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Durarara!! hentai doujin [English] : Parasite Girl, by Nekoi Mie (aka Manga Super)

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 6 comments

The scenario is deeper than it looked :)

For this very interesting Durarara hentai doujin, I owe a lot of thanks to Bamboo and Nemesis :)
At first, it looks like it will be the usual hentai rape + mind break fugly combo… but maybe not… And then… And then, at this point, I had two choices, first look like a lazy admin and conclude with my usual “I’ll let you see…”, or second be a bastard and hit you by surprise with a spoiler. I chose option 1 : see the rest by yourselve, at least be assured it’s not ugly as it first looks ;)

Graphically, this is Nekoi Mie (the other pen name for Manga Super) great hentai quality, with big “natural-looking and naturally behaving” tits, a wonderful – and, once again, realistic – expression of concentration on one’s pleasure on the heroine’s face… I liked it a lot ! :)

(For MORE by Nekoi Mie/Manga Super, Cf. the list of all his shares ! )

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