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Junyou Kanmusu Ikemesu Shibari [English], a bondage-based hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Kumoemon

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The expression on the girls faces, as they're *enjoying* being helpless... yeah, good job, Kumoemon sensei :)

There’s this “particularity” about bondage mangas, usually you can tell the mangaka really loves it and pours his/her heart into it, because it takes a hell lot of time and dedication to properly represent the poses, to drawn the ropes and their knots… And this doujinshi is no exception :)
If that is your kind of fetish, then I’m certain this should totally please you: four Kantai Collection girls, bound up with ropes, shibari style bondage thus, and fucked hard by their admiral who found a way to clone himself for the duration of the group sex scene :D

There’s only moderate amounts of censorship, the action is hardcore, as far as DP, the girls greatly enjoy being bound by ropes, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy kink, isn’t there? ;)
It’s been released by CrowKarasu, many thanks!

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