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Gender Bender Island [English, strongly Retouched], by Dynamite Moca

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Sexual healing music intensifies

Aaaah, the funny and weird feeling when you read gender bender hentai: it doesn’t make sense, and it’s impossible to take it seriously, so why not take it with a smile :)
Here, in this story in which there’s a contagious disease on an island and a male researcher catches it, become a woman, and needs to be creampied a lot by his colleague, the manga takes the comedy route. Sure: it looks hot and nice, and the censorship is very low, but even more than that, in my eyes, it was sweet because it was clearly written to make us laugh =)

I allowed myself to strongly retouch the images, in their original version they were in a sorry state. What I did was (1) cropping around the images to remove the scanner’s “everything NOT the image itself” bits, and (2) try my best to clean the images and make them look okay.
The results for (2) weren’t great, I’m afraid, I stopped when trying more would have damaged the legit parts of the images.
To make yourselves an idea: Before!After!.

Thanks a lot to Captain Caption for this release, I’m grateful! ^_^

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Siscon Brocon [English], by Kasuga Mayu

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And there's a blindfold. Yiss.

Haaaa, that manga left me with a broad smile =)
Simply said, a brother and sister accidentally swap bodies and a google search explains there’s a cure, sexual intercourse! I’m glad to mention it, multiple light comedy moments and inner monologues brought welcome spice to the wincest theme, it was pleasant to read all along, I didn’t want to miss a single line of text ^^

Graphically, it’s quite good too, bonus erojoules if you love meaty women with delicious caramel skin and tanlines ;)
Thanks a LOT to Espeon and Desudesu, that’s the kind of great gender bender hentai I’m glad to spread to as many people as possible :)

By the same artist, I also share Otoko To Otoko (Datta Koro) No Yakusoku.

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Succubus ~ Don’t Let Me Do It [English], by Saigado

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Thank you for being yourselves, Saigado Comics

I shouldn’t, but I’ve been giggling during most of my read of Saigado’s Succubus :lol:
How should I say… It’s like Saigado has been going full Saigado, and nobody’s been willing to stop the circle’s eromangakas :D
Allow me a Brooklyn99 comparison: imagine Boyle going full Boyle (hyperlink for an example, in case you don’t know the series), but this time it’s Saigado going full Saigado, an hentai artist with strong kinks, loving futanari, cute girls, cute boys, without a problem with incest!

So, this story’s about a succubus making herself at home at a mother and son’s house and planning to milk the boy dry, taking advantage of his mother fetish. But, since it’s Saigado, the Succubus is essentially androgynous, and while she settles for a woman’s appearance soon enough, no matter what female body shape she takes, she’s still got a dick (To quote her: “I’ll throw in a dick for free“) ^^;;

Honest warning, to be frank this is disturbing. Also, the mother and son are forced to have sex (even though they both yearned to do it), and the boy even gets a brief taste of the succubus’ special trick (*cough*). So, yeah, it’s not full vanilla, but fuck, this is weird enough to become fun, there was no taking it seriously :lol:
Thanks a LOT to Risette for this release!! :jap:

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules…)

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Itezora No Summer Lady [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Studio Tiamat

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Me too, I'd have gone for the tsundere one, if given the choice :D

Jeanne and Jeanne Altern, in swimsuits, draw manga for an event, with their master’s help. His responsibility: to keep them productive. And, in the hentai universe, keeping them productive basically means pumping them full of sperm non-stop ^^;;
There’s a light comedy feeling, making use of tsukkomi situations starring tsundere Jeanne Alter, it was nice :)

I feel the Studio Tiamat’s mangaka has already drawn more intense or detailed sex, but the general atmosphere, the still pretty good drawings, that left me with a wide smile, I don’t regret my read ^_^

We owe this release to Yuki and Cross, from XCX Scans, thanks a lot!

For MORE, cf. The list of Tanabe / Studio Tiamat’s Works on Hentairules

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Maou To Himitsu Heya (“The Demon Lord And The Secret Room”) [English], by Okayusan

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I also made sure to not pick preview pictures that would contain spoiler materials

Look, I could spoil you the story, and you’d enjoy Maou To Himitsu Heya less.
But I’ll resist temptation, and only mention this share is about a female demon lord and a righteous hero, for the rest, just see for yourselves, it looks great, I highly recommend you this release ;)

Thanks a lot to Dynellen, Rotoscopic, Constipat8, Freudia and Nero, from Team Koinaka! :jap:

By the same talented artist, I also share School Caste, Prologue + the chapters 1-3 (63 pictures, Uncensored version), Dojikko Na Kanojo, Hitorigurashi Ojamashimasu and Ejaculation Memory chapters 1-2.

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SuzuCir [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Bakuon series, by Mukuge

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That pic rules, honestly, right? RIGHT??? :D

I didn’t know the Bakuon manga series even existed before I discovered this doujinshi in the flow of today’s hentai releases. It gave me a strong WTF + comedy impression, and I thought I’d check it out.
And apparently, it’s possible to enjoy it, it’s kind of a moe slice of life comedy mix, about highschool girls loving motorbikes but being not fully sane by the looks of it :lol:
You can read Bakuon on Mangadex, if you like :)

Now, graphically, this doujinshi is on the average side, I’m not gonna lie, it feels a bit McHentai-ish, but it’s got this pleasant sense of WTF comedy (even the dialogues are motorbiking), the girl is a total hottie, the action is simple, the censorship is not too bothersome (thin black bars) and the sex scene is very nice in itself, a biker highschool girl (twintails, hourglass figure, horny face) with 3 male bikers (who won’t even take out their helmet seriouslyyyyy) :lol:
So, yeah, the bodysuit, the twintails, the hot girl, the foursome, maybe you’ll like it ;)

Thanks to CrowCarasu and Selcouth for the discovery! ^_^

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Gwenpool (Etchina Sekai Ni O Jama Shima~su) (“Gwenpool, Jumping Into An Indecent World”) [English], by Kotau

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Usually, American comics characters do extremely well in their hentai version

Oooookay. I didn’t know, but it’s a official comics thing (look, you can read it here), there are some volumes in which Spiderwoman, Gwen Stacy, becomes a sort of female version of Deadpool, minus the rotting body skin, introduciiiiiing: Gwenpool.

I don’t know if this is also canon, or just something “borrowed” for the present doujinshi, but here, just like Deadpool did at least once (in the “Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe”, he even travels outside of his comic books to slaughter the Marvel company employees), Gwenpool also breaks the fourth wall so hard she can travel through it. Basically, if she reads a comic, she’s capable of travelling into it: so guess what happens when she reads hentai for the first time? ;)

Spoiler alert: Gwenpool comes across Creampie Man, fails to beat him, gets lots of enjoyable dick, the end :D
The story was weird and funny, the drawings were good enough, so let’s just enjoy, shall we? Thanks to Bowieknife for this release, by the way ^^

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