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Earth Girls Kazitu Zenpen [English, 135 pictures] (or also “Kajitsu”), by Peachpulsar

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Don't even pretend you didn't need to take a deep breath after seeing that pic

After, in reading order rather than release order, Earth Girls Tumugi and Earth Girls, here is the third iteration in the Earth Girls series: Earth Girls Kazitu. Its first part, to be precise. More will come in time, and let me tell you, I can’t wait :kickass:

In case you don’t know the series yet, we’re in an idealized neolithic age, in a special women-only village. New characters are introduced, with new love relations and love pangs. I’ll highlight that nobody is “evil”, the girls are full of love, their hearts are pure, at worst they need to learn to communcate and sort out their feelings – you can’t make more yuri than that, lol :lol:
The art is adorable, with only thin white bars censorship, and in terms of sex, there’s kissing, licking and tribadism. A personal conclusion, this might my favourite volume of the series, mainly because the main character has such huge round boobs, sorry for being a boy at heart :twisted:

Thanks a lot to the Yuri-Ism team, namely, here, Peppermint Grinder, Drpepperfan, Rabidpatamon, Almond, Firelily, Shinju, Grinder! :jap:

For more Peachpulsar greatness, please check the list of her works on Hentairules!

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Kyoukai No Yami (“The Church Of Darkness”) [English], by Punita

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I'm not very good at reading the mood. Is that a good time to joke about catholic priests and little boys?

All in all, this is better than catholic practices five centuries ago, shall we say? A group of priests capture a forest witch and imprint a magical crotch tatoo on her, to guarantee (1) her obedience and (2) non-stop horniness so that she becomes their cum dump ¯\_(°_o)_/¯

As you see, the story is as rotten as it gets. But at least, on the other hand, the art is excellent! Fine drawing traits, braids, ample breasts, a face lost in ecstasy, sex with very little censorship and going as far as double penetration, it’s sweet on the eye :shock:
We owe this release to Orla and Herreis, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ecchi Kara Hajimeru Fujun Isei Kouyuu.

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Like Attracts Like [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Kageshio

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I found myself wondering how long those dildos could work with hardly any room for batteries in their structure

Artoria and her Master, in this Fate/Grand Order doujinshi, make a good match, they’re both kinky, with a combination of fetishes ranging from smell fetish to domination & light masochism. In this share, we’ve got dildo play, anal sex, willingly offered submission, enjoyed light abuse, basically. WIth a cute Artoria =)

It’s almost not too censored, all in all, it looked okay in my eyes, maybe you’ll like it too! ^^
Thanks to Havoc28 and Seven, from Zero Translations! :jap:
–Update: and now, thanks to Ancient Alien who told me of it, and who, more importantly, did the work himself (or herself, who can tell with aliens?), the version I share is using newly released high resolution images, we went from around 1860 px, to 3000 px :) To know which version you have, look at the total size, it went from 30 MB to 54 MB. Thanks a lot, Ancient Alien!

By the same artist, I also share “same sauce” doujinshi, coming before the present volume: What Do You Like and How Do You Like That.

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Aoki-san Ha Hoshigari (“Aoki’s Desires”) [English], by Yuzuha

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That mouth... it's calling for a dick.

Simple people are frightening!” – the male MC.
It’s an original scenario development, in this one. A plain and earnest-looking female student, class rep and all, is also earnest with her perversions. She fully acknowledges her light masochistic side and chooses a classmate to treat her roughly, fulfilling her kink for outdoors sex and domination. It’s perfect, they’re a match, a successful lust story begins ^_^

Now, I don’t want to make you false promises, the girl had an adorable side, and braids are always sexy, however I felt the art was rather sub-par, here, and the huge black bar censorship left a lot for imagination regrettably.
I took the liberty to slightly upscale & retouch the images; in their 1500 px res the girl’s features were just too small to be enjoyable (or you gotta love squinting). I only added 200 px, more than that and I was unable to retouch away the negative side effects from upscaling.

Still, I’m glad I read it, hopefully you guys will like it too? :)
I’m not sure who I ought to credit for this release, would someone know, please?

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Lunch Time No Kouhai, Kawaranai Omoi, Gohoubi ♥ Sensation, XX Complex, a pack of 2 works (Icha Love Daisakusen + Mitame To Chigau No), Ganbare! Oda-san and After The Rain.

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Elf To Kasshoku Elf To Chiisana Kyuuketsuki volumes 1-2 [English], by Bizen Dorobune

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Dibs on the dark elf

I took the liberty to repack the two (currently translated) parts of this story, although they were released under slightly different names for their parts 1 and 2:
Kasshoku Elf to Chiisana Kyuuketsuki
Junpaku Elf to Kasshoku Elf to Chiisana Kyuuketsuki

This is the story of a dark elf taking a young vampire under her wing, the poor boy’s harmless as long as he gets blood from times to times, and the story being hentai, he’s got an angel face and a strong libido ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
In the second volume, another elf shows up, a vampire hunter, but let us quote her: “My arch-enemy… a pure-blooded vampire can’t possibly be this cute…” ^^;;

The art is great, but I’m a sucker for elves, so it might help ^^ There’s moderate censorship, admirable double paizuri, decent vaginal sex (only “decent”, you can’t ask a shotaboy to do a man’s work, right?).
Thanks to Constantly, commissioned by a kind Anonymous, for this release! :)

–Update: a new version is up, with minor corrections here and there. An eaay way to know if you’ve got the new version, go to part 2, page 9, upper-right. It will either have “pure white placenta” (old version) or “pure white amnion” (new version).

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S&N [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Uo Denim

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I can't tell which is finer, the ass or the braids

A very simple summary: Xuanzang and Florence Nightingale take care turns relieving the endless libido of a Fate / Grand Order master. Xuanzang was mostly oblivious at first and ends up entrance, while Florence Nightingale acts like a nurse, cold, dispassionate, emotionless (or at least she does her best to look like that despite the waves of pleasure.)
The art is very, very good. Quality paizuri, very well drawn outfits (it’s the Florence Nightingale popular nanobikini), and not too much censorship for the intense vaginal sex. Yep, it’s good stuff! :D :kickass:

But you know the thing I really loved, in that doujinshi? It starts with a basic glossary so that you can get what’s going on, even if you don’t know jack shit about the Fate / Grand Order game. And that, this is gold, this is generous, helpful, a sweet move, hats off.

By the same artist, known as Uno Denim, Selvage Fisheries and Serubitch Suisan, I also share Boku No Seishori Gakari Wa Ijimekko Gal (221 pictures), GuP Hside + GuP Hside+, Ride On Bitch, Get O~Ba~, ATG, My First Bitch Girl, Nuku Nuku Gyarux, Backside – She has two faces, 3230t Sukebe (“3230 Tons Of Slut”, what an AWESOME title!! :shock: ), TKO, Abazure SummerMiss Bitch (a different version of Abazure Summer) and Bitch Frag.

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Seijo No Koibito (“The Saint’s Lover”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order game, by Ayakawa Riku

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Don't blame me if I almost always choose the paizuri scene as my big preview image :D

I’d like a bit more variety in the flow of hentai releases, it’s all about Fate/Grand Order. And yet, plenty of other games, anime or mangas would deserve love =)
Still, no denying that F/GO provides a rooster of super sexy girls on which to fantasize hard. Like here, with a vanilla-infused Jeanne, having a good time with her master, no scenario, no complications, enjoy!

A side note… Bottom-left of page 7… Jeanne’s hands :lol:

By the same artist (called Aigamodou and Ayakawa Riku), to this day, I also share a pack of 2 works (Seijou No Nukumori + Shinjuku Triangle), Sensei Choudai, Futanari Parfait (168 pictures, Uncensored), Fukujuu Sasete (“Through Submission”), Coat No Shita No Bokura No Himitsu Zen (“The Secret Of Us Under The Coat”, a 3 chapters long story), Boku Wa Kimi Wo Daite Nemuru and Sunao Ni Natte Yo.

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