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Ane Hug [English], by Tamaki Yayoi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Argl. This is the kind of picture that instantaneously makes my throat parched.

Huhu, the story was cute, funny – and arousing :)
We’ve got a highschool girl that I could have called a tomboy if she didn’t have a “fuck me NOW !!” body (my weird fetish : I adored her thick eyebrows ^^;;), and her male friend who was adopted in her family after his parents died. Don’t forget, we’re in the hentai world : now they’re at last brother and sister, it’s time to have sex !! :D :lol:

The drawings are good, done with good mastery, weak censorship, this is wincest with love, there was a lot to enjoy here, let’s be thankful to Desu and his commissioner, Darkfire ! :)
I also laughed, on page 14 : OMG, this is a fried egg !
And on page 11 : DOOM BONUS PIC TIME, YAY !! :twisted:
(the previous Doom bonus pics : here, there and there.)

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