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Complete “English And With bonuses” Mogudan Hentai Pack ! [1125 pictures, 35 volumes]

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Enjoy ^_^

Phiew, preparing this pack took me some time, I tell you :D I couldn’t hold my hentai time within my usual limit of max 90 minutes daily ^^;;

Fact : I love Mogudan. His initial style for slender teens with candid yet lustful faces, with thin hips, curved backs and dream tits, that was GODLY. His style changed, now he’s all about large hips, super big tits and “DAT ASS” butts, I love it less, but it’s still good dope.
Fact : I was completely lost between the new and old releases, what I was sharing and what I had forgotten to share, and what had seen upgraded versions be released.
Conclusion : I had to make a Mogudan total (re)pack ! :twisted:

(For the list of all the 35 works in the pack, and for an explanation in the form of a wall of text so long you’ll think you’re having a nightmare, scroll down ! ^^)


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Street Fighter hentai doujin [English] : Kaku Musume 11, by Motsu Ryouri

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Nice vacuum, eh ?

With my thanks to Raikoh from, here’s some Chun-Li action for you :)
In short, no scenario, Chun-li giving head (with nice vacuum action !), and next having happy 3some sex with an ahegao face.

As the first video game character to have inspired me erotic thoughts, I keep a soft spot for Chun-Li, yatta ! :lol:

PS : the crazy ending features TERMINATOR himself :D

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Maid Bride [English, 238 pictures, Complete], by Kizuki Aruchu (aka Udon-Ya), with the chapters 1-5 uncensored

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OMG, just OMG

OMG, just OMG :D

Here is is, the COMPLETE version of the manga I was expecting the most in this year 2010 ! Maid Bride, entirely translated, thank you, thank you so much to YQII /bow

The drawings are awesome, with fine details, bursting with talent, with anal, vaginal, passionate blowjobs, small tits, big tits, faces lost in love or failing to resist pleasure… The scenarii are very funny, with tons of tsundere, jokes, original male and female characters… The chapters 1-5 are in an uncensored version thanks to Emerald Light… What else could I say, frankly, to convince you this manga is pure gold ? :twisted:

(For more, please refer to The Updated List of Udon-Ya’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Inazuma Under World 1+2 [English, 89 pictures], by Digital Accel Works

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bukakke, more bukakke, some hardcore hentai, and bukakke again

Go figure why life is strangely random, a few hours after I shared Inazuma Under World 1, by Digital Accel Works (it wasn’t a fresh release), and just now, I discovered the second volume had just been translated :shock:

So there you are with Under World 2, with heroines from various popular anime, with tons and tons of bukakke, and some hardcore hentai sex between the bukakke scenes.
I hope you’ll like it :)

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Digital Accel Works shares)


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KOF hentai doujin [English, UNCENSORED version, Full Color] : Yuri & Friends 9, by Saigado Comics

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saigado free hentai doujin english translated

Here is a completely uncensored version of Yuri & Friends 9, English-Translated, by Saigado Comics.The version I previously shared was censored with ugly blurred genitals, that’s much better now :D

That’s 27 wonderful full color hardcore pictures with King Of Fighters characters, thank you Saigado for creating such marvels :)

(Remember to view the updated list of all Saigado’s works on Hentairules)

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