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Mitsuki-san No Bosei Ni Oshitsubusaresou Desu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Hero Academia series, by Echigoya Takeru

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Another MILF rides the dick

I still remember the explosion on twitter after we were introduced to Bakugo’s mother in My Hero Academia. So much quality MILF hentai, haaaa =) In that regard, I have a friendly suggestion for new lewds, Kalevala‘s frequent RTs are made of rare stuff that would deserve more exposure or that isn’t superpopular yet, check it out! ^^
And so, here’s a simple doujinshi, in which Midoriya meets Mitsuki Bakugo, the mother of his rival. Two pages later, he’s in her care at her home.

The drawings could have been better I felt, but I’m all for MILF hentai, it was good enough I felt, the drawing style “clicked” with me, and the female MC’s original idiosyncrasies were pretty well retained, I felt :)
This is a NaxusNL release, thank you! :jap:

Side note: I only realized now I have another work by this artist in my downloads folder, I’ll share it one of these days, with hope to trigger horrified reactions from the readers, you’ll understand :3
Update: aaaaaand there you go ^_^ →  Oku-sama Wa Ouji-sama.

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Pack of 5 full-color parodies of My Hero Academia [English, 134 pictures], by the ero-artist Juna Juna Juice

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No way, did I really choose a pic in which the genitalia are too small to realize they're horribly censored? Oh gosh. Must be an accident.

I found out yesterday about Juna Juna Juice with something called “Boku No Harem Academia EP 3”, and guessing there was more, I searched around, and found four other translated volumes, so here they are, repacked together, let’s think of them as a bit full-colour doujinshi, a bit CG sets :)
Namely, this pack contains:
Boku No Harem Academia Bakugou Mama To No Natsuyasumi Zenpen
Boku No Harem Academia Chapter 1
Boku No Harem Academia Chapter 2
Boku No Harem Academia Chapter 3
Boku No Harem Academia Gaiden Bakugou Mama To Purikura Date

Their topic: we’re in My Hero Academia, and the male hero, Deku, isn’t actually quirkless, but his quirk is so shameful he prefers not to admit its existence: he can accidentally drive a woman uncontrollably horny ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
In Boku No Harem Academia 1, shota deko accidentally has sex with his mother because of that, in the volume 2 as well as in the two Bakugou Mama, Mitsuki-san, Bakugou’s hot MILF mom takes over, and finally, in Boku No Harem Academia 3, Ochako’s highly expected turn comes and this time it’s official, Deku’s got a girlfriend ^^

Thanks to Almond and whoever else released those volumes! :)

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Mandalay Ni Fude Oroshi Shite Morau Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Hero Academia series, by Oomori Makoto

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Impossible to reply "no", at worst it's time to learn it on the fly

I’m sharing that one on a whim, however I must be honest, neither the drawings (hardly average) nor the story line (blank, lacking originality or interest) should make it share-worthy. I was charmed by this doujinshi for personal whimsical reasons, loving that the female MC works as a nekomimi heroine but is here seen in “civilian attire” (no nekomimi at all), the contrast was amusing. And then, even if it doesn’t show in the black and white pages, there’s the thought it’s a redhead :twisted:

It will sound weird, but I’m not really recommending you that one, check the gallery first but don’t force yourselves, unless by sheer chance you’ll share my odd reasons to like that one ^^

I realize I didn’t even summarize the story. Mandalay (AKA Shino Sosaki), from My Hero Academia, invites Midoriya to an hotel room, to fuck, to thank him for saving the day. Simple as that. They both love it more than expected, and become sex buddies, perhaps even lovers.
Thanks to NaxusNL for this release! :)

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Uraraka Ura Fuzoku [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Boku No Hero Academia series, by Itou Eight

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Ochako. A good choice for a #1 girl.

Pretty often, when I read hentai, I have the impression I’m falling into a parallel universe in which, if rationality exists, it doesn’t follow the same principles at all. And it’s quite fun like that :D

See this new share, it’s a parody of My Hero Academia, in which Ochako, one of the heroines, proper and cheerful, finds herself forced to sell sexual services to cover for her parent’s sudden debt. She doesn’t see much of a problem with it, so it’s cool. Eventually, the other female classmates hear of it… and… in a move of solidarity, because they want to help and support her… they join the prostitution circle and a full orgy in cheerleader outfits begins.
And then: hey, why do I complain, already? :lol:

The art is seriously great, full of life, of energy, the drawings pack a lot of impact. There’s mostly oral and vaginal, with a number of ahegaos.
Fair warning, around the end, a “trying to steal poor Deku’s girl” dimension raises its ugly head, I could have done without this final undecided hint. (Hardly a spoiler: actually, it’s Bakugou who lost the game, I think, lol, he was milked dry of his money.)

Credits are for GodJesus, who commissioned Yowacrux and Manakemia from Glittering Translations. Thank you very much! :jap:

For MUCH more, please see The list of Itou Eight’s works on HentaiRules!

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Poppin’ Girls [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Boku No Hero Academia series, by Celluloid Acme

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Seriously, how is that erotic, to include a girl that is totally transparent? O_o

Yesterday, I expressed disappointment in my share of M+M, in which the two sexiest female teachers in the Boku No Hero Academia series had sex with their male students. The art seemed only average, and, more importantly perhaps, I didn’t feel “compelled”, this felt bland.

Let’s try again :D This new volume is better. The sex is “on equal terms” (previously, we had a side dominating and a side showing pathetic male near-ahegaos) and – but maybe that’s just my impression here – the drawings are more pleasing to the eye too.
The contents: the main student girls (Mina Ashido, Tsuyu Asui, Ochako Uraraka, Kyouka Jirou, Tooru Hagakure – for her, I don’t see the point, she’s transparent?!? – and Momo Yaoyorozu) decide to have sex with two of the students, Midoriya and Mashirao Ojiro. Group sex follows, each of the girls and boys get their turns in random combos. In the end, I must warn you, we have one of the female villains having sex with a “ghost” image of Midoriya and stabbing that ghost image, that part, ew, that was creepy.

Better art (it was nice that the girls wore their official hero costumes), a story more pleasant to read, a tiny bit of breaking the fourth wall, I liked that one =)
Thanks to NaxusNL for its release! :jap:

(Remember to view the updated list of Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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M+M [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Boku No Hero Academia, by Celluloid Acme (AKA Chiba Toshirou)

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The best part in this doujinshi: the faces of the women

Let us call it great chance, the drawings by Shiba Toshirou are naturally very close to the way some women in Boku No Hero Academia are represented. Here, Midnight and Mount Lady are pretty close to the “real” versions, I think :)

… And yet, I don’t know, I felt this doujinshi lacked “highlight pages”, it’s weird but, once I was done reading, I was already forgetting about it, it wasn’t leaving much of a memory behind. It was average, and something “only” average, coming from such a great mangaka, is a disappointment. The atmosphere might have also helped killing my arousal: the two female teachers were in charge, of course, OK, but the boys were helpless, the women made sure to break their pride, and the sigh of male ahegaos, uuurgh.

Oh, one little thing that amused me ^^ In the end, there were a pair of pages with two other girls, except that one of them is invisible: LEAST arousing page seen in hentai ever :lol:

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:
(Remember to view the updated list of Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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Academi Girls [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Hero Academia series, by Denki Shougun

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I was unable to resist, I chose the worst, the most ridiculous image of the whole volume, to destroy your unprepared eyes, mwahahahahaaaaaa :D

Might as well warn you at once, the story of this My Hero Academia parody sucks big hairy unclean monkey balls. It’s about three villains wearing black latex suits who brainwash and fuck hard two Yuuhei girls, Tsuyu (the frog-powers girl, which explains her eyes and tongue) and Mina (the dark-skinned devil-looking one, with acidic powers – which explains the latex suits).

Still, graphically, this is a huge punch in the face, the drawing quality is great, and this is the first visually good Boku No Hero Academia doujinshi I have found to this day.
So, maybe it will please a number of people, who knows!

Credits are for Darknight, and Kalevala from Kalevala Scans. Thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Intelli Mushroom, Trap Trap and The Uncensored and Full-Color version of Mero Mero Girls new World.

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