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Iseikai Tenkan Charisma GO [English], by H9

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┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

This share’s male MC is the basic spoiled male douchebag: he’s handsome, he knows it, he screws girls one after the other and only cares about his own pleasure.
However… God was watching! Also, let us mention God has a mean side and he can’t stand egotistic hunks.
As a form of punishment, God turns the male MC into a super sexy girl and send him to a new word, populated exclusively by ugly horny men ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The comedy is only beginning, huhu, nothing could be taken seriously in this volume, I was laughing all along, and I didn’t see the ending coming ^^;;

As for the drawings? Super hot, detailed, generous, hardly even censored!! :twisted:
Please, please, disregard any prejudice you may have against the gender bender theme, this manga is totally worth reading!

Thanks a lot, a huge, giggling lot, to Espeon and Desudesu! :)

By the same artist, called H9 and Eichi Kyuu (same thing, really), I also share Beautiful Curse (“Utsukushii Noroi”) and Mangekyou.

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Honjitsu Wa Zenra Toukoubi (“Today Is A Naked Schoolday!”) [English], by Guglielmo

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The hentai universe is much less prone to drama than our own ^^

Oh, that story was gold, original, creative, crazy WTF comedy :D
In the universe of Honjitsu Wa Zenra Toukoubi, highschoolers go to school naked once a year and it’s no big deal at all. The female heroine wakes up in a super-stereotypical way (late bird, gets naked for naked school day, exits house running with a slice of toast in her mouth), and it’s only when she arrives at school she realizes she got the date wrong, woops.

I’m not spouting any more details (until now, those were the pages 1-5), you’ll have to find out the rest yourselves. It will include comedy, tsundere, your dose of WTF, and good happy sex :)
We owe this unique release to Artfish, thanks a lot!!

By the same artist, I also share Shishunki Marudashi (246 pictures) and Hokentaiiku Jisshuu Jugyou ~ Onnanoko no Karada no Shikumi Hen.

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Mahou No Juujin Foxy Rena (“The Magical Foxy Rena”) volumes 1-13 + 5 Digest + 9.5 [English, 455 pictures, uncensored for the most of it], by Sweet Taste (a circle made of the mangakas: Amakuchi, Nakagami Takashi, and Nagareboshi Purin)

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What kind of species is she supposed to belong to?!?

Those 13 volumes (plus 2 extras) went by in a flash while I was reading them, I wouldn’t have thought I’d have binged 455 pages in a row, it’s good shit :shock:

We’re in a mixup between youkai-based Japan, and an Asgard populated by villainous animal gods (lion, lizard, snake, dog, horse, and others I have no clue what they are) plotting to invade Japan. Fortunately, the villain empire is severely understaffed so they only focus on Tokyo and send the villains a few at a time or full solo ^^
Opposing Asgard is Rena, a female fox, Orca, a female orca (sorry), a kitsune, a bat, her succubus mother (what?), plus two villains who kinda switched sides eventually, a wolf and a tiger ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

There’s tons of sex, naturally, tons of comedy, fortunately, and occasionally some plot, surprisingly :D
The drawings are hardcore and original (here’s to hoping you don’t like thin women), it’s mostly non-rape, and more than that, the comedy setups, the loveable cheerful female characters, that made for a seriously excellent manga series. Even if by the look of it the plot isn’t even close to reaching any ending, I believe this is quite worth a read :)

Enjoy! And thanks to TraumaFox, YQII, Super Shanko, G-Birkin, Art, Kumosu, Maipantsu and Llumi! :jap:

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Thinkers [English], by Daiji

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Honest warning, this isn't fap materials, unless you're REALLY determined. Too many dialogues, too many bursts of laughter, not enough chances to fap

It took me a whole afternoon to remember, but I finally found it, this release, Thinkers, strongly reminded me of Sex Manga :D
It is heavily dialogue-oriented, the characters are funny oddballs and they clearly overthink everything, split every hair :lol:
Still, there’s this considerable difference, here, there IS sex :twisted: (and when you’ll have finished reading, you’ll give a new meaning to the :twisted: emoji I have used :3 )

Seriously, that was hilarious!! We’re blessed with an insight into the inner monologues of the two protagonists (I forgot to mention: they’re stranded in an isolated mountain cabin because of a surprise downpour), it’s almost a miracle they managed to finally have sex :lol:
The drawings are so-so, but don’t fret those details, in this share, the art wasn’t the most important part anyway ^^
This is a NecroManCr release, what can I say, other than THANK YOUUUUU! :)

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Virgin Chauwa [English], by Herio

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Oh, SO lovely!!! And just you wait till you see the blushing faces before ecstasy :)

That. Was. fucking. AWESOME! :woot: :D

The eternal maiden versus the eternal virgin, two university students are still at each other’s throat since highschool. Eventually, as being all tsundere, hung up, competitive and stubborn wasn’t leading them anywhere, a happy ending had to happen, right? ^^
The drawings were simply adorable, not too censored (a few thick bars, not the end of the world), the girl’s blushing and honest faces were simply adorable :)

Thanks a LOT to Hive-san for the excellent vanilla release, I’m really grateful :)

By Herio (circle Haraheridou), to this day, I also share Resort LoverToshoshitsu O Shimete Kara, BeaTRICKs, Yamisuki Pheromone, Kimi To Retry, Bea Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara and Oshikake Youko-sama.

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Gender Bender Island [English, strongly Retouched], by Dynamite Moca

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Sexual healing music intensifies

Aaaah, the funny and weird feeling when you read gender bender hentai: it doesn’t make sense, and it’s impossible to take it seriously, so why not take it with a smile :)
Here, in this story in which there’s a contagious disease on an island and a male researcher catches it, become a woman, and needs to be creampied a lot by his colleague, the manga takes the comedy route. Sure: it looks hot and nice, and the censorship is very low, but even more than that, in my eyes, it was sweet because it was clearly written to make us laugh =)

I allowed myself to strongly retouch the images, in their original version they were in a sorry state. What I did was (1) cropping around the images to remove the scanner’s “everything NOT the image itself” bits, and (2) try my best to clean the images and make them look okay.
The results for (2) weren’t great, I’m afraid, I stopped when trying more would have damaged the legit parts of the images.
To make yourselves an idea: Before!After!.

Thanks a lot to Captain Caption for this release, I’m grateful! ^_^

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Siscon Brocon [English], by Kasuga Mayu

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And there's a blindfold. Yiss.

Haaaa, that manga left me with a broad smile =)
Simply said, a brother and sister accidentally swap bodies and a google search explains there’s a cure, sexual intercourse! I’m glad to mention it, multiple light comedy moments and inner monologues brought welcome spice to the wincest theme, it was pleasant to read all along, I didn’t want to miss a single line of text ^^

Graphically, it’s quite good too, bonus erojoules if you love meaty women with delicious caramel skin and tanlines ;)
Thanks a LOT to Espeon and Desudesu, that’s the kind of great gender bender hentai I’m glad to spread to as many people as possible :)

By the same artist, I also share Otoko To Otoko (Datta Koro) No Yakusoku.

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