shame to miss it).
And in terms of scenario: there were complex feelings involved, reassessing of one’s life, sadness, kindness, wounding, healing, it wasn’t a smooth ride, it was… human, simply. Me, I was moved, that’s all I can say, I think it deserves to be called vanilla without a second thought :)

We owe this release to Afkeroge and Kikaluna, from /u/Scanlations (is that a reddit sub?), thank you very much! :jap:

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Saionjike No Kareinaru Seikatsu (“Living The Dream At The Saionji Household”) 1-2 [English, Complete], by Alp

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Yeah, my fave was the maid

A young man pays a visit to the manor of the ojou-sama he likes, to finally confess his feelings, but instead he’s greeted by a female maid who flat out asks him to leave, unless he passes a test to prove his worth.
Yes, we all know where this is going, and it went gloriously so :lol:
In the second part, the ojou-sama shows up, her perversity is revealed as she joins the frey without second thoughts, and it ends up as a threesome =)

I don’t know what was the most unrealistic, the perverted ojou-sama, or the male MC’s unlimited sex drive, huhu ^^
But it looked mighty good, with only very little censorship, personally I greatly enjoyed that read :)

Thanks a lot to Wataboutumi, Reversinator and Nolacsar, from WataTL! :jap:

By the same artist, called Alp, from the circle Ringoya, I also share Gohoubi Poolside, Watanabe No Kyuujitsu, Takami No Kyuujitsu, Tsushiya No Kyuujitsu, Ohara No Kyuujitsu, a pack of 3 works (Matsuura No Kyuujitsu + Takami No Kyuujitsu ~ 2-kame + Watanabe No Kyuujitsu ~ Episode Of Tsuki), a pack of 4 works (Charm Ring + Hoshizora Merry Line + Hoshizora Unline + C95 Omake Hon + Trance Control), Show Must Go On, Yamitsuki Mura Daiichiya + Yamitsuki Mura Dainiya, Maru No Hodokoshi, Dressing Up, Miwaku No Kusari, Sturm-dono To Sashite Asobou, Hoshizora Snow Line, Secret Fan Meeting and Hana Asobi.

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Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi No Kenzoku Seikatsu ~ Lesson with Vampire [English, 204 pictures], by Fei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Me fapsta

I’m sorry I’m not sharing as much hentai as usual lately, I’m keeping myself busy with other things that require my attention ^^
Still, the flow of quality releases never stopped, my backlog’s nightmarish to behold, huhu. Keeping ourselves to the cream of the crop, here’s another recently released complete tank, that I greatly enjoyed reading :)

This recently released volume is Maidoll’s second tankoubon, Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi No Kenzoku Seikatsu ~ Lesson with Vampire.
It’s partly made of some works we already knew, but now in fully high resolution scans with very little censorship and superior image quality, and there’s also another story I didn’t see before.

The bigger part of the volume is “Sensei’s Secret Lesson”, the story of a highschool boy becoming “affiliated” (shall we say) to a female vampire, soon a second vampire joins, and basically it’s all about having lots of sex. Hints of plot and romance were given, but frankly it stopped short.
Then, 2 other stories follow, both of them featuring maids doing a maid’s job.

If I wanted to nitpick, I’d say the dialogues were irritating (oh god, WHY is there this need to describe everything that happens to one’s genitalia, urgh), but apart from that, graphically the manga was amazingly good. Hot lingerie, don’t even get me started on the maid outfits, plenty of nylon to fantasize about, hot faces, juicy lips, splendid butts, beautiful unreal boobs, a girl with a mole… The mangaka’s talent shone through the entire manga :)

Release credits are for CovertOpBoobs and Lazarus LP, from Lazarus H, Mysterymeat3, Xinsu, Th3 Sl0th as commissioner, and Hentaicore for the scans, thank you very much, I’m grateful :jap:

Moar! Don’t forget to check The list of ALL Fei/Maidoll’s works on Hentairules!

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Boku No Kanojo O Netotte Kudasai (“Please Fuck My Wife”) [English, 191 pictures], by Zonda

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

No promises

I could write a super short description, telling the art lies in the god realm, looking awesome, almost uncensored, while the stories were kicked out of the gutter because they weren’t good enough to rot in there, would that be enough to give you a general idea?

The manga is made of long stories using the typical facepalm trope that feeling good from a dick is a shameful disgrace for women, that they ought to feel guilty, that this guilt unescapably breaks them, thus they’re just disposable meat to use and discard. Pure cringe.
Most of the manga showed a highschool boy seducing woman after woman with his cute face, however he’s got a cuckhold fetish and drives them into the arms of a filthy middle-aged man. And then rotten icecream on the facepalm cake, a netorare finale, yaaaaaay.

Well, anyway, take it or leave it, it’s your call, if you love these themes I’m fine with it (plus, I totally meant it, when I wrote the art is in the god realm, oh boy), it’s not like I’ll have to watch while you masturbate (unless you’re a woman, if so, I’ll tolerate that you send me your video :lol: ).
It’s been commissioned by Doujin-Moe, thanks for that! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Triangle (Uncensored version!), Senpai To Micchaku Shitai Desu, Hitozuma X Netorare (209 pictures), Raikou Ga Anata No Hajimete O Choudai Shimasu, Bosei Honnou, Imekura Kanmusu Takao-san to Shota Teitoku and the comedy-driven Ran-man.

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Onna Kyoushi Ichikawa Miyuki (“Female Teacher Ichikawa Miyuki”) [English, 175 pictures], by Hakaba

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Yeah, well. It must please some people.

Don’t read this manga if you’re feeling depressed and need to feel again. You’ll end up with stronger misanthropy than before. As a part-time misanthropist (people call it edgy when I tell we are a failure as a species, but look at what the aggregated sum of our individual behaviours is leading to, no group ethics emerging, not a hint of something superior emerging, just selfish little things collectively amounting to a huge mess), I can tell you, I’m spending the next 15 minutes reading undiluted vanilla for a sense of balance, Courting Etranger will do, I think.

OK, so, now, this release. A female teacher goes through blackmail, corruption and mindbreak, until, in the end, she is everybody’s cum dump, male colleagues and students alike. Basically. Nobody cares for each other, it’s allright to abuse the weak, etcetera.
Graphically, it’s got whiteout censorship (a pity, in all cases) but it remains pretty good. There’s also Hakaba’s unique style, relying greatly on “lost” facial expressions, with extremely slanted eyes going out of focus, it was weird, but it must have its fans.

The manga has been released by Kizlan, thanks are an order!

By the same artist, I also share Break me (220 pictures, Uncensored), Kedamono No Ie (Gekan) (214 pictures) and Kedamono No Ie (Joukan) (211 pictures).

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Boku To Natsu To Dareka No Nikki (“Me And Somebody’s Diary That I Found On That Summer”) [English], by Kawahara Ryuuji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Almost MILF quality

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy… That one was weird, but written with intelligence and skill, I’m certain you won’t have seen the “true” scenario coming.
The theme is dark, certainly. Bind a woman, rape her until she’s mindbroken and begs for more, yaaaaaayyyyyy. Usually, it sucks. This time, that was interesting, I’ll let you guys find out why ;)

In terms of art, we have a lot to fap work with, that should please most of the readers, check it out!

Thanks to Anon and Desudesu for this one! :jap:

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Mekakushi Tea Time (“Blindfolded Tea Time”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Hero Academia series, by Buthikireta

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Not an absolute piece of hentai glory, but good enough, yeah, I'd say ^^

Whoever reads the My Hero Academia manga series must be shipping Midoriya and Ochako (and if you don’t, please go play in a giant blender.)
And yet, the internet hardly caters to this need, the number of Uraraka Ochaco X Izuku Midoriya vanilla releases is minuscule, and even smaller if you want it sprinkled with vanilla.

So, let’s enjoy that release thoroughly, shall we? :)

Look, the art isn’t stellar (above average, but, well, this is it), and the story is plain, which is deliberate, it’s a slice of life. But we get the vanilla feelings we (oh, screw it: I) was yearning for ^^

The doujinshi takes place in a future in which Midoriya and Ochako are adults living together, already an established couple, and blind cake tasting turns into blindfold sex. With a lot of hugging and kissing, haaa, it was good!

Thanks a lot NaxusNL!

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