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Hitozuma Life (“Married Woman Life”) [English, 214 pictures], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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Oh, the irony. The chapters with the worst scenarii having the best art.

This manga is made of strongly contrasted contents:
– approximately half of it are contents I already shared in the past, about women fucked hard and trained back into loving being just holes, either willingly and with pleasure, or against their will. It’s a stereotypical trope, selfish men, discardable husbands (apparently it’s important for some people’s erections to fantasize about impregnating wives behind husbands’ backs? I just don’t get it, eh), a long buried slutty nature catching up… At best it’s “only” awakening to enjoying to cheat on the husband.
– approximately half of it is is new to me, about fully consensual sex in various setups: a widowing coworker, a sister, a childhood friend, a mother, a fighting coach… It’s more than simply sating lust, you can tell there’s a bit of liking at least, and it can go as far as vanilla, tender love.
In all cases, though, there’s a strong impregnation fetish O_o

Quite ironically to me, the uglier the scenario (the first half of the manga), the better the art, while the more consensual chapters looked like they were older and drawn with less talent. Still, all in all, the art is fucking awesome, meaty women, glorious MILFs, beautiful faces, hardcore sex (mostly vaginal, a bit of DP and paizuri), bearable censorship, I’ve got no complaints in that regard.

Release credits are for Uno Uno, Herreis and Vilis, from Hennojin, and Tigoris Translates… and other people probably, but I don’t know who, sorry ^^;;

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Hiroshi is a mistranslation from the past, and additionally, the similar-sounding Shinozuka Jouji – 醸二 – is a different mangaka.) Those works are, to this day: JK Bitch No Renai Soudan, Ore Ga Mita Koto No Nai Kanojo, One Time Gal Zenpen (in its full-color Uncensored version, while the still censored version of it now belongs in the Hitozuma Life tank), and the others exist in multiple versions… Delivery Sex: grayscale Uncensored version / full color Uncensored version, Oyako No Omoi: grayscale version / full-color Uncensored version, Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku: grayscale version / full-color Uncensored version.

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Kare Ni… Dakaremashita. Ato, Ne… (“He… Embraced Me. After That…”) ~ Otome ga Chuuko XXX Desu to Kokuhaku Suru Hi [English, 262 pictures], by Tanaka Aji

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Sigh, even the twintails sister got destroyed, what a waste

Oh, what a chore, trying to find if there was stuff I could like in the manga. Answer’s: no.
The mangaka must be a massive cuck IRL to enjoy creating stories like that, it goes beyond catering to a group of customers.

Summary incoming: the manga is made of a large arc (a group of teens in which jealousy and despicably petty evil keikakus linger behind the scenes, blackmail, mindbreak, domination, betrayal runs wild, everybody’s lives are destroyed basically), a minuscule arc (about a husband enjoying being cucked), and a single-chapter story (I didn’t have the strength to read that one anymore at this point, it looked just the same as the others). Sigh :roll:
Look, if you love netori, netorare, mindbreak, ahegao, cheating, impregnating, blackmailing… well, fap your brains away. Me, I’m out.

Release credits are for Doujin-Moe.

By the same artist, I also share Ai No Musume Sakurako (199 pictures), Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-Tachi (192 pictures) and Ane Unsweet Miharagi Hiyori (139 pictures).

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Kekkan [English, 185 pictures], by Itou

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Some pics look okay. But most of them are garbage.

Oh god, a release absolutely outside of my comfort zone? I feel so bad. Whine, whine.

*cough* Don’t expect praise from me about Kekkan, but if this is what rocks your boat and get you hard, why the hell not, it’s not like I’ll be watching you fapping from just over your shoulder when you’re busy at home, and sporting a reprobating look while making small judgmental noises.
To put it simply, Kekkan is (in my eyes) a piece of shit manga in which despicable men, sore losers fucked up in the head, will abuse the women in their power, even if it means threatening with a weapon, blackmailing, using psychological domination, anything goes. There’s rape, rape, and more rape.
Oh, and there’s also an oddity, a femdom (women dominating men) chapter.

Well, maybe you like it, if you do, I kinda have sympathy for you, it must be difficult to find proper fap materials with this kind of fetish.
Release credits are for Masamune, Rinruririn, Altereggo and Pagan, from LittleWhiteButterflies, and Siegel and Noise4Ever from ToyoTrans. Thank you, etc.

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Netoraserare volume 3 [English, 206 pictures], the series is OVER, by Shikishiro Konomi

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Good riddance, woohoo

When I shared the volume 2 of Netoraserare, 4 years ago, I wondered if the series was complete. I was wrong, there was one last volume. Either its release slipped under my radar or I forgot about it (no clue anymore), that was 2 years ago, sorry for the delay in sharing it.
But now, at least, this is official, this is the final volume, it’s over.

I DETESTED from my innermost core the previous volumes of Netoraserare. I had absolute contempt for the husband who can only get hard when his wife is cheating on him and his heart is torn apart, I wanted to erase with a flamethrower the disgusting faces he constantly makes, and as for his wife, I went from pity, to contempt, to equal disgust, she too is a gross human being with a corrupted, twisted, vile soul, a fitting partner in the husband’s rotten game.

The volume 3 deepens my hatred for those two characters, but at least it succeeds in bringing the netorare series to a close. Probably not the conclusion I’d have chosen (there were neither chainsaws nor psychotic cannibals), but a good enough conclusion matching the evolution of the personalities of the husband and wife. Their couple was never a stable entity, it was always in a state of evolution, however in the end, after all this turmoil, they finally reached a steady, harmonious state.
It’s another source of irritation for me, that I can’t pin the series as an actual complete shit, I must be honest and recognize there’s a real, valid and worthy, psychological dimension to the manga.

Graphically, this is good enough, the drawings (except for the husband’s face) are quite nice with an artful feeling. Maximum censorship though.
Credits are for Icebarrier18 from SeinenXScans, GGXRE AKA DutchRabbit, RabbitScans, Sands, Danman, Nobody Does and K-Slice, thanks for the effort.

By the same artist, I also share Fushigi H To School Girl (172 pictures, that one, I liked it), Netoraserare volume 1 (208 pictures) and Netoraserare volume 2.

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Ijimerarekko Kyousei Shidou [English], by Punita

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Pity she took off her glasses in the later pages.

Japanese pedagogy 101: as a teacher, rescue a bullied teen girl by fucking and betraying her until she loves being fucked and bullied ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I will delicately shy away from thinking too long about this release, otherwise I’ll rage, and in that game if you rage you lose (╹◡╹)

Graphically, though, I’m forced to give huge praise, the art is excellent, the girl’s body looks made for hard sex (vaginal, paizuri, anal, DP), even the censorship wasn’t too much of a bother, hats off.
Thanks to Brolen, Svines85, Kouya913 and Dynellen, from BEC Scans, for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ecchi Kara Hajimeru Fujun Isei Kouyuu and Kyoukai No Yami.

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Sex Education 1-2-3 [English], by Kidouchi Kon

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What. The. Fuck.
This share is the closest I’ve seen to an advertisement for eugenism and the neutering of the unintelligent, in order to improve mankind’s gene pool.
AKA: “you see? This is what happens if we let them breed!”

Look, I’m not gonna lie, I’m sharing something bad, here.
Graphically, it’s average at best (despite very low censorship, made of an R18 logo not hiding the genitals behind it), the image resolution is low (1200 px, seriously, is year 2K still in the future?!?). And story-wise, this is abysmally retarded (a dumb girl has zero clue about how human reproduction works and takes advice from a random scummy stranger while her almost-boyfriend roams the streets in despair of having his girl probably snatched). That’s the kind of facepalm material that makes you fear your neurons are going to commit suicide from reading it.
I’m mostly sharing it as an opportunity to laugh at the expense of whoever thought it was worth drawing and publishing. In itself, it’s bathos humour’s finest at this point, it’s a weird but actual opportunity for a laugh ^^;;

With all due warnings given, hey, enjoy, if that’s to your taste why the fuck not, to each his own, etcetera :)

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Netorare Kataomoi [English, 203 pictures], by Sanagi Torajirou

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That makes for funny acrobatic sex, until the girl falls down :D

It’s always hard to write about something that is not your cup of tea. Pouring hate and scorn is both pointless (“oh my god, they dare have tastes different from mine?!?” – yeah, riiiiiight) and silly (like you should care that I detest what you love.) Still, I can’t pretend to love that, even staying not too far from neutral is already a challenge :D

So, yeah, woot, a new tank by Sanagi Torajirou has been released, full of Sanagi Torajirou Stuff. Meaning: sex feeling so good the brain turns to mush, the girls become slaves to dick, make huge ahegao faces, and betray everything they stood or cared for before.
The manga is made of small to long story arcs, but all the same, men are either hyenas or wolves, while women are always easy prey made to be, deceived, abused and broken. There’s netori, mindbreak, domination, blackmail, netorare, and all along the ride the women are proud to become cum dumps ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

To be honest, though, I can’t deny the art is very good, hardcore (vaginal, anal, DP, group sex, mostly teens with a tiny bit of MILF), so good in fact I eventually stopped noticing the multiple black bars O_o Another compliment, even if it’s odd, sometimes the netorare is successfully delivered, at least that part can be done well.
Take it, or leave it. Me, I’m in Team Leave It ^^

Release credits are for Doujin-Moe and Tremalkinger, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Photorare Sex And Photograph (217 pictures), Aheochi 3Byou Mae (217 pictures), Cast Aoi (189 pictures), Familia, Kanyuu Shoujo, Tsukaretemo Koi Ga Shitai! Ichi-wa and Asobare Dear Sex Friend (200 pictures, and uncensored).
The mangaka is also part of the circle A.O.I., under which name there is Tea.

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