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Kyoushi Taiken [English, Uncensored], a splendid hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order game, by Tsuki No Senninno

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

A well-drawn sixty-nine? Now, that is rare!

Oh, man, that manga was BEAUTIFUL! It took me a fair while to realize that was inspired by Fate Grand order, it felt like an original work, not something made after an existing series.

It’s not that I look down on parodies of existing series, they’re great as they make you see characters you like in a different light (not necessarily just erotic, there’s room for character development we’re starved for). However, their very principle, being inspired by something else, it’s kinda like imposing to follow tracks, there’s no room for significant deviations, for creativity… most of the time :D
Here, it felt super fresh, super cute :)

Ahem. To summarize, we’re in a very different version of the Fate / Grand Order universe, in which the Master is a new student at a prestigious highschool, and his main teacher is Artoria in her goddess Lancer form. But the Fate / Grand order references stop here, Artoria is just your normal teacher, looking prim and proper.
She and the Master fall in love, vanilla, sex, etcetera. Nothing new under the sun, true, but it looked GORGEOUS, it was fully uncensored, and that feeling of love, that attention to detail, the artistic talent, everything was perfectly delivered, hats off! :woot:

I ended up writing another wall of text, my apologies, it goes to show I really loved that one, and I hope it will please you guys too :)
Thanks to the kind unknown soul(s) behind this release, it made my evening! :jap:

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Nyuushiki Love Knowledge ~ Kimochi Iikoto Oshiemasu (“Nyuushiki Love Knowledge ~ I’ll Teach You Something Nice”) [English, 133 pictures], by Johnny (AKA G-Walk)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Screw that pencil dick. Screw the choice of shotacon. Screw it, this level of waste is criminal.

– “Sto-Stop please! What you’re doing is indecent!
– “Indecent? Your erect dick is what’s indecent!

In the hentai world, when you’re a good-looking shota and you like to insist out loud you’re mature for your age, you’ve basically painted a crosshair target on your forehead. And thus, a boy becomes happy consenting prey to three girls of highschool age: a tanned gyaru, a braided meganekko, and an even more busty than the two others nutjob working as a fortune teller on the sides. Oh, plus a MILF, also.

I’ll tag it as domination as the boy is hardly offered a choice as soon as the girls are in the m+ood (he consents after he’s deprived of his freedom), but basically it’s happy brainless sex, add one girl and it was a harem route.

Graphically… argh, I resented with hellish force the choice of shotacon. WHY the fuck a young male hero with a pencil dick, what a waste, when the 3 girls are so finely hot?!? Hot faces, hot hourglass figures, great huge tits, horny faces, nice eyes, quality paizuri and vaginal… I mean, it’s still great thanks to the girls, but more than half of the greatness has been destroyed by the male MC… At least, other shota artists give them normal adults dicks (as thick as a fist and as long as a forearm, the hentai world norm, right?), but here, not even that T____T

Well, it’s up to you, in my eyes it remains great materials, 133 pictures with 3 hot girls loving dick. It’s been scanlated by AntaresNL667, thank you! :jap:

I have other works by an artist nicknamed Johny, see the latest one here, but I have the impression it’s just an homonimy, either the mangaka’s style evolved a lot, or it really is a different person. Your thoughts?

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Necro Fantasia volume 1 [English], by Jack-Pot

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Trivia: I would have preferred to choose another picture, but I didn't want to throw a spoiler ^^

The title gave me a fright, but it’s actually a very good release we’ve got here, scenario-driven, with promise for revelations, plot twists and character progression. Mind you, it’s just a volume 1, so it’s not like we’ve got everything already.

And now, the usual dilemma for me, how much should I reveal of the plot after I’ve praised it. Too little and you may be wrongly encouraged to read something you may not like (the worst thing in my eyes, contrary to the very reason I have and love my hentai blog); too much and you’d lost a lot of pleasure reading and discovering things. Argh.

Allright. I’ll say we’re in an heroic fantasy world, following a small party made of apparently inept members, but – that much is obvious, right? – they have hidden skills, and not just in bed. Namely: the male MC, an impressively strong man despite his shota appearance; a petite girl who seems she doesn’t fear anything (my guess was: she must be OP), and a beautiful, healthy, busty, braided female party leader with a cheeky smile, rough manners but a good nature below the ragged surface.
For the rest, see for yourselves ^^

In pure hentai terms, it’s good although a bit creepy at times, the mangaka’s skill shone all through every sex scene, hats off. However, sorry for the bad news, there’s huge whiteout censorship.

It’s been released by Crow Karasu Translations, thank you very much! ^_^
(And now, I wonder, as I’m late to sharing it because of the title that deterred me from reading it, will the volume 2 be released tomorrow, or will it be a long time from now? :lol: )

By the same artist, under the pen names Jack-Pot and Jyura, I also share Junai Sadi Sukittu (195 pictures), Tsukino Usagi (30) Uwaki Hen, Chibiusa – Enjo Kousai hen, Aiko Minako (Age 30) Fuzokujo-hen, a cheerful pack of 3 works (Love Nene + Lightning + Oppai Meister), the WTF Buta No Onna, a pack of 12 works (Hino Rei (30) Disposal of the Evil Spirit Arc, Kino Makoto (30) Shoutengai Zuma-hen, Mizuno Ami (30) Onna Kyoushi Hen, Monhan Erontier 1-2-3, Nyuugi Senyou Shimai, Obenjo Tenshi, Ryoujyoku Academy, School Fuuzoku, Tekken Mousou Ver, Tekken Suiminyaku ver), a pack of 2 works (Sailor Moon (30) + Tenoh Haruka (30), Rental Kanojo, another pack of 2 works (Tekken Saiminjutsu ver + Tsukino Usagi (30) R Deliheal Zuma Hen) and Entry Plug Injection.

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Coshame Archive (“Cosplay Fuck Archives”) [English], by Shika Yuno

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

I like to wreck my towns in Sim City, but in porn, nope, I don't have this fantasy of wrecking or even acquiring a girl. To each his own I guess ^^

A skilled photographer whose photos always massively boost the internet notoriety of cosplayers, can also be a nasty otaku whose secret hobby is to rape, mindbreak and corrupt hopeless girls. No, really, coming from the hentai world, this is absolutely unexpected.
In the end, two sexy cosplayers with more boobs than brain have become braindead puppets who are proud to have her body used by their master and every one of his friends and/or customers, the end, shrug time.

So, yeah, here’s for the official warning, this release’s art may look pretty good, I only recommend it for those of you who fantasize about girls mindbroken into perverted and obedient puppets. Not my kink, but to each his own, if it’s yours, here’s something for you :)

Release credits are for CruelTax and MegaFagget, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Boku No Kanojo O Shoukai Shimasu volumes 1-2 and Abrasion.

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Hikoushiki Heroine Zukan (“Informal Heroine Gangbang”) [English, 213 pictures], by Keso

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

WHY? Why does that guy have that beak-like mask on his face?!? :D

Oh boy. Because of the first chapter based on rape, I thought the whole manga would be shit. I WAS SO WRONG! WE HAVE STRUCK GOLD!

Weird gold. Hugely WTF gold. But also comedy gold!!!
With god-tier hardcore art and very moderate amounts of censorship, with tons of vaginal, anal and double penetrations!! :twisted:

So, once again: after the rape first chapter, you have several chapters and, first, one mini-arc, based on weird, original, crazy setups. The mini-arc is an original story about weird sexual monks (I shit you not, quoting: “The monk sex olympics“), after which we’ll have WTF comedy stories inspired from popular series of old, such as Lupin The Third (Fujiko, attempting to steal the 7th Gon Ball), Galaxy Express 1999 (quoting: “Jerkoff Express 1999“) or Maison Ikkoku (“Peep Show Fuckaku“). I definitely missed multiple other references, just now I realized some masks look like they’re inspired from the old Gundam series ^_________^

Some items are not references, pure new creations, and they’re also comedy gold. Ero-buddha… oh my god.

So, come on guys, please treat yourselves, you don’t read crazy-ass, hilarious and good-looking super hardcore like that every month, certainly not even every year :lol:
Thanks a LOT to Doujin-Moe! I’m glad I could read that one ^__^

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Jimiko To Ichinichijuu Sex (?Day Long Sex With A Plain Looking Girl?), volumes 1, 2 and 3 [English, 101 pictures, this time it’s not an April’s Fools Joke], by Natsuki Kiyohito (AKA T.Cop)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Oh yes you are, bless you, you proud amazing girl

This time it’s the real translation, not my (failed) April’s fools day joke ;)

I wanted to commission a vanilla translation and, thanks to a suggestion by Anony-Mouse, I went for the volumes 1 and 3 of Jimiko To Ichinichijuu Sex, to complete the volume 2 that had been translated a year ago, on behalf of Doujin-Moe. I worked with Desudesu, think of him if you want stuff translated, he’s beyond reliable :)

What you get is: cute vanilla (two highschoolers finally becoming lovers, not a lot of romance TBH, but it’s still two persons who love and trust each other), and EXCELLENT art, in which a girl who seemed to look plain discovers she’s beautiful and her body can take her to pleasure heights she had no idea of. (Talking of heights, she’s also got an XXXXL forehead, but that’s not my fetish so I’ll move on.)
That’s not just the magic of hentai, that’s the magic of growing as a person, you’re with a loved one who looks at you, you learn to trust yourself, to become daring, it’s like the girl was becoming more real, was learning to feel alive, that felt exhilarating to read ^_^

In terms of art, it’s just my own point of view of course, but I’d rank it in the god-tier group. We’re talking huge breasts, thick eyebrows, glasses, blushing, arched back, nice round butt and (in the volume 3) braids. Oh boy :twisted:

Rather than sharing just my commission, the volumes 1 and 3, I think it makes more sense to offer, additionally, the complete repack, with the volumes 1-2-3, right?
ENJOY, my dear filthy pervs, and may good vanilla and good hentai art allow you to have a better day :)

By the same artist (known as Natsuki Kiyohito, T. Cop and Nyworks), I also share Watashi Wa Dare No Mono, Wind Asschestra, a pack of 4 works (Candy Lucky, Candy Heart, Nure Hana, Let?s Merge The Saved Data) and Yoko Moushiroha Suki Darake.

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Ore No Osananajimi To Aibou No Imouto Ga Shuraba Sugiru [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Okinaga Umanosuke

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

I'm not gonna say I lusted after Gemma since the beginning of the game. No. I'm going to write it.

Guys, the game is available on both PC and several consoles, so please do myself a favour, if you haven’t played Dragon Quest XI, do it, aren’t you stuck at home with your chances to go out evaporated, anyway?
(If you read this line a long time after the month I’m writing it, have pity on us poor folks from March 2020, you asshole ;) )

So. Here’s a pretty good hentai doujinshi parodying Dragon Quest XI, featuring Hero, Gemma (his cute childhood friend with a noticeable girl next door feeling) and Mia (Erik’s Sister, a daredevil petite ball of energy.)
There’s not much of a scenario, the two girls snatch Hero just before he chooses a wife. The rest is good art for all who have loved playing DQ11 :)
(Bonus: there’s a small WTF detail that made me suspect the mangaka is a woman, huhu.)

It’s been released by Akira and Kirihum, from Otokonoko Scans, thank you! :jap:

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