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Secret Mission [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the One Piece series, by Muten

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In pure pornographic terms, this One Piece doujinshi is hardly average, it’s got lightsaber censorship and the art is good but not formidable.
But with a broader point of view, if you love One piece or can enjoy a well re-created comic adaptation with a new angle, I’d say this is quite a great read we’ve got there :D

Apologies for the weird introduction. I meant: try to read it even if it’s not the fap of the year.

In this volume, we watch Boa Hancock (the pirate empress) capturing Tashigi (the female soldier, working under Smoker), and deciding to train her BSDM skills on her, just so that she’ll be able to apply them on Luffy the next time she meets him (or that was the original plan at least :lol: ).
Boa makes wonderful faces all along, while teasing with great skill the unfortunate Tashigi, who quickly gives in and becomes a happy obedient S.
See for yourselves, come on, it’s just a few minutes of your lives, it may very well be worth a shot ^_^

It’s been released by Finesta, At4r1, Red_Piotrus, Gansta, Eager Fudanshi, Condor_Alfa, Eleeinos and Ongokakashi, from the E-H Cove, many thanks to you all! :)

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SM Danchi (“SM Apartment”) ~ Maso Mesu Heaven [English, 183 pictures], by Marukidou

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I feel childlike joy when the image ends up, by sheer chance, to have the same height and width, like now

Welcome to the Ai Yokotsuka 3rd apartment complex, also known as SM Apartment!“.

In this share, every resident of an apartment complex is (not even deep inside, it’s a game of getting caught for some of them) a huge BSDM lover. Women love being treated as sows, are proud to be fuck cattle (look, if you don’t like the idea, just skip the manga, this is why I write descriptions :D ), while the men, to feel fully themselves, need a woman to train and dominate.
Long story short, everybody’s happy practicing shibari, powerful anal, domination, inserting toys, etcetera =)

That’s not my exact cup of tea, but I strongly believe this should greatly please the fans of SM. It’s not focused on the “intellectual” part of BSDM, unlike some other artists, here it’s all about pleasing our animalistic side.
However, a warning, the image quality was bad; not the drawings, no, the image quality, I feel we’ve lost details, contrasts, volumes and the like. A pity, as the drawings are intense and good in their own niche.

Siegel and Gintokiftw, from Toyo Trans, are behind this one, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hatsujou Senpai, Hitoduma Super and the not exactly vanilla hentai story known as Aisai Nettori.

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Do S Jyoshiryoku [English, 220 pictures], by Hasebe Soutsu

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I'd also go for the ass.

👍🏻 The girls are super hot
👍🏻 The drawing style is original, expressive with relatively few traits, this is asthetically pleasing (although there was a certain creepy something about the sunken psycho eyes, that reminded me of Toga Himiko, the My Hero Academia female villain)
👍🏻 there’s beautiful vanilla, with reciprocated feelings, in the first two chapters, the rest of the sex is super weird but not technically rape I suppose O_o
💀 the boys are hard masochists who welcome all forms of domination, especially pegging, which is the main topic of the manga

Okay, now that everyone has run away I don’t need to make more of an effort to describe the manga, me too it made me want to run away :lol:
(And yet, I’m still sharing it. I don’t need to enjoy something to recognize it’s full of talent and well done, I believe it will please its happy, although small, audience. Enjoy, you sick fucks ;) )
Release credits are for Vilis, from Hennojin, thanks!

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Dis Communication [English, 216 pictures], by Yumeiro Gurasan

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The best chapter in the volume, in my eyes, was this one, in which the girl had just a simple fabric hiding her face. Pretty hot, plus, bikini.

Heh, not bad, the manga dealt with themes I dislike, and yet it managed to keep me hooked up all along, bearing with what I couldn’t normally bear, and whole-heartedly enjoying everything else, hats off.

The manga is made of 2 single chapters in the end (one of the featuring a flight attendant costume, hell yeah!!), and a long six chapters almost full-volume story arc. And that story arc… Look, please, try not running away at once, give the manga a chance… that story arc is about vanilla bondage against a highschool boy, who absolutely loves being dominated. As the story progresses, the vanilla grows stronger, the girl dominating him doesn’t just love the sex, she loves him, and the feeling is mutual, it’s just they both share quite kinky tastes, the girl loves to bind and verbally abuse, the boy loves to be controlled and is proud to let the girl put him to shame (he’ll go as far as plugging himself with a dildo during a chapter, yikes.)

Sure, there are plenty of things I can’t stand, but I was weak to the cuteness of the vanilla, building bridges between souls is hard, so if bondage is the way, bondage for the win.
And, damn, the art was fucking GORGEOUS. Meaty bodies, hourglass figures, faces of ecstasy, beautiful breasts, hardcore intense sex, dayum!!

I hope you give the manga a chance, in my eyes it absolutely deserves it. Thanks a lot to Axalon, MrWayne, CellTF, Maipantsu, Mysael and Salar, from The Lost Light, I’m grateful :)

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Kinbaku Date ~ Toshishita Kanojo Ni Shibararete [English], by Peachpulsar

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I went for the censorship-free picture

I like that Peachpulsar’s mangas are about accepting each other’s unique traits, embracing each other’s differences because mutual love makes it worth it. Even when you don’t really get off the yuri side of hentai, this heart-warming dimension always makes the mangaka’s works a great read :)

In the present volume, we’ve got a weirdly assorted couple, an almost adult woman with another woman ten years or so older, and yet the older one is the one lacking self-confidence, being uneasy about life in general. Before they can fully rely on each other for life, they’ve got to finally get over the last obstacle, the younger’s girl hidden shameful secret, her taste for shibari :3

Graphically, in my eyes it was clearly sub-par compared to other Peachpulsar works, but that was probably unavoidable. Setting up this unusual canvas and defusing potential anti-vanilla caveats was bound to take a number of pages.
Release credits are for Anon, Potato, Baran and Dabor, from Hennojin, thanks a lot! :)

For more Peachpulsar greatness, please check the list of her works on Hentairules!

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Pack of 6 works [English, 133 pictures] by Inoue Yoshihisa

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Those censorship bars must feel lonely

Those doujinshi by Inoue Yoshihisa were released a few days ago, let’s just share them together, shall we? ^^
They’re all parodies of the K-On! series (like Pony-On, shared 9 years ago), save the first one targetting Girls Und Panzer, featuring the cute heroines, this time gladly experiencing shibari, domination, fun with accessories, pain they’re happy to experience… The usual, with Inoue Yoshihisa, basically :)

Namely, those works are:
Darjeeling-sama No Drink Bar (About this one, the cover shouldn’t come as a surprise, some of the Japanese have long thrown every sense of dignity down the gutter, long story short, yeah, it’s been a thing, shaved ice dispensers modelled after peeing anime girls, see this, this and that.)
Pony-On 2 Onee-chan No Nawa Tte Attakaku Te Kimochi Ii Yo Ne
Pony-On Anone Watashi No Koto Shibatte Hoshii No
Pony-On Hora Onee-chan Tonnyan Da Yo
Pony-on Machi Ni Sumi-re Yatte Kita (Ge)
Pony-on Machi Ni Sumi-re Yatte Kita (Jou)

If I were to point out the differences compared to the usual Inoue Yoshihisa material, I’d say there’s no actual scenario and the sex is less intense, more pages are dedicated to the “slice of life” parts, which is good if you’re K-On or Girls Und Panzer fans (sympathizing would be easy), a bit of a waste if you aren’t.
Enjoy? And thanks to CrowKarasu Translations! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Escape Creator (possibly the BEST rope bondage manga ever, not shitty at all), Mazocian (214 pictures), Teacher X Teacher (181 pictures), Nawashi (215 pictures), Shibarare Hime (217 pictures), Pony-On, Sunao chapters 1-2 and 5-8 + bonus (122 pictures), Surface Avalanche, Getsuyoubi No Tights (“Monday Tights”), Darjeeling-sama Ichiban Shibari, Watashino Beer-sales Costume, and I’m certain you’d appreciate to read Ojii-San Is A Shounen Detective, a non-hentai hilarious and well-drawn manga!


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M Kei Reijou [English], by Kanden Shoujo Chuuihou

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See what I mean, about the crazy censorship?

Here’s a nice, simple share, about a clearly masochistic highschool girl learning gymnastics with her coach, but at some point they became lovers and now things end with shibari (rope binding, just in case the mention is necessary) and great sex ^^
I’ll highlight this is an entirely consensual and almost vanilla relationship, they care for each other and, well, it’s simply they have a similar interest in terms of “physical activity” ;)

On the plus side, the girl is a cutie, with a cute flushed face and an adorable hourglass figure. But on the “fucking ew” side, I regret I must mention the censorship is brutal, dozens and dozens of thick black bars, argh. Well, your call, anyway =)

Release credits are for Angry Food, ZoE, CrowKarasu and dar4545, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Miyuki Rei and Kanden Shoujo Chuuihou, I also share Nagato’s Special Repairs (uncensored version), Shoujo Kyouka and Hebigami No Miko.

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