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Kuchikiki Majo No Angelika (“Mediator Witch Angelika”) [English, 180 pictures, Uncensored version!], by Chiba Toshirou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Still good.

Aaaah, I’m torn. I should be incredibly happy to share with you guys a complete 180 pages long uncensored tankoubon: Mediator Witch Angelika, by Chiba toshirou. It was released a bit more than a year after the still censored version, that I shared back in March 2022.
By every possible means, it’s an awesome manga: it’s drawn by a skilled artist, it’s featuring shockingly good art and it’s got a decent scenario all things considered, with a full-volume storyline. Hats off.

I wrote a longer manga description for the still censored version ;)

But… there’s just one gripe… The still censored version was in high res 3000 px high images, while this new decensored version is only 1500 px.

And it’s a massive loss. Normally I consider 1600 px the bare minimum, it’s acceptable in most cases. But here it’s not working, Chiba Toshirou made tremendous efforts on the outfits of every character, there are tons of rich backgrounds, even the naked bodies reveal splendid effort poured in countless details, be it the eyes, of the shapely details of breasts…
It’s one of those cases where a high enough resolution (like, IDK, 1800px?) is rightfully justified in my eyes, otherwise you’ll find yourselves missing on plenty of juicy bits, which would be a waste.

In the end, I say, that’s your call, anyway. Would you prefer to keep the high res censored version, or go for the low res uncensored version, I’m keeping the censored version online instead of replacing it as usual, so, do as you wish! ^_^

Oh – and of course, credits for this new version go to G-Birkin (Klub Kemoner), thank you! :jap:

(For more, see the list of Celluloid Acme/Chiba Toshirou’s works on Hentairules.)

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Yuuryou Shoujo [Kougaku Shien Ban] volumes 1-2-3 [Japanese for the volumes 1-2, and English for the volume 3, 253 pictures], by Doji Ro

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Swimsuit. Tanlines. Group assist. Pixie haircut. Areola volumes. No universe exists in which that wouldn't be my favourite pic in all 3 volumes.

At first sight it’s puzzling, a series being scanlated starting from its last volume. But on second thought, it’s not as if we were with a real scenario, it’s more like each volume is a patchwork of short of average-length scenes featuring various highschool girls, all of them happily selling access to their pussy from money, period. And it’s perfect like that too :)

Graphically, some aspects, such as the blushlines, boobs dynamics, juicy lips, pleasantly reminded me of Shiwasu No Okina.

So there you are, no complications, girls loving dick sporting beautiful sincere smiles, selling themselves are ridiculously low prices, what would there be to complain about? ^___^

Thanks a lot to Raish and Chloe Veil Translations! :jap:

By the same artist (with the name spelled “Dojiro”, while here it is “Doji Ro”, it made me doubt for a pair of seconds), I also share Shojo Ga Doutei To No Hatsutaiken De Mezamechau Hanashi.

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Kaikan Gensoku [English, 116 pictures, in full colour, complete!], by Abe Manabu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments


Ah, SWEET! :twisted:

Here’s a complete full-colour manga, 100% made of cheerful cute girls with thick eyebrows, wearing cute skimpy outfits, and having worries-free quality sex ^_^

There’s plenty of wincest (sister, cousin, you name it), childhood friends, friends, and colleagues, basically. You’ll have “only” oral and vaginal, but the art being this good, it’s all fine.
I mean it: practically each page is worth a new fap: HATS OFF!!! :shock: :woot:

Doujin-Moe is behind the scanlation of the volume, my sincere thanks :)

In case you have the vague impression you already saw Kaikan Gensoku on Hentairules: as a matter of fact, a million years ago 11 years ago, I had a share with the first half of the volume. Scratch that, now, today, this is the complete version!

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My Mother [English, 135 pictures, Uncensored!], by Xter

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

In the following up pages, the condom is removed ;)

As a theme, mother incest is a theme I’m not fond of, I simply can’t get hard reading it. But if YOU have no issues with it, then I’ll be glad to present you with some of the absolute best this niche has to offer!

This share is drawn incredibly well, the art (oral, vaginal, anal) is fully uncensored, and the story, casual sex without drama or any issue at all (a mother meets her son after several years, bikini on the beach, once drunk she is a sexual beast, etcetera), allows to focus on the good parts. If it’s your kink, you’ll love it a LOT :)

Xnumbers is behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Nisekoi 128.5, My Sister: volume 1, volume 2, a pack of 3 works (My Sister volume 3 + 9 Satra + Secret Of The Shrine Maiden), and Our (X) Promise.

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Kuchikiki Majo No Angelika (“Mediator Witch Angelika”) [English, 190 pictures], by Chiba Toshirou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

The sluttiest of all. Man, a witch in hotpants. HNNNNNGGGGG!!

Chiba Toshirou delivering quality, never a surprise, always good news :kickass:

Here’s a complete volume about female witches having great time with their male partners, with an overall scenario leading to an extended orgy in the end, with everyone present giving a hand (and not just a hand.)
There’s no dramatic context, no plot twist, it’s all about bonding, becoming partners, loving, and powerfully fucking ^^ :woot:

And graphically, OH BOY, that might be one of Chiba Toshirou’s best mangas, in my opinion. There’s moderate censorship, and on top of all, the women wear amazing outfits, all through the entire manga. They’ll never be fully naked, there’s always this thrill of watching them mostly but not entirely naked, just enough to add fuel to the fire :twisted:

It’s a Doujin-Moe release, thank you! :jap:

EDIT: and now, the manga’s got an uncensored version! Its images are in too low resolution unfortunately, so I’m opting to let you choose, either the present high resolution censored version, or alternately, the low res uncensored version :)

(For more, see the list of Celluloid Acme/Chiba Toshirou’s works on Hentairules.)

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Pack of 15 works [English, all Uncensored, 218 pictures in total], by Canape

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

There were quite a few pages that were definitely fap worthy

I saw a flow of uncensored scanlated mangas by Canape in the flow of hentai releases, a few days ago, and I told myself, hey, why not, you guys have a good chance of loving it :)

All in all, these are 15 works, some of them a variation between grayscale and colorized, displaying basically brains-free, zero-complications sex, with girls from the Arknights game.

Namely, those works are:
Angelina Creampie (Uncensored, grayscale version)
Ch’en 1 (Full colour and uncensored)
Ch’en 2 (Uncensored, grayscale version)
Ch’en After (Full colour and uncensored)
Ch’en After (English, Grayscale, Uncensored)
Cheeky Lucid 1 (Full colour and uncensored)
Cheeky Lucid 2 (Full colour and uncensored)
Cheeky Lucid 3 (Full colour and uncensored)
FEater’s Fan Service 1 (Uncensored, grayscale version)
FEater’s Fan Service 2 (Full colour and uncensored)
G36 (Full colour and uncensored)
My Lovely Girlfriend (Full colour and uncensored)
Orca Needs Your Attention (Full colour and uncensored)
The Interest Of Queen 2 (Full colour and uncensored)
What The Queen Is interested In (Full colour and uncensored)

They are to be read left to right, not like mangas!

In doubt, I recommend you check the last 3 ones, Orca, and The Queen, in my eyes they’re the best of the lot.
Release credits are for NSFWSB and JK when it’s in good English, some unknown person when it’s in terrible English, and, last but not least, if you want more, why don’t you check the artist’s Patreon?

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Pack of 4 uncensored [English] works by the artist Ming Ke

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

A fertile soil deserves plowing

I’ve gathered here four volumes drawn by a skilled artist, Mingke (that I also saw written as Ming Ke), all four of them featuring the same Girls’ Frontline character, “Type 95”, in various setups.
Namely, those volumes are:
A Lovely Flower’s Gift (in which Type 95 wears her normal clothes)
Xihuazhil Zhifuri (Type 95 trying a schoolgirl uniform)
Xihuazhili Xiaripian (Type 95 wearing a bikini… WITH THIGHHIGHS!! Good girl :twisted: )
Xihuazhili Xinchun (the hentai version of a Chinese dress this time)

The drawings are uncensored, and deliver a pretty good sum of erojoules. I had a certain “doll-like” impression regarding the girl, though, I can’t quite put a word on why I got that exact feeling.
By all means, if you’re in for a quality fap, this should help, especially the volume 3 with the bikini + thighhighs combination :twisted:

It’s been released by SilentWayfarer, thank you! :jap:
Oh, and if you wish, the artist’s got a Patreon

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