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Issennen No Ai O Shinjite (“In Belief Of A Thousand Year Long Love”) [English, 160 pictures], by Shishikura Sendou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Hurry up and come back, dude

I wasn’t ready for this amount of feels. Although it’s not like in Believe Machine, I felt a similar tsunami of emotions, of sadness and joy.

In Issennen No Ai O Shinjite, an elf with an impossibly long lifespan and a human learn to trust and love each other. Basically.
They each had their own trauma to overcome, the elf lost all confidence and self-esteem, the human stopped believing a woman could keep on loving him even when he’s away for his mercenary work. And… let’s say they worked hard on deserving each other’s trust :)

This is a full-volume scenario, starting by exposing original drama, and ending in a harrowingly beautiful conclusion.
Graphically, it’s not amazing TBH, but it’s good enough, still.

Thanks to whoever is behind the release of this masterpiece, that was amazing. Really, thank you, and I wish you all, folks, a good read :)

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Saki Kazoku Meikyuu [English, 279 pictures], by Hori Hiroaki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Dayum, that face, that face!!

Oh wow. That tank was *intense* :shock:

We’re with a full-volume scenario, for an actually interesting story, both griping, dramatic and heart-warming.
I’m not eager to throw spoilers when things are best discovered one step at a time (my apologies for the lack of an actual summary), so, hmmm… If we combine Dr Who’s River Song curse with hentai’s proclivity for slightly fucked up mindsets, plus all the pr0n, maybe we’d get somehow close? ^^;;
There’s love, but there’s also drama. There are lovely characters with a golden hearts, but there are also two despicable pieces of shit. In the end, I’d say the happy conclusion as totally worth it, in my eyes, that was worth the trip :)

Graphically, fuck, this is GOLD! :twisted:
I don’t say it for every manga, but in my book, that one is definitely a manga you read with your dick in hand.
Amazing art, with quite tolerable censorship. Tons of faptastic vaginal sex, a few paizuri shots, a bit of anal, rare ahegaos. The main heroine is a busty twintailed babe (yiss), there’s a secondary girl starting as a borderline loli (but a few chapters later it’s less noticeable, go figure), there’s even someone I cannot describe because fuck spoilers :lol:

I hope you’ll love your read, and thanks a LOT to Biribiri and SL-Gundam!! :jap:

(For more works by this artist, cf. The list of Hori Hiroaki’s works on HentaiRules)

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Kitsune No Mukoiri (“Marrying Into A Fox’s Family”) [English], by Sorai Shinya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 11 comments

Love at first rape.

Honest warning, this one contains drama, rape, annoying teenage anger, redemption and love. And lots of sex.

I’ve hesitated quite a bit about how much I should write to summarize Kitsune No Mukoiri to you.
I wouldn’t want you to (a) miss something worthy, or (b) perhaps regret you downloaded something you would hate, or (c) only half-enjoy the read because I already spoiled you all the interestingly written bits. That’s quite the conundrum to me.

Let’s simply say the male hero is a borderline suicidal teenager unable to enjoy life after his father disappeared and his mother lost her mind from the shock, and suddenly a sexy kitsune appears, explains she’s his stepsister and some things happened in the past…

The confusing mix of drama, love, rape, redemption, forgiveness was nerve-racking, but it wasn’t bad. The bad bits weren’t forgiveable, but it was possible to understand that they happened in a given context, let’s say.
All in all, I’d say it’s definitely worth reading… and the girl looked a-we-some :twisted:

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Omocha Shoujo Mugen Zecchou Ni Naku [English, 104 pictures], by Asakai Mocchinu (circle Mochi Dog Laboratory)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

Forget about the baseball bat, we need a guillotine

That one was dark.

We’re in a highschool in which the girls are from the lowest castes of society, ridden with family debt, but all will be cancelled once they graduate. In exchange, they obey the sexual demands of the male students. Must I mention the men are spoiled scum, all from wealthy elite families?

Our female MC, now. She got the rules and plays the game as well as her hand allows: she professes her reason to live is to satisfy men, all to ensure herself a future.
And of course, she underestimated the actual amount of ambient villainy. She’ll be made to cum endlessly, fall into despair because it’s fucking torture at the hand of experienced pigs, boom, the toy broke, a new one will be needed tomorrow.

Of course I hated it, personally, but I must reckon this is very well made, inside its own dramatically dark niche. Good art, impressive orgasm denial faces (there’s almost no penetration-by-dick sex, she’s pleased with toys), ending with properly represented heart-wrenching despair.
If that kind of situation is your own kink, you’ve just struck gold, enjoy, you degenerate :lol:

It’s been released by Xzosk, thanks are an order!

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Hito No Tsuma (“Someone’s Wife”) [English, 181 pictures, Uncensored!], by Ichiro Yumi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments

One of the most beautiful sights on Earth: a bent woman's back

Wow, that story was heavy. We’re with “intellectual” sex, a manga in which every character keeps on analyzing his or her behaviour, his interactions with others… The four protagonists are driven by deep, unstoppable emotions, but it’s not just watching Animal Planet tuned to Hentai World’s Japan, the characters are hard in thought, and that made those 181 pages a lot more interesting than I’d have imagined :shock:

The manga’s theme is, basically, adultery. Two couples are present here, each with their own circumstances, and sex outside of marriage will happen. To sate a thirst that can’t be sated, to avenge, to test a partner’s willingness to seek repentance, or to finally live, the reasons may vary, the drama that unfolds will still come…

Again, that “intellectual” dimension struck me, the mangaka emphasized how sex caused the female MC’s mind to “bug out”, creating a space devoid of thought, that clashed with the entire rest of her time, when she overthinks and over-analizes everything… That led to beautiful writing, I’ll remember this sentence, “I just knew that my heart was dying, while my body was starting to bloom“…

The ending was interesting and required courage, I was not disappointed, hats off.
And graphically? A thick woman aged 30, with damnably great boobs, having intense sex, that was worthy :twisted:

This interesting release was brought to us by Omniscient Narrator, thank you very much!

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Juurin No Ame [English, 229 pictures], by Kizuki Rei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments

Poor "girl"

HUGE WARNING: that one’s heavy. The story is made of despair, pointless cruelty, and the loss of faith in mankind.
Spoiler-free description ahead; eventually managing to write something without spoilers took me longer than everything else involved in preparing that share, sigh.

The manga starts in a near-future Japan in which lifelike sexdolls are massively produced and their use is commonplace. However, those sexbots have been given complete self-awareness.
They’re treated like objects, abused, thrown to the garbage on a whim, handled without a shred of affection or respect, but they’re just like you and me inside.
And then it gets darker. Those girls are given hope.

I won’t tell how the manga ends, but I’ll mention I tagged this post with “drama” and “wtf hentai” T____T

Graphically, it’s superb, it’s unique, with crude (often: gross) detailed drawings, with nearly unnoticeable censorship.
But, fuck, I could NEVER fap to this. The manga has inner worth, for its detailed, rich story, but earning my respect is not akin to earning my liking. Ten years ago, another horrible manga produced similar effects: La Bête Obscène

Anyway. Thanks to whoever has released it, now I’ll desperately attempt to forget I read it.

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Chandelier [English], a touching soft yuri manga by Mikawa Miso

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments
Tags: drama, WAFF, yuri

That cover reminds me of a manhua, I think it's called The Last Human, fortunately the insides are nothing like it ^^

Hey, fellow perverted freaks. I want to share something unusual by my Hentairules standards.

Frankly, if I had seen it in my usual flow of releases, I wouldn’t have taken time to properly check it out: the drawings only look average, the amount of nudity is close to zero, and there isn’t even actual sex at all. Moreover, it’s yuri, and while I don’t detest it, I’m no huge fan usually.

Fortunately, it was recommended directly to me, so why not, while catching up on 15 days of unread emails, I read it for a break.

And… man, that was nice. The story was touching, I felt moved, and refreshed, too.
I won’t write any spoiler, I’ll just say it’s 2 about women who have no choice but to face head-on a hard life, even if it isn’t always bearable.
Oh come on, if you’re on Hentairules it’s not like you’ve got much better to do in the next two minutes, right? Read it! :D

My thanks go to Drunken.Dx, for the recommendation, and to Ray Distance for the scanlation! :jap:

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