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Kodomo No Jikan Volume 2 [English, 185 pictures], by Akira Gotoh

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Maybe the only half-decent pic in the whole volume

The volume 1 of Kodomo No Jikan was
– annoying (because the story is facepalm grade)
– frustrating (because there isn’t even sex, only plastic toys), and
– disappointing (because while some mangakas like Suehirogari explore with genius themes such as submission or exhibitionism, Akira Gotoh lacks the talent to produce something praiseworthy in that regard.)

Guess what, this newly released volume 2 is hardly any better, this time there is a chapter with actual penetration with a dick, and the rest is the same disappointing soup anyway. Shibari, dildo insertions, orgasm denial, feelings of shame, pointless baseless domination with a girl obeying three retarded shotas without any reason, vague hints at a reason for this fail scenario around the end, and this is it for this non-final volume. Meh.

Well, I mean, if YOU like it, why not, it’s your right, etcetera. Release are for SMDC-Translations and the ghost of Stanley Kubrick, thanks for the release nonetheless.

By the same artist, I also share Kodomo No Jikan volume 1 and Capuccino 1-2.

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Closet [English, 234 pictures], by Yamakumo

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I thought I'd choose a pic that shows in full horror what you can expect, godly art but despicable censorship.

Let’s be clear, this is not a tankoubon, aka a complete official manga. What we have here is a compilation of non-tank sources. The difference, in a word: censorship, either abominable blurry mosaics shat out of Satan’s anus, VS thin darkened lines. There’s only one chapter that is done with the tank images, in the end.

At the center of the manga is the “closet”, a mental space in which some people shut away their sexual urges. It takes a fellow pervert to recognize one, and open her door to become lewd together. Around that is built a relatively good netorare scenario, in which the male MC is a huge scumbag, determined to make his the female MC, he will recognize the closet in her and gain entrance (in a scumbag way, of course), thoroughly enjoying to trample on the feelings of a too timid male childhood friend.
In the end is a bonus chapter with quality tank scans (and little censorship) in which the female MC’s mother gets dick too.

Graphically, if it weren’t for the repulsive censorship it would have been amazing. Your call :)
Thanks to whoever is behind this release! I got the manga from an anon, I apologize, but I don’t know who to credit.

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Mesubuta Tenrakuroku [English, 185 pictures], by Kuro Fn

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Sigh. Impossible to even imagine fapping to that

I added the “facepalm” tag before I started reading the manga, and you know what, I guessed right. So, it’s variations (one woman, one chapter) on the usual sad fantasy, women are only good as meat, made to be abused, cheated, betrayed, manipulated, and as soon as a dick goes inside they’ll ahegao like mad, their pride will shatter followed by their mind, etcetera.
At best, it’s “only” women discovering thanks to blackmail they prefer a life of filth as cum dumps. At best.
Sigh :roll:
Look, if you love it, sure, your call, but don’t expect me to join your club.

Graphically, it’s mostly OK. Busty, meaty women, sex as far as rare DPs, tons of ahegao though.
Personally, I hated the manga, so I’m done with it, the rest is your call. Release credits are for Doujin-Moe.

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Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo Wa Hakudaku Ni Somaru~ The Comic [English, the COMPLETE volume, 196 pictures], by Ootsuki Wataru

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Very few things are hotter than dark elves, in hentai. Maybe, for instance, dark elves in a vanilla setup, yeah.

I saw the release of the chapters 1-8 of Kuroinu 6 months ago, but at that time I didn’t realize it was the complete manga, I imagined more would come. I should have double-checked, it would be hypocritical to blame people who name a completed project “chapters 1-x”. I make up for those lost months by manually adding the tankoubon contents, such as cover, backcover, bonus pics, etc ^^

A brief summary: a nation has conquered another nation, and its women of power must be turned into sex slaves (because why not, right? Right?) and obedient cum dumps, the usual. There will be rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, futanari transformation, rape by other women and men, more of it, until the unescapable group mindbreak, and in the end the deed is done, the women only think of cock. Classic.
There isn’t much of a story, but in terms of art itself, this is pretty well done, we have dark elves, a female warrior, a female princess, the sex goes as far as DP, and there’s very little censorship.
So, while the story is garbage in my eyes, graphically it’s solid quality ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s been released by Kizlan, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Koukishin Ha Neko Wo MoXXsu and Hashihime Shinshoku -Yon-.

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Sei No Daishikyou To Koware Yasui Otome [Now in PROPER English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Goblin Slayer series, by Ginhaha

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Oh god THAT ASS!

I am almost disappointed. Almost. Sei no Daishikyou to Koware Yasui Otome has been re-translated, this time in proper English, with good typesetting and all.
What remains is an excellent uncensored share about a sort of nun-looking woman (I know, I’ve read the explanations in the comments) having fun with a badass-looking man, the male MC of the Goblin Slayer series ^^

I grew attached to the previous version of the doujinshi, it had such atrocious, abominable, undescribable English, reading it became bathos humour gold, I felt that deleting it from hentairules would be a sad waste. So, if you want the old version, by all means, you can get it here, with, in addition, a series of full-colour illustrations and short animations by the mangaka :)
Otherwise, I’m not stopping you from enjoying something written in proper English that won’t make your eyes bleed ;)

Thanks a lot to the unknown kind person who did the translation! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Uketsukejou No Himitsu Na Irai.

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Sei no Daishikyou to Koware Yasui Otome [atrocious English, Uncensored] + Bonuses, an hentai doujinshi parodying the Goblin Slayer series followed by a series of CG pictures, by Ginhaha

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–Update: good news, if you want there is now a version in PROPER English.
It doesn’t contain the full-colour CG image sets and animations, but, damn, it’s good not to want to die because you read something awful ;)
That said, in my eyes, the English was so bad, here, that it’s a kind of thing to experience once in a lifetime, it’s a unique form of fun, so I’m not deleting this post, read it at your own risk! :twisted:

I’m having a purely sadistic pleasure here. When you read this doujinshi, your eyes are going to bleed. Your brain will want to melt and seep through your nostrils. You may want to prepare yourselves to resist the urge to punch through your screen.
You see, the English is a – tro – cious.
A fine piece of shit, lol :lol:

And yet, the drawings are fucking good, it’s a Goblin Slayer doujinshi, a series that’s been gaining lots of traction recently even though I never bothered (yet) to try to read or watch it. Here, it’s focused on a blindfolded religious (?) woman, with a sweet voluptuous body, having great sex.
After this, there is a series of CG pictures plus a few animated shots. They’re censored (a lot) but they still have a certain charm, and come as a welcome bonus, I guess, if you liked the woman in the grayscale doujinshi part :)

A side note, there were six gifs as I found the pack, but I took the liberty to convert them into mp4 animations (with the website EzGif). The difference: very slightly warmer colours (a faint shift)… and it reduced the total size by 53 MB in the process, six files gone from 58 MB to 5 MB :D

Well, there you have it. Atrocious cancer-grade criminally bad English, but very good art, and now I’ll leave you to trying to gouge out your eyeballs with a rusty grapefruit spoon :twisted:

Oh, yeah, also: the artist has a Patreon, under the ぎんハハ / Ginhaha names, and check his Pixiv for more lewds :)

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Tasogare No Shou Elf volumes 1-2-3 [English, 119 pictures], by Usagi Nagomu

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Bonus eropoints for the blindfold game

Domination, humiliation, corruption, mindbreak, giving in to ecstasy to forget despair… Elves really receive shit, in hentai ^^;;
Mind you, I understand it a little bit, it’s like when you play Sim City, the kind of town you want to ravage with every available natural disaster is not an ugly barely functional town, but the high end perfect town, somehow, right? Same deal, elves are so perfect, wanting them tainted is a sort of natural call…

Well, so, there are no surprises here in this new Usagi Nagomu share, elves are captured by humans and forced to live their lives as sex slaves in a brothel, the 3 volumes focus on two of them, a busty voluptuous adult elf, and (meh, but the lolicon fans will have a smile, just a few years less and she’d have been in their strike zone) a teenager high elf. The two girls get the usual, forced ecstasy, failure to resist climaxes, the eventual giving up and accepting pleasure, etc.

All of that, with absolutely amazing art, if you like elf hentai, you should love Tasogare No Shoul Elf, no doubt, even if the scenario isn’t right up your alley.
It’s been released by Venmil, thank you for the fans!

By the same artist, I also share Reizoku Elf Maid, Passiomaid Sister, Kaihana – Ochita Elf Tsuma, Ai Midarete, Elf No Hime Wa Kairaku Ni Naku and Shigoite Ageru.

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