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Hitoduma Onnakyoushi Main-san Volume 2 [English, 172 pictures], + the Japanese volume 1 (181 pictures), by Saigado

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The censorship is so-so, there's been worse in saigo tanks, but it still gets in the way

If you DARE ask me why the volume 2 has been scanlated while the volume 1 wasn’t… I’ll join my voice to yours, seriously, WHY?
Apparently, the manga was scanlated by a certain Webdriver, and commissioned by, quoting, Z. I’m grateful of course, but, no offence, I just can’t help finding it weird O_o

In case you’re interested, scroll to the bottom of the present post for links to the untranslated volume 1, should you want to check it out.

Anyway. I ask you to forgive me, I chose not to read the volume, in case the volume 1 is translated some day, I didn’t want to start with spoilers. I won’t be able to give you a summary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Still, I browsed around, looking at picture thumbnails, and It seems to me it’s the typical slice of life Saigado manga in which a young adult woman (a teacher? She’s called sensei) has a fulfilling sex life, apparently nothing is taken too seriously as of usual. If I’m wrong, you’re more than welcome to correct me in the comments :)

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules…)

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Bijin Henshuu-chou No Himitsu (“Beautiful Editor-in-Chief’s Secret”) [English, 214 pictures], by Tatsunami Youtoku and Yamazaki Masato

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How could I NOT choose her slutty elf lingerie cosplay scene, for my big preview picture? ^____^

That manga’s been in the making for a long internet time, but at last, here it comes :)

Beautiful Editor-in-Chief’s Secret is about a respectable, highly professional and bossy female editor in chief, with a secret side to her. In private, with her male colleague Kaga and, later, with a sadistic female writer, she’s a tsundere with an M side who gets off being embarrassed, humiliated or dominated. At first she’s only very lightly masochistic, but once the sadistic female writer joins, things get a bit harder, with risks to her personal reputation, something that only increases the thrill she enjoys so much.

Besides the normal business clothes, there will be a few fancy outfits (cosplay  as an elf, bride, gym leotard, BSDM style…), plenty of sex at the office, dildo plays, etcetera. In terms of art, the drawings are deliciously generous, the woman’s almost plump body is a monument to how glorious the body of a 31 year old woman can look, and the vaginal sex (there’s almost no anal and DP, only a few pages) is drawn with almost no censorship… Not to mention the first 90 pages (or so) are fully decensored :twisted:

Release credits are for a huge number of people, namely: Anonymous, Rudy Omega and Cedr777 from Triple777Scans, Dynellen, Mikick, Xephir, Super Shanko, Forbiddenfetish77, Crystalium, Red Vodka, Anonymous Scanner, Psyburn21, HurpDurp and AfroThunda. Thank you, all of you! ^_^ (BTW, I realized too late, credits pictures were missing from the archive I got, apologies for that, here they are: 1, 2, 3, 4.)

By the same artist, under the Madam Project and Tatsunami Youtoku pen names, I also share the decensored versions of Zangyou De Good Job + Keitai De Good Job, Uchiawase de Good Job (Uncensored version), Milk Teacher (178 pictures), Twin Milf volume 1 (184 pictures) and Twin Milf volume 2 (160 pictures).

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Cosplay Kanojo #Mash [English], NOT a Fate / Grand order hentai doujinshi, by JP06 (circle OrangeMaru)

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Look at her finely arched back, YUM!

Against all appearances, this is NOT a Fate / Grand Order doujinshi ^^ This is an original release, in which a boyfriend successfully convinces his girlfriend (using her sense of guilt, good job you rascal!) to cosplay as Mash :D
And what did you expect, sex follows of course. On the one hand the boyfriend acts in a douchey manner, calling her Mash and not even using once her real name, on the other hand it’s obvious there are no bad feelings involved, and the girl’s slightly tsundere behaviour was adorable, in addition to the great art ^^

Thanks to Cgrascal!

By the same artist… *cough* – This time it’s a bit more complicated. There are two artists in the OrangeMaru circle: JP06 and YD. YD made Summer Lesson (Uncensored version), Chaldea Maid (Uncensored version), XX Rom (Uncensored version), Hidden Quest + OrangeMaru Special 08 (Uncensored version), Yaou, Hasamiuchi and Jidou Kouryaku (“Auto Capture”), while JP06 made the present share and the morally taxing Yogosareta Mitsuboshi.

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Lilim’s volumes 2-3 (“Lilim’s+”, followed by “Limim’s Kiss”) [English], by Miyamoto Issa

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God, that is a fine ass

Two years ago, I shared Lilim’s, the volume 1 of this series, and today, with a bit of a delay (I’m not even going to apologize at this point ^^;; ), here come the two follow-up volumes:
– Lilim’s+
– Lilim’s Kiss
I don’t know if more exist, but, hey, here’s to hoping for the future!
I’m not sure this is a “single universe” canvas, but I’ll mention there is also Itoshi No Onii-sama – Lilim’s Gaiden.

The context, in case you forgot or haven’t read the volume 1 yet, there are lilims among humans, not exactly like succubi, simply, women with a strong need for a regular sperm intake. A young man is assigned to a lilim his age, and thanks to the magic of hentai, they fall in love, and what might have just been pr0n and nutrition becomes adorable, heart-warming vanilla with plenty of pr0n :D

You’ll have tons of French kissing, of deepthroats, of vaginal sex, numerous sexy outfits, and a tiny bit anal sex too. The girl is very meaty, super busty, and her skin is a delicious dark caramel colour. Top tier hentai, no doubt about that!! :twisted:
I think we owe the two new volumes to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Nosebleed and Miyamoto Issa, I also share Keraku No Yume, Himegoto Senpai, Iinari no Susume (“Advice For The Whipped”), Aru Kizoku No Shiawase (“A Certain Noble’s Happiness”), LiMiM’s, Muttsuri Chichiue Amaama Koubi, Muttsuri Chichiue Torotoro Koubi, Seicross, Welcom, Kimi Wa Kanojo No Kanrika Ni Iru, Itoshi No Onii-sama – Lilim’s Gaiden (uncensored version) and Yasashii Kashima-san (“Gentle Kashima-san”).

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ChichiKoi [English, Compilation version, 224 picturse], by Okumoto Yuuta

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Pew! Pew! ^^;;

Let’s get it out of the way: this isn’t an official tank. This is a compilation of chapters from various sources, some of them the actual ChichiKoi tankoubon, some of them magazine scans, and among these some will be in decent quality while some others will be super small images. The tank chapters are only slightly censored, while the magazine chapters are whiteout-censored. Deal with it, that’s still better than nothing ^^

And now, this manga… Well, sorry to be blunt, but this is the kind of manga that’s best read with your pants already down. Each chapter is a single story in which, past a brief introduction, faptastic sex will take place, either casual consensual sex, or hypnotism play revealing hidden “sex beast” desires, or even sex with mutual liking (borderline vanilla, vanilla once). The girls are total babes, with dream-like hourglass figures and huge breasts, that was visually quite the show :twisted:

Release credits are for a LOT of people, I doubt I got them all, but at least I’ll mention Prozess, Saha and Osma, N04h, Herzer and Alexey from Hennojin, Tonigobe and Max and Emily Tate, Instant_Noodle, Darporfe, Saltwatermelon, Alex68785, Captain Hooker, Memnarch, Dynellen, Mikufan3939, Sjaptajn, Tarovk and Kekerolou, and Doujin-Moe. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the scanlation and/or compilation! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Koizome Marking (246 pictures), Onee-chan No OshigotoWakaranai Yo Kurogawa-san, Lesson For Me, Princess Training, Horoyoi Cherry-Pick, Double Lesson, Dual Shock, Fortune Lovers, Sweet March and Moody Home Teacher.

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Senpai No Tame Ni Ganbaru Mash Wa Osuki Desu Ka [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Kaenuco

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A great step in life is when it's the woman asking for butt stuff first

Simple, and very efficient: Mash wants to please her dear gudao, but she’s worried because the only relief she can provide is of sexual nature. There’s a simple solution tomake it to new heights: cosplay in slutty outfits =)
We’ll watch her wearing almost normal clothing (with a strong nylon fetish), dog-girl cosplay (I thought it to be nekomimi at first), no-idea-what-the-furry-fuck it might be cosplay, and lastly with the famed virgin killer sweater.

It’s good art, it’s drawn with skill, originaly and lots of care, I hope you may love it :)
Thanks a lot to Gian-Carlo and No Hentai No Life! :jap:

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Hajimete No Ofupako (“My First Offline Hookup”) [English], by MGMEE

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This hat's fixation system is badass

If only it could work like that IRL ^^ A girl cosplaying almost naked, inviting men to have sex on twitter, picking the good enough looking boy her age who responds first, and then excellent sex at a love hotel follows =)

As of usual with skilled mangakas, I find myself unable to properly convey how or why the art is excellent. Details, expressions, the delicate representation of volumes, this isn’t exactly it… ah, this is always so frustrating! I’ll just say the art is excellent, and the female MC is truly adorable with her two aspects, both bold and daring, and shy and embarrassed =)

Thanks a LOT to Dynellen, Grey, Nero, Amalthea, Freudia, Katyusha, RO and The Joy, from Team Koinaka! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love Perfume, Sexual Lesson and The Look Of Love.

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