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Netoraserare volume 1 [English, 208 pictures], by Shikishiro Konomi

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Ah, that one made me ANGRYYYYYY

Let’s be straight : the main character is a fuckface. A pathetic failure of a human. And, really, if you look at him, he’s really a fuckface, he’s having looks of pain and terror while thrusting his penis, as if he were was witnessing Cthulu winking at him with homosexual promise. Rarely have I felt I wanted so strongly to hit in the face a fictional manga character.
And the story ? That fucking herbivore can’t get it hard with his wife unless he has recently watched her having sex with another man, and his married couple life slowly descends into a warped state from which, undoubtedly, there will be no escape.

So, @ all of you guys who love stuff like that, ENJOY!, why not after all. Me, I’ll be sailing off and back to Vanilla Hentai Land as soon as I finish posting it.

Still, hey, thanks to the person(s) behind this release ! :jap:
By the same artist, and this time this is stuff that I approve, I also share Fushigi H To School Girl (172 pictures) and Netoraserare volume 2 and volume 3.

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Dairinin [English], by PURUpyon Saitou

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How could you call that fantasy, to see someone else do your wife with your approval ? O_o

This share is both an horror story (because of what you’ll read on the final page : the credits) and a weird distorted story of a man having exquisite and twisted pleasure watching his wife climax from the dick of another man.

Graphically, this is very good (the expressions and shades on the husband’s face are a marvel of subtility, I mention this although only the most professional wankers of the bottom of the internet may find this fappable), and barely censored, but the story… I mean, this isn’t mindbreak, this isn’t rape, this isn’t netori, this isn’t netorare, but then… WHAT ?
I mean, does that even have a name, this fantasm to enjoy watching your wife with somebody else’s dick inside her in front of you ?

Oh well. See for yourselves, and enjoy if that’s up your alley !
Credits and thanks are for Hoezilla, Goatse, DtXher and Pollaco, from Laruffii Translation (told ya, about the credit picture.)

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Daydream Girl [English], by Shono Kotaro

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Huehuehuehue !

Aah… Geh… Hehe…
And here I am, it’s been ten minutes I’ve read that share, I even took a break to do other stuff so that I could cool down, and even now, I’ll chuckle loudly again and become unable to type properly. The main heroine is… out of this world ? Something else ? Bringing her “daydream issue” to a whole new level ?

Look, I thought hard about it, and I think it’s best not to give you ANY clue at all. Please, simply, try to read it :)
It’s superbly fun, it’s hardcore, and the faces the heroine makes, they’re… unique :D
(I also can’t really explain, but during one moment, her face reminded me of that HUEHUEHUEHUE joke ^^)

By the same artist, call him Shono Kotaro,  Shouno Kotaroo or Pannacotta, or I also share Make Live and a pack of 4 works (Carnality Game, Renai Beginner + Paper, Makinami Hokan Keikaku and Effie’s Milk).

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The Obedient Wife Goes Shopping [English], by Sakura Hanafuda

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After all, if everybody is satisfied with it, why not, eh ?

I’ve wondered for several minutes what I may, or may not write as a description, since there’s a balance to maintain between avoidind evil surprises and maintaining the pleasure to discover a story. Finally, I’m sorry but I’ll be a spoilsport, and I’ll only write this : look at the bag :3

And thanks a lot to Malone and Mugie, from Munyu ! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share the amazing Yui Koi (208 pictures), Ichiban Chikaku Ni and, older and disappointing non-vanilla, The Obedient Wife’s Afternoon (that comes as a sequel to the present share).

I searched to see if I wasn’t sharing already other works by Sakura Hanafuda (did you think the “By the same artist, I also share…” lines were writing themselves ?), and I found nothing. Except a false positive. One of the most amazing false positives the hentai world may provide : Hanafuda, by Okama

… Argh, I have to write it. No, for heaven’s sake, I dare you, I double dare you random anon, don’t tag this as netorare, or else you’ll be like all those poor people who don’t even understand what they’re talking about.

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Unsweet New Wife Nakatani Naho NTR [English], by Tanaka Aji

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I really wish the husband suffered even more

You may wish to read this section of my hentai glossary for a definition of netorare, AKA NTR, if you’re unfamiliar with the term.

Usually when I read a netorare story, I feel really bad for the husband/boyfriend, sympathetic with his pain, and I hate the woman who deliberately betrays him and crushes his feelings. Not today.

Today, the more I read this manga, the more I had a “Shinji Syndrome”, aka “JUST DIE YOU GUTLESS MALE WIMP ! DIE ! DIE ! DIE ! DIE !“. I’ll just say it : true, this is a netorare story, but the male husband more than deserved his lot.

UPDATE : I removed the download links but don’t worry, this share is now part of the netorare-full Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-Tachi !

Confession From Behind The Mirror [English], by Nagare Ippon

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It's bitter and sweet

Graphically, this is damn good, powerful and mostly happy sex, two girls, vaginal, oral and anal ! :shock:

Scenario-wise, this is more complicated, I’ll issue a fair warning, this isn’t simple fap’n’go or lovey dovey “warm and fuzzy hentai feeling” style. There is love and a love declaration, but there is also a dramatic development and an open conclusion. Frustrating as it may be, YOU’ll be imagining the conclusion yourselves !

UPDATE : good nows, the present post is now obsolete !
This work belongs to Boku No Shiranai Kanojo No Kao, and Boku No Shiranai Kanojo No Kao, COMPLETE, is available
on THAT page, enjoy ! :)