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Ikenie Navy [English], by Sugaishi (AKA Maniac Street)

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A despicable story, but damn does it look good

Holy coooooooooow. I downloaded that one thinking it was a Kantai Collection doujinshi of sorts (the “Navy” misled me, I guess it was for the girl’s sailor uniform that we see at the beginning) and trusting the one random pic I opened that looked absolutely gorgeous.
While, in fact, it’s a dramatic story :shock:

In short, Ikenie Navy is the story of a highschool girl that has become her widowing father’s sex outlet, the guy’s not taking her refusal for an answer and threatens to go after her younger sister if she refuses. During the sex, the girl feels good but is in orgasm denial.
To each his own, if you dig this stuff, help yourselves, it’s right here. And I must reckon the art, even with the horrible censorship (max blur) looked absolutely gorgeous, Sugaishi’s talent is shockingly good even in that dark context :shock:

Still, the best part of this release, these are the credits. This manga was translated and QCed by Bread, proofread by Bacon, redrawn by Lettuce and typeset by Tomato. Hats off lol :lol:

For more Sugaishi / Maniac Street hentai, please see this Redirection page

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Nyotai Koukan Sareta Ore (“My Body’s Been Swapped with a Girl’s”) [English], by Kikuichi Monji

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A man's gotta ask: why bother transplanting brains if it's just to throw fresh meat into the sex grinder? That shit is nobel prize material

Oh, wow O_o
Usually, gender bender is either on the comic relief side, or in the “nothing really matters: SEX!” brains-free niche. But not this time.
This is certainly the darkest, most dramatic gender bender manga I read to this day. And even among all the hentai mangas I know, in terms of drama, this is still one of the darkest.

See: a young man visits Shangai with his sister, thieves assault them, lethally wound the boy, shoot the sister in the head. An unlicenced doctor working for a maffia performs an illegal operation on him and switches their brains, implanting the still healthy male brain onto the still healthy female body.
Why? For science? Surely, you jest. No, to throw the former man, now a woman, into the arms of the maffia’s thugs who will have pleasure raping and mindbreaking the poor victim.
Yeehah!, so much fun and smiles (╹◡╹)

Still, graphically, it’s looking pretty good. On the very dark side, still, unlubricated anal penetration, virginity loss, there’s a bit of blood, contorted faces from pleasure, pain and despair combined, it goes as far as DP with very little censorship.

Anyway, there, you have it. I felt the story was *interesting*, unusual, shocking, but not bland and boring at least, so maybe it will please a few of you guys!
Release credits are for Desudesu and Espeon, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Anal Backer (192 pictures).

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Kimi No Inkei O Suitai [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai (“I Want To Eat Your Pancreas”) series, by Murasaki Syu

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Excellent art. Pity it is so strongly censored.

Wikipedia’s entry for Kimi no Suizou o Tabetai is pathetic, I’ll recommend you MyAnimeList for a description if you wish to understand what the series is about, just follow that link :)
Basically, we’re in the “deeply human, with lots of drama” genre, the series’ female MC doesn’t have long left to live, with a failing pancreas, and in her last times (months? years? No idea) she interacts with a boy who’s her opposite, healthy but dead inside. (Which might explain the series’ English title, “I Want To Eat Your Pancreas“.)

Forget all the drama now, this hentai doujinshi is about enjoying sex while you can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The female MC has accepted she’s under a countdown and cares for the present, not the future. Her present being: enjoying sex with a guy she doesn’t dislike :)

The drawings are heavily censored (numerous black bars), but they remain pretty good: mostly realistic, well done, it’s clearly above the usual fold.
And here’s to hoping you’ll enjoy the read despite the dramatic undertones.
It’s a Cid’s Premium release, thank you!

By the same artist, I’ve seen “Murasaki Syu” and “Murasaki Shu”, I also share Ane Inu volume 1 (186 pictures), the Edited For Content version of Ane Inu (think: the grossest parts removed, 4 chapters added, and huge retouching to restore the scans) and Zenra De Chokuritsu Hokou Shokai Genteiban (“Walking Upright Naked”, 214 pictures).

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Onaji Keshiki (“The Same Sights”) [English], by Mameojitan

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Oh, the feels.
In this share, a young man meets a hospitalized girl who, as she will reveal, is awaiting on a surgery. Their love is fragile, uncertain to last, but it’s their love nonetheless.

It’s not so different from the phenomenon of our lives, I sometimes tell myself. We can’t be certain at all there’s any “something” beyond death… But even if our life wasn’t more than a candle’s brief flame lost amid an infinity of darkness, every second it shone was unique and gave it enough value to be worth it, to have value.

That was a beautiful release, to make a strong understatement.

I’d say the graphics don’t matter much, it’s censored as fuck and the girl’s a pettanko. In one week I’ll have forgotten what the girl was like, save her long braid, but I’m certain I won’t forget the story in a much, much, much longer time.
Thanks a lot to NecroManCr for the scanlation, and to MHM for recommending it to me, I’m grateful! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Shitai Deshou.

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Face Es-All Divide [English, 147 pictures], a long hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Stay Night series, by Emua

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Little known fact, the fate Stay Night series is actually a hidden satire of the junkie subculture group in which, because of drugs, they mistake cum for mana

I feel I must apologize this time, Face Es-All Divide, as an hentai adaptation of Fate Stay Night, is VERY heavy on plot, with drama, love, plot twists, numerous characters, overcoming of difficulties… 147 pages, that leaves enough room for a complex scenario with beautiful care given to the characters. But sadly, that was 99% wasted on me as I don’t possess the minimal required knowledge of the series.

I can say with relative confidence this should be amazing for all of you who know Fate Stay Night, but, well, this is it, I apologize, I can’t even provide a valid description. All I can mention is the sexual parts revolve around Shirou and Rider, their mutual love, their multiple opportunities to have vaginal and anal sex, the too rare moments of tenderness between them, with strongly artistic drawings, we are clearly leagues about pure porn and can enjoy an aesthetic dimension to the panels…
As for the rest, sadly, no clue, see for yourselves.

It’s been released by Red_Piotrus, Ultimaflaral and Shinko, from the E-H Cove, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Innocent Thing (217 pictures), Sekigahara Shouji Hitodumabu (204 pictures), Analism (208 pictures), Ryouran Gakuen Kakumeiki – Hyakka Ryouran (213 pictures), Shiritagari Joshi (“The Woman Who Wants to Know About Anal”, 9 chapters and 182 pictures long), STR, M & A, and Bind.

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Story Of The N Situation – Situation 1 Kyouhaku [English], by Mashira-Dou (AKA Mashiraga Aki)

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Rage flows through my veins

This mangaka, Mashiraga Aki, writes “intelligent” netorare, and this might be even more painful to read than braindead netorare. No… Scratch the “maybe”, this is definitely more painful, it hits home, it looks more possible IRL, more threatening, and we feel more sympathy for the sad victims, more hate for the motherfucker culprit…

In this share, at least, there is one “villain”, a truly evil character, an evil brother unable to feel empathy, and around him are his pure-hearted brother and a female employee who ran away from tragic circumstances… There will be blackmailing, there will be human weakness, and there will be rage (at least from some readers, myself included)…

Damn, it hurt me to read it, and yet I don’t regret the ride. Release credits are for Doujin-Moe, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Story of the N Situation – Situation #2 Kokoro Utsuri.

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2B9S + Dark Desire [English, Full Color], a pack of 2 amazing hentai works by Aoin

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Yeah, I totally cropped it just above the huge blob of fugly censorship, not trying to lie about it

I gathered here two works by Aoin:
2B9S (NieR Automata)
Dark Desire (Dark Souls III)
I didn’t even recognize that was the same artist between those two volumes, a third entry in the amazing 9Sx2B NieR:Automata parodies, and a beautiful, moving, harrowing, artistic doujinshi inspired by Dark Souls III. The name of the zips gave it away, I didn’t realize before :shock:

So here we are, I gather together two Aoin scanlations. They’re either absurdly hot (2B and 9S following an “experiment what breeding is like” mission) or so artistic and beautiful you forget it’s porn (the Dark Souls III doujinshi, in which drama leaves little room for compassion, and yet the craving for human warmth can’t be quelled.)

Even if you’ve gotten your dose of porn for today, at least, try reading Dark Desire? It’s worth it, in my opinion :)
I hope I’m not overdoing it, after all, technically, the NieR:Automata doujinshi is much hotter, and it is uncensored, whereas the Dark Souls doujinshi bears hideous blur mosaics censorship. And yet, it gave me an aesthetic impression that is very, very rare in hentai…

We owe those two releases to Thot Patrol Scans, for the NieR:Automata doujinshi, and Axalon, MrWayne, Rotoscopic, CellTF, Progste and Maipantsu for the Dark Souls III volume. Thank you so much!! :jap:

Don’t miss it, by the same artist, to this day, I also share 9S2B anb A29S2B.

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