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Tomori Uni [English], a hentai doujinshi parodying the Charlotte series, by Kurosawa Pict

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Boredom isn’t always a bad thing, I retouched a good number of things in this doujinshi. I listed them here, with additional details: Before! – aaaaaand – After!

So, what have we got here ? Two characters from Charlotte having sex. Simple as that ^^
The girl (“Nao Tomori”) acts kinda tsundere, the boy acts a bit like that kind of person imposing his wishes to an actually accepting partner, and the alchemy works, we have very nice oral, vaginal and anal sex. The girl’s nice breasts, Kurosawa Pict’s fine drawing style, I loved it a whole lot =)

Thanks to whoever released it! :)
By the same artist, I also share Bitter Orange + Orange Girls, Hang Up, Holiday Party 2-3 + Orange Girls, Mami Yome, Hiyori Otoshi, Shikinami Shiki, Angel Breath, Kyouko’s Secret Box, Pool Daisakusen, Hitomi Magica, the VERY imaginative Holiday Party vol 1, and a pack of 6 works.

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Nouryoku Hatsujou [English], a hentai doujinshi parodying the Charlotte series, by Agoitei

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Vanilla hentai, tsundere, love, small breasts, and a dick disappearing as it is swallowed by an invisible mouth for, in my experience, the weirdest blowjob I read to this day… how about it ? :D
This is the second Charlotte hentai doujinshi I’m sharing today, and as things are, I’m now hoping for many others to come in the future, huhu.

I hope you will enjoy reading me, I had a great time on my side. The drawings were nice, to me they reminded me of the artist Aoki Kanji, wouldn’t you agree ?
I don’t know who released it, but if you read my lines: THANK YOU! \o/

By the same artist, Sankuro’s the name and Agoitei’s the circle name, I also share Kindan Yousoro and Suzuyaism.

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