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Chin Nii-chan [English], by Teru

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A brother becomes a dick. Just a dick. Not a guy with an awful personality, no, simply, he becomes a dick. Who can speak and has some mobility, but… a dick.
His younger sister finds out, gets freaked out, interacts weirdly.
His older sister (or mother? She says “onii-chan”, he says “mama”, your call) finds out, doesn’t freak out, interacts productively.
And in the end, the brother becomes… oh god I should have seen it coming…

Enjoy this fine piece of WTF comedy hentai, folks, I doubt you’ll manage to fap to this one (although, when there’s a will…), but I laughed more than sanity allows, I hope you too will have a good time reading it :lol:

Thanks to [email protected] Deluxe for the giggles ^^

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Doping AbeKobe (“Doping Mix-Up”) [English], by Marneko

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That's exactly what I ask from gender bender hentai: don't try to give me an erection, simply make me laugh and please my eyes :)

That’s the kind of gender bender I can get behind: funny, not trying to take itself seriously, original ^^

Here, just before a title match, a boxer ingests an illegal drug, but of course he chose wrong and that drug turns him into a woman in a matter of a few seconds. His future opponent happens to pass by, boxing competition becomes sexual cooperation, etcetera ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Enough said. See for yourselves, go for it if you fancy a few smiles and gender bender isn’t on your “no way in hell” shitlist, enjoy!
It’s been released by Espeon and SachiKing, thank you !:jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Marneko and Maruneko, I also share Kinkou No Kuni, Soshage De Toransu, Yaritagari Nyotaika Bish, Kaoru Kanojo + Masumasu Kaoru Kanojo, Asa Onna Na ore To Futanarikko Ojousama Tomodachi Mo Taisetsu Ni, When Aniki Wore A Bikini, Furubita Dress and Trans Layer.

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Country Girl [English, Uncensored!], by Daigo

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Haaa, bless you Daigo

No need for a scenario, a joke idea does the job very well, when it’s with Daigo ^^

Our male MC is a young adult craving for pussy, but that smartass is both too demanding and conscious he isn’t good-looking or rich, which places him in a pickle.
Fortunately, a new neighbour comes in, she’s from the country, and very clearly she’s read the wrong literature as, trusting her books, she proceeds to having sex with him O_o
The conclusion wasn’t half bad, huhu, you’ll see ^^

That was released by CopyOf, many thanks! :)

(I share much more works by this artist, Cf. The list of Daigo’s works)

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Chounyuu Gakuen (“Academy For Huge Breasts”) [English, 180 pictures, Complete!], by Piero

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Bakunyu hentai FTW! ^_^

Haha, that story was a great combination of good stuff ^^
We’ve got comedy, harem, huge tits and dream butts, and volleyball outfits :twisted:

Certainly, there are more than few a similarities with Distance’s Joshi Luck series, it’s about a male coach having sex with each of the girls he’s looking after, and the girls growing attached to him. But each mangaka has his or her idiosyncrasies, here, the focus is on the various shapes of the girls’ (always massive) breasts, on their shapely mighty asses (only rare mangakas can properly draw a girl giving an assjob, and, once, it’s used in combination with another pair of boobs for a double asstitjob, OMG)…

And then, the story type was the good kind of weird. It starts with that odd canvas, a school recruits girls with massive breasts for their volleyball team, with the argument they will use the inertia of their breasts’ delayed vertical upwards movement to perform a mid-air double jump. And then, well… PiEro’s originality and talent showed, although the plot stopped evolving much, the double jump was kinda forgotten ^^

I’m confident you’ll enjoy the read, but honest warning, in more than half of the chapters, the censorship is total murder, sadly.
Enjoy, my dear pervs :) And thanks a lot to Zukuyo, Varrel, Fynolt2, NazWell, Bananapow and Dynellen!! :jap:

the same artist, whose name is written Piero, PIero or Pi-Ero, and who also uses the K.F.D. pen name, I also share Chounyuu Daifungoku (214 pictures, Uncensored!), Paicchu (mostly positive vibes, 213 pictures), Chichiyoku (dark tonality , 170 pictures), I Love Nyu (mostly positive vibes, 186 pictures), Atatamete Kudasai, Icchimainaaaa, a pack of 2 works (Chichiana + Musubi-tan Dai Pinch) and Hanekawa-san No Chichi Doujinshi.

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Sugimoto-san To Rakko Nabe Shiyou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Golden Kamuy series, by Nishida

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Immortal but not gender-bending proof.

Jebus hentai christ. Hentai fucking RULES!!.
Showing us, again, and again, and ever again, things we would have never imagined ourselves.
(My apologies for the following wall of text)

Here’s a release I saw a pair of days ago, in which the Golden Kamuy characters are reincarnated in our early XXIst century. Sugimoto, Shiroishi, Kiroranke and Ogata (Tanigaki and Inkarmat too, although they don’t take part in the present share).
They wear modern clothes, but have retained their memories, have the same faces, personalities, everything’s the same. Save one not so tiny difference: the manly, badass, admirable Immortal Sugimoto… he’s been reborn into a girl’s body. Meaty, busty, thick where it matters, with thick eyebrows and juicy lips ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Quick intermission: please, tell me you have read the Golden Kamuy manga series? It absolutely rocks, it might be THE series I am the most glad to have discovered last year, the art, the scenario, the originaly, the humour, the fine details, the historical accuracy, this manga is unique and most praiseworthy. Come on, pick any manga reader you like, or buy the mangas, just read it :D
And so: in Golden Kamuy, our merry masculine band eats sea otter meat without knowing it’s supposed to have crazy aphrodisiac powers, which makes those burly manly men feel super weird, eventually they let the embarrassing steam out by having bare skin sumo after their meal, in the end they leave after promising to never talk about it again. In the original manga, it takes place in a few pages of the chapter 115, and continues in the chapter 116.

Back to hentai: the same otter meat story happens again, except this time there IS a woman in the group :3

Except for the thick bar censorship (deal with it, sob), the manga is solid, drawn well, intense, respecting amazingly well the original series’ drawing traits and the characters’ personalities. Hats off!!!
This exceptional gender bender release comes from MegaFagget, thank you dearly ^_^

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Mor-san Gohoushi Daisakusen (“Morgiana’s I-Want-To-Serve-You Operation”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic” series, by Loflat

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Fool! Don't ask that! What if she listened, and stopped?

Here’s a cute, amusing and touching Magi doujinshi, in which Morgiana is frustrated Alibaba (they’ve gravitated around each other for countless volumes before finally becoming a couple soon before the end of the series) is ignoring her absolutely obvious attempts to tease and arouse him.

Fast forward to the evening, during which Mor planned a revenge, the price of ignoring her will be paid :lol:

Look, I can’t promise you excellent art, it’s rather average, but I am fond of those two younglings I grew to love over the numerous volumes of the Magi manga series, and the drawings were good enough to do the work, let’s say. Check it out, I hope it will be a good surprise to you guys :)

Release credits are for Turbocalo, Mariesmns, Red_Piotrus and Shinko, from the E-H Cove, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Secret Recipe volumes 1-2-3 and Chaldea Soap SSS-Rate Service Maid.

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Tadashii Majutsu No Asobikata [English], by Yahiro Pochi

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A nice bod, at long last, once the magic fun is over

Would you remember the two weirdos with lewd magic powers, that we meet in Tadashii Majutsu No Asobikata (“The Right Way Of Playing Magic”)? They’re back!

And they perform the same magic, switching normal items with a woman’s private parts, this way they can tease and poke to their liking while the nonplussed woman experiences climax after climax. This time, with a girl, playing billiards.
After the titillation, things get both weirder (you’ll see what I mean) with urination fetish (no, that wasn’t the weird part LOL!), and hotter (with, at last, actual sex, vaginal and DP).

My personal point of view? I didn’t mind there were only a few pages of sex in the second half. Comedy of that WTF caliber is truly one of a kind: I’ll have other chances to read excellent hentai, including Yahiro Pochi hentai, but stories as weird as that are gold I wouldn’t want to miss :lol:

For this release, my thanks go to Gian-Carlo (Bo-chan’s Nii-chan) and the patreons of No Hentai No Life! :jap:

There’s a LOT more for you, see The list of ALL my Yahiro Pochi shares!

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