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Shidoukan Crouching + Shidoukan Outdoor [English], a pack of 2 works by Bang-You

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Almost makes one want to join in

Woops, looks like I missed an older release by this mangaka. Here are two works by Bang-You (circle Manguri Cannon, also Nagaredamaya), one of them freshly released, the other that slippped under my radar a bit less than a year ago :)
Shidoukan Crouching
Shidoukan Outdoor

In both cases, we’re in a weird parallel hentai universe in which tanned highschool girls wear bloomers and take part in sexual track and field activities.
Honest warning, better not think too much about it, because frankly it’s a stinky story canvas, women treated like holes (we see the recurring “heroine” broken in the first “episode”, Shidoukan Future), etcetera. Let’s just enjoy the quality butt drawings, the quality anal and vaginal sex with “only” bearable censorship, shall we?~~~

NaxusNL is behind those two releases, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Bang-You, Manguri Cannon and Nagaredamaya, I also share Stopwatcher (202 pictures), UrAnus, Uranus-san Vs Toumei Ningen, Shidoukan Future, Bang You Collection Vol 3, Degeneration and Lunar Eclipse.

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Takamine-ke No Nirinka (“The Two Flowers Of The Takamine House”) chapters 0-2 [English, 69 pictures, apparently the story is complete], by Kuro No Miki

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It's cute, a round butt ^_^

There’s very little to the story. To sum it up, because his parents work overseas, a male teenager is abandoned (Seriously? WTF Japan?!?) to foster parents, a mother and her two daughters. A few years later, the foster mother deflowers the boy and then moves away, leaving the now young man with his two elder sisters, a naughty cheeky one apparently wearing a competition swimsuit 24/7, and a falsely stern composed sister with a secret submission fetish. And there they go, no more scenario at this point ;)

Allow me to disappoint: there will be no threesome. And the censorship is made of annoyingly huge and numerous black bars. But even then, it’s still quite good in my eyes, I’d say it deserves to be read and enjoyed =)

The manga was released by Blunt420xxx, Baha815 and Dynellen, thanks a lot! :jap:

For more, don’t miss The list of Kuronomiki / Kuro No Miki’s works on Hentairules!

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NTR Shinkon Ryokou (“NTR Honeymoon”) [English, 78 pictures], by Shouchuu Mac

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Not unforgettable, but still okay

That manga was a bit sloppy around the edges, so to say, but it still got the job done. Sure, it’s not my personal kink, but if it gets you hard I’ve got no issues with that, and I think NTR Shinkon Ryokou is good enough within its own niche.

Basically, it’s a netori story rather than netorare in my eyes, about a young wife stolen behind her oblivious new husband’s back. At first it’s blackmail, she truly loves her husband and put her porn actress past behind her, but then (of course!) the scumbag has a bigger dick and better technique in bed, etcetera.
I can’t view it as netorare at all, as the husband is 100% oblivious, but let’s not split hair, right? Main selling point, the girl has cute glasses lol.

We owe this release to Yad-Scans, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Shouchuu MAC and Hozumi Kenji, I also share D-Mode, CtoU, Ignition Sunburn, Awahime DL Version, Nouryou Mahou Shoujo No Ichiban Shibori, Usagi and Marriage Blue.

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ChichiKoi [English, Compilation version, 224 picturse], by Okumoto Yuuta

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Pew! Pew! ^^;;

Let’s get it out of the way: this isn’t an official tank. This is a compilation of chapters from various sources, some of them the actual ChichiKoi tankoubon, some of them magazine scans, and among these some will be in decent quality while some others will be super small images. The tank chapters are only slightly censored, while the magazine chapters are whiteout-censored. Deal with it, that’s still better than nothing ^^

And now, this manga… Well, sorry to be blunt, but this is the kind of manga that’s best read with your pants already down. Each chapter is a single story in which, past a brief introduction, faptastic sex will take place, either casual consensual sex, or hypnotism play revealing hidden “sex beast” desires, or even sex with mutual liking (borderline vanilla, vanilla once). The girls are total babes, with dream-like hourglass figures and huge breasts, that was visually quite the show :twisted:

Release credits are for a LOT of people, I doubt I got them all, but at least I’ll mention Prozess, Saha and Osma, N04h, Herzer and Alexey from Hennojin, Tonigobe and Max and Emily Tate, Instant_Noodle, Darporfe, Saltwatermelon, Alex68785, Captain Hooker, Memnarch, Dynellen, Mikufan3939, Sjaptajn, Tarovk and Kekerolou, and Doujin-Moe. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the scanlation and/or compilation! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Onee-chan No OshigotoWakaranai Yo Kurogawa-san, Lesson For Me, Princess Training, Horoyoi Cherry-Pick, Double Lesson, Dual Shock, Fortune Lovers, Sweet March and Moody Home Teacher.

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Watashi Ga Toriko Ni Natte Yaru [English, 205 pictures], by Ikumo Taisuke

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The censorship is particularly noticeable in that pic, now that I think of it. Oh well.
Those toes.

Ah, damn that was GOOD!! I was fearing a femdom manga based on two randomly picked images, but instead we had a quality full tank, in which two girls get themselves a boyfriend (each their own ^^;;) through relatively original kinks ^^

The first girl has to take the strong lead first, and then her tiny but horse-grade BF picks up the pace and matches her, mutual victory.
The second girl had to accept her BF is a huge spandex fetishist and loves her bloomers and swimsuits as much as her own body, but since it’s only hers, it’s okay lol.
And this leads to plenty of excellent opportunities for the two girls to have great sex, with ambient repressed tsundere-flavoured vanilla or near-comedy that gave me plenty of smiles, I hope you too will share the feeling :D

In terms of art, this is splendid. Very well hidden censorship, realistic drawings (most of the time ^^), the two girls looking simply amazing with their swimsuits and bloomers, DAYUUUUUMMM!!! :twisted:
Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Dynellen and Doujin-Moe, this tank made my day :)

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KayaNetori Kaya-Nee Series Aizou Ban [English, Uncensored, 197 pictures], by Kon-Kit

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Perhaps the first character in hentai to fail to realize she has been double penetrated

I didn’t see a tank of that sort coming: this is a compilation of several (not all) of the sex scenes featuring one of the recurring characters in Kon-Kit’s works, Kaya. She’s a young married woman who, after 0.05 seconds of guilt at the thought of cheating on her husband, will have plenty of sex with pretty much any man showing signs of interest in her body. Basically, this is half comedy (she’s near-braindead), half wtf, there’s no emotional burden at all =)

Physically, she’s a bomb, with an hourglass figure, large breasts and an adorable face with round glasses, when you think the manga is 100% uncensored, when you add there are tons of quality sex, as far as DP, this is glorious :twisted:

All of this, the repacking, reediting, decensoring, etc, has been done by a good person apparently (?) called D64937, thank you very much!! :)
I hope I didn’t miss a credit page somewhere, please, if I did, LMK in a comment!

For full details on which stories have been bundled into this volume, read the rest of this post, apart from that, well, what more to say, than: ENJOY! ^^

I share MORE great stuff by Kon-Kit, cf. The list of his works!

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Chiisana Mama To H Na Jijou (“Doing My Tiny Mom”) [English, 167 pictures], by Mikihime

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Colour me unenthusiastic

– On the one hand you’ve got a vanilla-coated scenario, made of love, of tsundere moments, of tenderness, with looooots of cuteness.
– On the other hand, you’ve got disgusting mosaics of death censorship, an image resolution you’d have called “pretty low, right?” if we were in the year 1999, and a retarded scenario.
I’m not sure I should recommend the manga to you, it’s in your hands ^^

The story: a young man finds his widowing mother, for unknown reasons, is back to her highschooler body – yeah, she shrunk. She acts all girly and cute, she lost all natural authority, and, wow, it took them almost ten pages to fuck. More scenes follow, two characters are added for plot variety (including a hot cousin who naturally gets a share of the action), the end, vanilla ending.
I apologize, I should sound more enthusiastic, but the manga didn’t “click” with me, the too low image resolution, the censorship, the mother incest, that killed all hope (and even desire) of immersion for me ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Still, it’s the normal courtesy, thanks to Dysuka Translations! :jap:

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