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Bokura No Himitsu Kichi (“Our Secret Base”) [English, Retouched], by Maruta

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

From adorable to extremely arousing, this share's heroine has a great face :)

Haaa, another hentai release that feels good and warms the heart :)
In Bokura No Himitsu Kichi, two highschool-age childhood friends, male and female, meet as always in their private resting space, and, at last, become lovers. Sex came spontaneously, without drama or worries, for them that was the most natural thing in the world :)

The art, as expected from Maruta, was very good, bearing very little censorship.
Credits for this release are for Taihen Zombii, thank you, and also, thanks to Mousse who told me it was available ! :jap:

–Update: good news, this post has become obsolete.
From now on, you’ll find this share inside the complete volume:
Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku :)

Sexual Lesson [English], by MGMEE

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

If you want ONE naughty smile, it's got to be that one :D

Blowjobs don’t count, right ? If you agree, then that girl isn’t “used goods” (I always disliked the expression, but I reckon lots of people agree to this notion) and it’s a pleasant vanilla hentai share, happy sex with love between childhood friends, and plenty of good feelings =)
What else to write, that wouldn’t be a big spoiler ? Maybe: never underestimate (in the hentai world lol) an eroge master!! ^____^

Credits are for Jungy, Wavedash and Cadenza, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Hajimete No Ofupako, Love Perfume and The Look Of Love.

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Tosshi Tosshi Mata Tosshi [English], by Darabuchi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 15 comments

Those pink areolas. This dark skin. I'll break the fourth wall, in a way, and confess I thoroughly *enjoyed* that one. Sorry.

☑ Childhood friends
☑ Big breasts
☑ Short hair
☑ Adorable brown tanned skin
☑ Tomboy character
☑ Vanilla (happy sex with discovery of mutual love)
–> I SO APPROVE OF THIS!!! :woot:

And praise be to Garass and Fated Circle, really, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Phantom Thief, a pack of 2 works (Barista + Kumori Nochi Hare), Tsumareta Ikoku No Hana, Awesome, and Zettai Kyosha 1-3.

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Kodomo Janaishi (“I’m Not a Little Kid”) [English], by Harenochiame

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments


That was adorable =)
Basically, the story is about two childhood friends finally becoming a couple. But thanks to the sweet drawings where the heroine reveals her cute side while she was only looking like a tomboy before, thanks to the beautifully made setup, it becomes awesome, touching and arousing ! ^_^

Graphically: pettanko with more breasts than we’d have thought first. Scenario : pure vanilla :D
Credits are for Nandeyanen, Palaxius and Patamon, from Team Koinaka and Flatopia, thank you ! :)

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Ahukeki No Izumi [English], by Kurokawa Otogi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

That girl is a living monument to why men dream of receiving a titfuck ^^

The story doesn’t NEED to make a lot of sense, doesn’t it ? ^^ Let us meet here a highschool girl who endures having a very large chest, which triggers the jealousy of the girls and turns most men around her into apes. Fortunately, there’s at least her male childood friend, who teased her a lot when they were kids, and who keeps on doing it now that they are grown up – poor bloke can’t come up with confessing to her, and everyone sees through it ^^
Let’s add the girl found a way to relieve her tension, squeeze something between her large breasts. Soon, it will be a living thing.

Besides the happy sex with love, there are good drawings, slight comedy (I loved the three goons, the male MC’s friends ^^), vaginal sex and exceptional paizuri :twisted:
I hope you’ll like it ^^
My thanks are for Axalon, Wavedash, MrWayne and Blurk from Team Vanilla, and to my dear CellTF, who commissioned it ! :)

–Update: this post is now obsolete, this chapter now belongs in Fumajimeni Uraraka :)

Tayun Purun Monyun chapters 1-3 [English, 76 pictures], by Kaiduka

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Baby seeds. Indeed.

Two months after the nice chapter 1 of this story, here are two more chapters, courtesy once again of Darkfire, Afro Thunda and Biribiri, thank you ! :)
I *think* this makes it a complete series, seeing how it ended ?

In short, these are two childhood friends (male and female, naturally) meeting again. The girl harvested tender feelings for the boy, and it’s not long before they’re gladly trying to repopulate Japan. There is comedy, rare bits of (false ? Not sure, the girl seems a bit unsteady in her head ^^;;) yandere, various slice of life alibis for sex, and confirmations of love :)
Graphically, that was rather good, (not “OH MY GOD” materials, but good enough), not too much censorship either.

Also, did you notice ? On the right of page 38, the heroine looks like an angel =)

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Tonari No Miko Oneesan (“The Shrine Maiden Next Door”) [English], by Mameko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Actually, it means discovering you're now having your life ruled by reponsibilities you have consciously and deliberately chosen to impose on yoursef. But it's better the hentai way.

The male hero’s mother : « All according to keikaku :twisted: »
I’ll preserve a bit of spoiler materials, as finding “it” out was fun, okay ? Let’s say Tonari No Miko is about a young man who doesn’t amount to much, with his elder by five years female childhood friend, now a miko. Priestess clothes are damn sexy, and her composed appearances are but a shell, happy sex with love soon takes place ^^

That share has been brought to us by Megashounen, Palaxius, Cinia Pacifica, Cadenza, Freudia and SkeeakyAsian, from Team Koinaka, thank you!

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