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Nikuhisyo Yukiko Volumes 1-2 [English, 291 pictures], by Misaki Yukihiro

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There is no censorship. But no genitalia either ;)

This share is so Japanese in its spirit, I couldn’t feel arousal at all, but I’m not trying to push my tastes onto you, you’re more than welcome to enjoy the two volumes :)
Basically, the Nikuhisyo Yukiko series is about a busty woman, probably between 25 and 30, working as a secretary in a big company, and her body is used as a leverage to convince potential business partners. As the story progresses, another female secretary is introduced, power games are played behind the scenes, etcetera.

The female heroine will undergo constant domination, blackmail and humiliation (remember the BS argument: female orgasms are a shame and an embarrassment, male orgasms are glorious and an object of pride ¬_¬), until she becomes a willing participant and enjoys being a sexual tool for the morally corrupt rich and powerful.

The drawings look seriously old school and fully whiteout-censored (the anal scenes: if the characters didn’t abundantly comment the action, I’d have had no way to recognize it as such :lol: ), and yet I didn’t dislike them, they had a certain charm.
End of the wall of text, enjoy! if that is to your taste. It’s been released by Desudesu and Shin for the volume 1, and Flamingice for the volume 2, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Netorare volume 1 (102 pictures) and Tohisaki Ni Kouzen Roshutsu Wo Shiirarete (that takes places later on in the Nikuhisyo Yukiko series).

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Kodomo No Jikan Volume 2 [English, 185 pictures], by Akira Gotoh

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Maybe the only half-decent pic in the whole volume

The volume 1 of Kodomo No Jikan was
– annoying (because the story is facepalm grade)
– frustrating (because there isn’t even sex, only plastic toys), and
– disappointing (because while some mangakas like Suehirogari explore with genius themes such as submission or exhibitionism, Akira Gotoh lacks the talent to produce something praiseworthy in that regard.)

Guess what, this newly released volume 2 is hardly any better, this time there is a chapter with actual penetration with a dick, and the rest is the same disappointing soup anyway. Shibari, dildo insertions, orgasm denial, feelings of shame, pointless baseless domination with a girl obeying three retarded shotas without any reason, vague hints at a reason for this fail scenario around the end, and this is it for this non-final volume. Meh.

Well, I mean, if YOU like it, why not, it’s your right, etcetera. Release are for SMDC-Translations and the ghost of Stanley Kubrick, thanks for the release nonetheless.

By the same artist, I also share Kodomo No Jikan volume 1 and Capuccino 1-2.

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Ooo-zuki Na Boku No Yome Ga Onna Kyoushi Na Ken [English, 201 pictures, Complete], by Igarashi Shouno (Also called Isorashi)

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Maybe I should have picked a picture showing more her amazing proudly horny face

I shared the first chapter of this story when it was released by Einhar, in June of this year. And now, BAM! in my face, I’ve gotten the complete manga, 201 pages long, with the first 3 tankoubon chapters scanlated by Einhar, and the rest based on other lesser scans done by SMDC, wow! :shock:

At first I misread the manga’s theme, it’s about a young female teacher married to one of her students, going through a path of sex and self-discovery. Her husband knows her true self while she has yet to fully grasp her slutty aspirations: she yearns to be bullied, roughed up a little, she loves being the center of sexual attention. Heh, why not! ^^
And so, she’ll have sex with plenty of partners, with a happy romantic ending I didn’t see coming :)

The drawings are fucking AMAZING, for the female heroine’s body, with her hourglass figure and splendid boobs, but even more than that, thanks to the variety of proudly horny satisfied expressions she makes all along, I loved her face, frankly :D Honest warning though, save the first 3 chapters, the images are in low res and badly censored.
I hope the manga will be to your taste, and thanks a LOT to SMDC and Einhar! :jap:

By the same artist, under the names Isorashi and Igarashi Shouno, I also share Itazura Temancho (“Finger-bang Mischief”, 194 pictures), Sex Omiai, Marriage China, Doki Doki Kateihoumou, Chiharu No Fuwari, All-Out Desire Girl (very funny and very original, below average graphically), Koisuru Hot Pants and the uncensored version of Bath Secret (extremely good graphically, boring incest scenario).

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Kinbaku Kyuukou (“Bondage On The Express”) [English], by Kumoemon

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Her twintails were a touch of genius

Justice is best served dripping inside.
In Kinbaku Kyuukou, a super hot gyaru with a rotten personality sees her past misdeeds punished. For several years now, she had been throwing false molestation accusations at innocent salarymen to extort money from them, not caring at all their lives were ruined in the process. This is chikan time, and this time I was cheering on the rapists =)

We’ve got ahegaos, shibari, dildo play, hard sex (double penetrations), verbal abuse (my favourite quote: “A scummy, slanderous woman, who’s lower than my smegma, is calling my cock gross?!” – what is it, with the Japanese and smegma?!? :lol: ), this isn’t light. But, eh, it was a good chikan manga, precisely :)

It’s been released by CrowKarasu and Selcouth, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Junyou Kanmusu Ikemesu Shibari and Osanajimi Wo Yattsukero.

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Tokumei Chikan Otori Sousahan (“Special Molester Decoy Investigation Squad”) [English, 184 pictures], by Sakaki Naomoto

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Almost makes me feel like doing it. Almost.

That’s the first time in a long time I enjoyed a manga based on chikan. Look at that weird idea: a squad of women is formed to catch a gang or professional molesters. However, to focus on those evildoers, they NOT allowed to catch regular molesters and must let them have their way :lol:
Sure, across those 184 pages, we’re watching young women raped, but the mangaka made the effort to write a scenario with a plot (kinda obvious, but still a praiseworthy effort) and give it a proper (and deeeeeeeply satisfying) ending, it makes all the difference =)

The art is rather good, although whiteout censorship is akin to murder in my eyes. The women are in their twenties I’d say, and their cute flushed faces and glorious boobs almost make up for the censorship ^^
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this one! :jap:

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Koko Ga Uwasa No Ichikukan (“That One Rumoured Route”) [English], by Yukiri Takashi

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One day, somebody in Japan is going to ask why anuses are never censored? And then that someone will end up beaten to death in a dark alley by angry hentai fans, as anuses start being censored too in the aftermath of the question.

What’s the next worse thing that can happen to you, after boarding the chikan train? Boarding it with a hopeless classmate who gleefully enjoys the upcoming action and encourages the chikanists! :lol:

I usually don’t bother anymore sharing hentai releases in which there is atrocious censorship (blur mosaics of death represent), but this time I think the story made it worth it, the contrast between the two girls, the obvious fact even the reserved girl didn’t really hate it but ended up in near-tsukkomi dialogues… That was weird and fun :)

Thanks to Einhar for this one! :)

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Yokubou Scarlet (“Scarlet Lust”) [English], by Sugaishi

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I like to imagine girls like that, secretly perverted until they explode in open lust, exist in the real world

In this share, a highschooler is the consenting victim of chikan, every day, the same pervert. At first a bothersome friend protects her from the groper’s attention, but later on, at last she’s good to get all the supposedly unwanted caresses she was needing, and the two of them end it outside of the train for more, an actual (and her first!) sex session.

It’s good sex, with the ravishing taste of corruption turning the girl’s head. Visually, Sugaishi delivers well :)
It’s been released by LordJohn, Svines85, Beltrano and RobertGlu, from BEC Scans, thank you!

For more Sugaishi / Maniac Street hentai, please see this Redirection page

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