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Senpai No Tame Ni Ganbaru Mash Wa Osuki Desu Ka [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Kaenuco

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A great step in life is when it's the woman asking for butt stuff first

Simple, and very efficient: Mash wants to please her dear gudao, but she’s worried because the only relief she can provide is of sexual nature. There’s a simple solution tomake it to new heights: cosplay in slutty outfits =)
We’ll watch her wearing almost normal clothing (with a strong nylon fetish), dog-girl cosplay (I thought it to be nekomimi at first), no-idea-what-the-furry-fuck it might be cosplay, and lastly with the famed virgin killer sweater.

It’s good art, it’s drawn with skill, originaly and lots of care, I hope you may love it :)
Thanks a lot to Gian-Carlo and No Hentai No Life! :jap:

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Watanabe No Kyuujitsu (“Watanabe’s Day Off”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live Sunshine game, by Alp

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I keep on telling this, heart-shaped butts are the best

You Watanabe (from Love Live Sunshine) and her boyfriend, on a scorching summer day, having foreplay at a bus stop, and then lots – LOTS – of sex at home, first naked and then with her wearing her competition swimsuit… Quality hentai doesn’t need to be complicated, sometimes, it’s got a delicious slice of life feeling and the sheer intensity of sex makes if perfect :)

After, well, it’s a matter of point of view. You may object there are too many thin black censorship bars everywhere, me I was more focusing on the heart-shaped butt of the girl and her hungry facial expressions, so here’s to hoping you too will like it a lot :)
Thanks to Faux for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, called Alp, from the circle Ringoya, to this day, I also share Takami No Kyuujitsu, Maru No Hodokoshi, Dressing Up, Miwaku No Kusari, Hoshizora Snow Line, Secret Fan Meeting and Hana Asobi.

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Yaou [English, Full color], a splendid hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order game, by YD, circle OrangeMaru

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Artoria Pendragon Alter making me feel like being dominated, for the first time in my life ^^

Jeeeeebus that doujinshi’s drawing were exceptional :shock:

In terms of story, we have a Fate/Grand Order Gudao (Master) in a pinch.
– by day his servant is Artoria, cute, a sexy blue suit adorably sticking to her perfectly shaped healthy butt, moaning in bed with him, full of love, caring and submissive.
– but come nightfall, and she becomes Artoria Alter, her outfit becomes dark, and her character does a 180°, now she’s the boss, milking him out of his cum, showering him with verbal abuse, exerting physical domination over him with her superior Servant strength…

And both sides of Artoria are equally sex, her facial expressions, her beautifully shaped body (what an athletic butt!! :shock: ), the quality of the full-colour art, everything was, simply fantastic! I whole-heartedly recommend you this doujinshi! ^_^
Thanks a LOT to Kyuc for this one! :)

By the same artist… damn! This time it’s a bit more complicated. There are several artists in the OrangeMaru circle: JP06 and YD. YD made the current volume as well as Jidou Kouryaku (“Auto Capture”) and Summer Lesson, while JP06 made the morally taxing Yogosareta Mitsuboshi.

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Dolls + Extra [English, 255 pictures, Complete], by Fan No Hitori

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Sigh, what a heap of horseshit

Fair precision, this isn’t an actual tank, with tank scans, but a compilation of separately released short arcs, from various scanning sources, some of them I suspect being actual tank scans, to which were added the purely tank materials such as the cover.

Next, a fair warning. Fan No Hitori’s style is to treat women like cattle, made to be broken, not just dominated but utterly crushed, to be betrayed, and used with cruelty and contempt. I personally view it as a huge pile of despicable stinking shit, but I can respect your tastes in porn may differ, etcetera.

In the Dolls universe, law is that women can be stripped of their human rights and become official braindead cump dumps for public use; a variety of girls will try to resist or oppose the system but will end up broken and join too, once again: etcetera. Sigh. It’s almost a pity this is drawn with great skill, intense, hardcore and varied enough to not look boring. The censorship goes from almost invisible to full lightsaber mode, it will depend.

Sorry for the long rant, either you were gonna love it anyway or you already got the point, so my wall of text must have been useless, as of usual :lol:
Release credits are for Tigoris Translates, Optitron, Desudesu and Sailor1980, Hentaicore and Philoer, thanks for the fans! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Voodoo Squad (64 pictures), Parasite Queen and Dropout (192 pictures.)

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S&N [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by Uo Denim

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I can't tell which is finer, the ass or the braids

A very simple summary: Xuanzang and Florence Nightingale take care turns relieving the endless libido of a Fate / Grand Order master. Xuanzang was mostly oblivious at first and ends up entrance, while Florence Nightingale acts like a nurse, cold, dispassionate, emotionless (or at least she does her best to look like that despite the waves of pleasure.)
The art is very, very good. Quality paizuri, very well drawn outfits (it’s the Florence Nightingale popular nanobikini), and not too much censorship for the intense vaginal sex. Yep, it’s good stuff! :D :kickass:

But you know the thing I really loved, in that doujinshi? It starts with a basic glossary so that you can get what’s going on, even if you don’t know jack shit about the Fate / Grand Order game. And that, this is gold, this is generous, helpful, a sweet move, hats off.

By the same artist, known as Uno Denim, Selvage Fisheries and Serubitch Suisan, I also share Boku No Seishori Gakari Wa Ijimekko Gal (221 pictures), GuP Hside + GuP Hside+, Ride On Bitch, Get O~Ba~, ATG, My First Bitch Girl, Nuku Nuku Gyarux, Backside – She has two faces, 3230t Sukebe (“3230 Tons Of Slut”, what an AWESOME title!! :shock: ), TKO, Abazure SummerMiss Bitch (a different version of Abazure Summer) and Bitch Frag.

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Kokoronokori (“The Regret”) chapters 1-3 [English, 77 pictures, the story is COMPLETE], by Itou Eight

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Sucks to be a husband in a manga drawn by Itou Eight, it's like an NTR flag over your head

Graphically, this is SPECTACULAR hentai, a meaty wife has tons of quality sex. Her sexy flushed face from which shame and embarrassment gradually disappear, her sexy thick eyebrows, her arched back, the genitalia that aren’t too censored (black bars), the woman wearing different outfits and underwears and changing plenty of times of position, which leaves lots of possibilities in 77 pages… just WOW!! :shock:

Scenario-wise, though, you may find reasons to rant, it’s about cheating repeatidly with a man who is both better in bed and more loved deep inside the wife’s heart. So far, it’s almost OK, this is netori plain and simple, culminating as expected in netorare.
But for me the hard part was how bloody pathetic the male MC was, when this sad cuck finds out, he doesn’t dare confront the two, he faps like a failure of a male to the moans of his wife… No, you know what, I was somehow content with the ending, this poor husband, this time, had deserved it, grrrrr.

Conclusion: a fucking good release!! :kickass:
Release credits are for Readtheln, Tim, Pincluc and Constipat8 from Little White Butterflies, and Fated Circle and Garass. Thank you dearly :)

For MUCH more, please see The list of Itou Eight’s works on HentaiRules!

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Shitei De Risou No Hamedori Shitemita (“A Brother And Sister Tried Filming Their Ideal POV Porn”) [English], by Satsuki Imonet

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I took the only picture that was not disfigured by brutal censorship. No apologies from me :D

It’s rare of me to say that of a manga in which there’s dysmal blur-mosaics censorship, but the sex was extremely intense, hot, well drawn and good-looking in this release, hats off! :shock:

Story-wise, you will also hear (… well, read) words of praise from me, it’s an original setup: a brother and sister accidentally discover their parent’s POV porn stash at an early teen age, they gradually become connoisseurs, and make the bold plan to shoot their own POV porn with each other once they’re old enough. And sure enough, they did :lol:
The way sexual tension builds up, the openly pervy relationship between the siblings, the frantically enthusiastic action once they go at it, that was full of joy and of life, it was great =)

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! ^_^
By the same artist, I also share Toshi Densetsu Bitch – Joshikai (185 pictures) and a pack of 4 works (OneHole + That Girl Is A Kunoichi + That Is Also A Form Of Love + The One).

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