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Groove Tube [English, 189 pictures, Complete], by Kemonono

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 33 comments


RHA LOVELY, YESSS ! Here it is, the COMPLETE version of Groove Tube ! :D

Groove Tube is a concentrated pack of Kemonono Goodness :3 This is absolutely HILARIOUS, the characters are totally bold, with a very strong personality, Kemomono will sometimes “transform” them in nekomimi or in almost SD… This is SUPERBLY HARDCORE, with very happy sex and numerous extremely energetic scenes with almost invisible censorship…
I’m not even referring to masturbation or sex, but really, you feel good, you feel happy when you read something by Kemonono ^_^
For this, my highest gratitude goes to Fated Circle and my dear esteemed Setebos :)

By Kemonono, I also recommend you Muchi To Ha Zai 1-3 and Yellow Pop 1-6 , they both share the same hilarious and hardcore sides :twisted:

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Ero-Isu [English, 231 pictures, AWESOME], by Isutoshi

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 31 comments
Tags: clannad, comedy

Awesome ! Just A-WE-SOME !

Let’s be very clear : Ero-Isu is one of the most excellent hentai mangas I have read in all time, no less :shock:

Some other works like Aqua Bless and Witchcraft by Yamatogawa, Giri Giri Sisters by Gunma Kisaragi, made it into my informal all-time hyperfavorites because they were well-drawn and hardcore beyond imagination, with a correct scenario… But Ero-Isu deserves my praise for other reasons. It succesfully mixes really beautifully made and hardcore drawings with an utterly fucking HILARIOUS very original scenario :)

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