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Gunjo Gunzo [English, 245 pictures], by Arai Kei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

IMO, easily the best pic in the whole volume. Her body posture, the expression on her face... DAYUM.

Gunjo Gunzo is a pretty good hentai tank, combining quality mostly realistic art full of talent and sensibility, with original story types.

In terms of scenarii, you’ll have a few relatively long arcs (like, 3 chapters long), and a few chapter-long single stories. Some occasional moments are borderline wholesome, but most of the time the characters see their sense of self-worth challenged by personal issues until they accept that, to quote one of them, “life might be easier if I’m a bit broken“. Happy conclusions is the rule, but (1) oh boy is it a bumpy ride (there are even netorare vibes), and (2) it may depend on one’s definition of “happy”.
I suspect some of you will want to call it cringey once you’ve read the volume, but to me, that reminded me of the real world, we’re all imperfect, each with our own style…

I still definitely think the volume is worth a shot, see for yourselves :)
Release credits are for Hentaicore, Nisor, Lindwurmz, DrunkenWeeb, EroGPx, Satoru and Bagiaaa, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Arai Kei and as Kansai Orange, to this day, I also share  Clover 1-4, Houkago Initiation: coloured version (206 pictures) or grayscale tank version (208 pictures), HaPPY LIfe, and a MASSIVE pack with ALL my other English-translated works by Kansai Orange (20 volumes, no less, and I retouched/improved them whenever I could!)

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Hougan Kanojo (“Shot Put Girlfriend”) parts 1-3 [English, the story is complete], by Arai Kei (AKA Kansai Orange)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 15 comments

At least you can't say the girl isn't hot :3

Well. This is confused boner material.
We go from happy sex, to cheating happy sex, to netorare, to open perversion, to forgiveness and acceptance of one’s perversity, to sex with love, to threesome, with a happy ending conclusion :shock:

Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t bad, but the fast pace and edgy themes might give you a strong desire to facepalm or give up. I won’t blame you, but this might be a loss: even with the poor English and the (whiteout) censored art, the girl is a solid hottie: tall, well-built, tanned, with tanlines, while the drawings are full of pleasant “hand-drawn” idiosyncrasies. It’s good on the eye, and, after all, the ending is happy, too…

(Oh, a brief summary: a tall athletic girl is secretly the lover of a male teacher, but he is a genuine pervert and orders her to become the girlfriend of her male childhood friend. Yeah, that’s a shitstorm in the brewing.)

I’ll leave it in your hands, I guess ^^ It’s been released by Satoru, thank you! :jap:

–Update: excellent news, this share has become obsolete! Its contents are now part of Gunjo Gunzo, a 245 pages long complete tank :)

Pack of 2 excellent [English] hentai works by SeN

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Disturbing thought: there must exist people on this planet with the fantasy to stick their willy into furry girls' ears :D

Oh wow :shock: This is heavy stuff here, with a mix of drama, of psychological tension, and of vanilla sauce so thick you could walk on it without risking to drown. Spoiler: I totally suck at making metaphores.

I gathered here two works by SeN, both of them share a common basis. They are vanilla stories in which a non-human girl is in love with a human male, a childhood friend. The girl is plagued by her non-human ascendancy, pushing her in a direction she dislikes, far from the boy, dissolving her former personality into a less human entity. One last time, one first time, she’ll have sex as a human girl with that boy she loved so much. And fortunately, at this point, the boy’s love (*cough* and sex drive) is so strong the girl is pulled back; she remains non-human but retains her human personality, happy baroque ending.

So, scenario-wise, this is weird, an emotional rollercoaster, and the vanilla is very intense.
And for the drawings?
FUCKING GODLY, that’s what the drawings are!! :twisted: Hardly noticeable censorship, perfect in my eye, the girls’ bodies are astounding (japanese mangakas perfected this art of making girls incredibly arousing even while they’re still fully clothed), the vaginal action is fantastic. Enjoy! :D

Those two works are:
Ame Ni Yadorite, in which the girl is becoming a fox-woman. Halfway, bam!, bridal dress out of the blue! Yiff!!
Osananajimi No Gin No Hane, in which the girl is becoming a tengu, growing feathery wings and – dafuck – a tengu mask.

Mitsukai (commissioning) and Constantly (scanlating) are behind those two releases. I want to express my sincere gratitude, I’m glad I could read, and share, those two works :)

By the same artist, I also share Kiyohii No Hon 1, Kiyohii No Hon 2-3-4, Kanjite Somete, another pack of 2 works (Kiyohi No Hon – coming just before Kiyohii No Hon 1 + Unbalance Goddess), Futari De Issho Ni Tsukurimashou, Katakoi, The True Ending’s Other Side, Shiroi Doukyuusei, Kokoro Bakari Present and Please Hold Me.

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Re_ Incarnation [English, 254 pictures], by Chiba Toshirou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 20 comments

A good manga with a shitty trick to it, ah, sigh

Hentai durian.
The best and the worst, combined.

To put it into a chronological flow, Re_ Incarnation is the story of three young mangakas writing a dramatic hard-sci-fi manga. The balance of their circle is broken by the intrusion of a “were slut” female, followed by the bonding of one of the members with another woman who had a soft spot for him. As they discover the joys of abundant sex, the story they write becomes sexual; meanwhile their inter-personal relationships become a mess, until at last a new point of balance is reached and we have a vanilla conclusion.

To put it into the way the Re_ Incarnation manga went: it’s a fucken bloody mess. The volume starts with the first chapters of the manga created by the youngsters, and it’s a piece where monstruous male orcs rape and mindbreak and kill and dismember women. It’s only 83 pages after the beginning that we exit this fucking nightmare and realize it was a mise en abyme, a manga within the manga.
Fuck. That. shit. As a literary trick that was dishonest, distasteful and disgusting.

Its a pity that the “method” chosen by the mangaka grossed me so much, if you exclude the gruesome orcs parts, it’s a frankly interesting read, the fictional manga affects the “real” (airquotes! ^^) characters, who are affected back, the human interactions aren’t bad at all, and the sex is super hot, I adore the way Chiba Toshirou draws women.

Well, I’ll leave it up to you guys, and I apologize I wrote yet another super long wall of text. I imagine it could have been summarized better, but I’m not good enough :D
Release credits are for a lot of people: Dynellen, CynicW, Lapan, hentai2read/hentaihere.com, Axalon, MrWayne, Dudeman, Inkblot, Wavedash, Shoku, from Shokuhen.blogspot.com, TheLostLight.funeralofsmiles.com, Mikocon.com and CasaWayne.blogspot.com. Thank you very much! ^_^

(Remember to view the updated list of Celluloid Acme’s works on Hentairules)

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Abekobe Bitch (“Reverse Bitch”) [English], by Yoshiura Kazuya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 19 comments

SureOK1 – thank you!! – brought us a pleasant and yet scary release, in which a couple not achieving great bliss during sex receives help from another couple, with them switching partners…

Pleasant: because the sex was full of energy, intense, pushed even further by competition, there is a comedic dimension (weird, I know, mixed like that with non-comedy) and Yoshiura Kazuya draws really well.
Scary: I really felt bad while reading it, as the first boy watches his partner cumming harder from another boy, I was imagining that would be destroying their couple and end badly. Actually, no, things end very well, but, damn, I wish there had been someone to throw me that spoiler in my face, that it was OK, that I could have read it without fearing a bad end :-/ … a spoiler that I just offered you, free of charge, you’re most welcome, enjoy now ;)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Urahon OMF, Natsu Dake Koibito, Love Distorsion (224 pictures, awesome), Sleepy Pussy, Lewd Pregnancy Contract (meh, that one sucks, watch out !), Kizashi (234 pictures, facepalm and rage-inducing), Dignified Darling (shining vanilla) and Following Up On Our First Time (both sad and beautiful.)

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Hatsujou Souchi (“Sexual Excitement Device”) [English, 234 pictures], by Kino Hitoshi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Wow, talk about a mixed bag of sorts, there’s the best AND the worst in this manga :shock:
We start with happy sex with love as a revenge against a scumbag, slightly bittersweet but a first arc ending well… and then, the hentai rollercoaster begins :( How about some mindbreak, hentai rape, fucked up WTF-based storylines, in which innocence and purity are corrupted and destroyed with creativity ? Fuck yeah, woohoo, awesome!!! :wall:  :gfy:

The art is good and polished (and there’s something about the panties :3), the frequent grey censorship bars and occasional odd proportions couldn’t waste my joy. But, on the other hand, the ups and downs of the various storylines, the atmosphere of fear (to discover the chapter or arc is complete shit), that, it managed to destroy my joy.
Passed the first arc, I can’t say I enjoyed my read. Look, imagine you’re handed in real life a basket in which delicious fruits are mixed with rotten fruits, will you remember it as a good experience, or a shitty experience ? There, you got it.

(Remember to check The list of my shares by Kino Hitoshi, A.K.A. Kopikura)

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JK Nanka Kowakunai (“School Girls Don’t Scare Me”) [English, Uncensored version], by Jingrock

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments

That poor boy deserved it, creampying those two girls, he had it rough before it could happen.

Errrr… What is it ? Argh oh god no ? Oh my god fuck yeah ? Both ? :shock:
There’s the best and the worst in this share, I’m “enthusiastically nonplussed”, let’s say :shock:

Here, see : a shotaboy is brought to a love hotel by two female delinquents. After they beat his dick (pp 3,5-6), they have sex with him, and immensely enjoy his enormous male organ of power. Happy sex follows, with a brief new outburst of femdom (pp 15-16,18).
The femdom (dick slapping, balls damaging), is bad, argh, no, no, argh :(
But the drawings are AWESOME, seriously, and they’re decensored, which makes them even twice better :D
… and then there’s a good ending that couldn’t even be better ?!? O_o

Credits are for plumking, Desu and Belldandy100, thank you !
(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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