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Martina Ga Puff-Puff (“A Martina-Performs-PUFF-PUFF-Instead-Of-The-Puff-Puff-Girl Comic”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Ababari (aka Ugokuna pharmacy θ)

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Haaa, those sweet last seconds before tits are finally let free! ^_^

Wow, that title is seriously weird. Besides being simply too long.

And what might be even weirder is that we might have here our first Dragon Quest XI doujinshi in which Martina isn’t super tall, meaty and hyper busty. Here, she’s rather small, her breasts may be big not nowhere as enormous as in other hentai parodies. Moreover, she doesn’t have a max slut or hopelessly corrupted character, she’s kinda shy, lacks experience…
A welcome change ^_^

Oh, and the story? Martina is annoyed her party’s Hero spends his time with prostitutes for puff-puff (breast fondling: Muten Roshi FTW!), she has no response when he asks her to provide the puffing as a replacement. The rest is no surprise =)

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Midara-No-Jyu (“Horny Beast”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest series, by Sunagawa Tara (circle Ozashiki)

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_ Alfred? _ Yes, master, I know, no need to shout l- _ TO THE FAPCAVE!!

No need for a scenario when the female MC is Dragon Quest’s Maya: sexy, slutty, with adorable brown skin, and a suggestive outfit :twisted:
In this doujinshi, at first the male Hero fantasizes about her inviting him for sex, and later he peeps on her as she prostitutes herself with someone richer than him ^^;;

The censorship is made of numerous thin bars, I can’t say if this is fucking annoying, or better than most other options, frankly…

Side note, thanks to Wikipedia: I had no idea Maya was playable outside of Dragon Quest IV. Turns out she is one of the characters in Dragon Quest Heroes, a 2015 hack and slash game, nice :3

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Ore Senyou Hisho, Kaerimichi (“On The Way Home”), Prostitute Dancing Priestess, In-Jyu and Chocolatribe.

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Seikou Doumei (“Sex Alliance”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Yoshimura Tatsumaki (circle Quick kick Lee)

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Hentai world: hmmmm, I'd love to cum on your glasses if only you existed, girl. Real world: FOR FUCK'S SAKE TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES STAINING THEM WOULD BE CRIMINAL!

That was very good! :shock:
In this doujinshi, two hot women become the secret lovers of Dragon Quest XI’s male MC. Two busty nearly plump babes, one looking like a witch, the other with almost-braids and glasses but no less a slut, and they have plenty of crude, explicit, deliciously honest and intense sex :twisted:

You’ll have French kissing (me: yesssss!!), paizuris and vaginal sex, mostly. The censorship is tolerable, not getting in the way. I’ll leave you to enjoy it, you lucky pervs ^^
Thanks a whole lot to the kind guys behind this one, namely: Axalon, MrWayne, CellTF, Rotoscopic, Progste and Vixen, from :)

Hey, I forgot. It’s today that Dragon Quest XI comes on PC in the western world, right? I hope it will remain playable on non-gamer machines :3 (As if I could have hope with 750Ti and my I3 ^^;;)

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Ane-san Nyoubou (“An Older Wife”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Yoshimura Tatsumaki

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Praise pettankos all you want, they can't give paizuri, and that is a sin

With September coming closer, I’ll soon have, at long last, the chance to discover my PC doesn’t meet the minimal requirements to play Dragon Quest XI ;)
Still, a man can hope, right? I would be so delighted to play that game, it looks so dope, in so many regards!!

Anyway. Another DQXI hentai doujinshi, this time featuring a female character I didn’t know yet, Nima. You can view her ingame in this youtube video for instance, apparently she’s some sort of trainer.
And, this time, she’s married to the male hero, which gives us an opportunity to watch them having lovey dovey sex in private, at first it’s “just” satisfying lust, and in the end they give impregnation thoughts a chance. Decent art, not *that* much censorship, it was more than OK :)
Thanks to Axalon, MrWayne, CellTF, Nozonozo, Calsa677 and Dark Mac, from The Lost for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Hime-sama No Sakusei Skill, Monzetsu Taigatame ~ Count 3 de Ikasete Ageru (247 pictures), a pack of 4 works (Mochihada chapters 1-2-3-8-9 + Now What + Puppet Master + Tokuresen Taboubi) and And The Day Broke.

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Bakunyuu Typhoon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Onomeshin

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I reckon that, within its own niche, this is good

As in over 50% of the hentai doujinshi parodying Dragon Quest XI, Boogie captures Martina, and using his hypnotism and demonification powers (look, I haven’t played the game so far, so it’s a tentative guess), he rapes and mindbreaks her until she is a cump dump demon-girl with sexy dark skin ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

So, yeah, nothing new under the sun, but it’s drawn with Onomeshin/Freak’s unique style, Martina is plump, has giant boobs and a meaty body, does huge ahegaos… Clearly not my cup of tea, but to each his own, me I’m confident it should please a fairly good number of hentai lovers, this will be enough to make me glad.

Release credits are for Mysael, Kalevala, Yura Hill, Axalon, Progste, MrWayne and CellTF. Thank you :)

(Fore more of this, Cf. The list of the works by Freaks/Onomeshin on hentairules)

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Sakusei Pink Cyclone [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Mizoguchi Gelatin

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Would you look at that badass typesetting?!?

In this doujinshi, Martina, from DQ XI (damn, I SO want to play the game! One day I shall… until then, there’s hentai T__T), has been cursed by one of the villains, which left her with unrelenting waves of lust. When she’s adventuring with her companions she hides them, and when she’s back in town, it’s time to enjoy dicks – lots of the preferably.

So, yeah, group sex, with plenty of oral, vaginal, and a bit of anal and DP. Marina makes intense expressions all along, and I’ll highlight there’s very little censorship :)
In the end, the dialogues became weird, I had a few giggles, such as that one ^^

I don’t know, should it count as mindbreak? I don’t think so, she’s still in control, in my opinion… What would you say?
It’s been a good release (minor note, I just loved the typesetting), so thanks a lot to Kalevala, Axalon, Mysael, CellTF and MrWayne! ^_^

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Naisho No Ohime-sama [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Dragon Quest XI game, by Gorgonzola

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Not just dawn

September 2018. The release date for the English version of Dragon Quest XI on PC is growing close :D (Let’s add a month or two for, er, reasons, and I shall be good.)
Is it wrong that those are hentai doujinshi that hype me up for the game? Youtube playthroughs annoyed me in the end (looking so good, and yet saddening because it’s in Japanese), but hentai doujinshi maintain my interest ^^

Here is yet another doujinshi about THE game’s babe, Martina. In this volume, she’s being the regular adulterous sexfriend of the male hero, he married Emma but she’s hardly ever having sex with him. I’ll let you choose:
– it may be because Martina comes back for more every day. Case: evil bitch.
– or the male hero may be lucky he has someone else than a frigid wife to help him enjoy life. Case: angel of fucking ;)

Release credits are for CellTF, Axalon, MrWayne and Mysael, Calsa677 and Vixen, from The Lost Light.funeralofsmiles.Com, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share GoddessLife Hestia Hen.

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