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Netorare Kataomoi [English, 203 pictures], by Sanagi Torajirou

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That makes for funny acrobatic sex, until the girl falls down :D

It’s always hard to write about something that is not your cup of tea. Pouring hate and scorn is both pointless (“oh my god, they dare have tastes different from mine?!?” – yeah, riiiiiight) and silly (like you should care that I detest what you love.) Still, I can’t pretend to love that, even staying not too far from neutral is already a challenge :D

So, yeah, woot, a new tank by Sanagi Torajirou has been released, full of Sanagi Torajirou Stuff. Meaning: sex feeling so good the brain turns to mush, the girls become slaves to dick, make huge ahegao faces, and betray everything they stood or cared for before.
The manga is made of small to long story arcs, but all the same, men are either hyenas or wolves, while women are always easy prey made to be, deceived, abused and broken. There’s netori, mindbreak, domination, blackmail, netorare, and all along the ride the women are proud to become cum dumps ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

To be honest, though, I can’t deny the art is very good, hardcore (vaginal, anal, DP, group sex, mostly teens with a tiny bit of MILF), so good in fact I eventually stopped noticing the multiple black bars O_o Another compliment, even if it’s odd, sometimes the netorare is successfully delivered, at least that part can be done well.
Take it, or leave it. Me, I’m in Team Leave It ^^

Release credits are for Doujin-Moe and Tremalkinger, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Photorare Sex And Photograph (217 pictures), Aheochi 3Byou Mae (217 pictures), Cast Aoi (189 pictures), Familia, Kanyuu Shoujo, Tsukaretemo Koi Ga Shitai! Ichi-wa and Asobare Dear Sex Friend (200 pictures, and uncensored).
The mangaka is also part of the circle A.O.I., under which name there is Tea.

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Hayami-san Wa Me Ga Mienai [English], by Fueta Kishi

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We’ve had MacHentai since the beginning, easy hentai in which pretty much all the girls derive from the same mould, have no actual personality, but it’s okay because that’s simply perfect for a quick fap. Just like a BigMac doesn’t belong to gastronomy, is always the same, but is fucking great to pleasantly sate your appetite.
Well, now, allow me the disctinct pleasure to introduce you to discount netorare. Produced at no effort for hardly any result, but you can glue a “netorare” sticker on it and expect sales. Yaaaaaaaay.

In this share, it’s a blind girl that has long crossed the boundary between innocence and intellectual disability. The typical nerdy scumbag will take advantage of her almost right under her male childhood friend’s nose, and turn her into his private hole, etcetera.
Release credits = Happy Coffee Studios.
Sigh, I’m done.

For old goodness and recent shit, Cf. The list of ALL Fueta Kishi’s works on Hentairules!

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Kokuru no o Tamerattetara Itsunomanika Charao ni Hameraremakutteta Boku no Osananajimi volumes 1-2-3 [English, 157 pictures, the story is complete], by Edogawa Koubou

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Okay, that scene was pretty hot. Not everything was garbage.

When the title’s translation is “My Childhood Friend And A Playboy Had Sex Like Rabbits While I hesitated To confess To Her”, there’s little wriggle room for anything other than netorare.

The story line is stereotypical to the extreme: a male douchebag blackmails the female main character, awakens her to the joys of sex, turning her into a consenting masochistic hole with zero self-esteem. Of course, her childhood friend has to be offered a VIP spectator seat, has to believe he stole the girl back even though he disappointed her at sex, and the crushing conclusion is unescapable in the end.

Booooooooo-ring. I found no sparkle of originality. Worst: the mangaka never gave us any sliver of false hopes even though what makes netorare successful is this impression the mangaka backstabbed both the readers and the male MC.
Also, graphically, it’s not bad, but ruined by atrocious censorship (blurry mosaics) and everyone’s got damn weird eyes (when they even have eyes.)

Apologies, I feel ungrateful with this description. But pretending I found lots of qualities in this manga, besides the creative art, would have been worse, a flat out lie.
Credits are for SL-Gundam and Biribiri, thank you! :jap:

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Shoushouruten [English, 189 pictures], by Chuuka Naruto

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Urgh, the warts. Jebus hentai christ, THE WARTS!

(╹◡╹) Yay, a new Chuuka Naruto manga is out! (╹◡╹)

If you were too high and didn’t get the “screaming inside” atmosphere, allow me to state the obvious, this is yet another manga about evil old men using deception, blackmail, force and (this time) drugs to mindbreak women, this time a widowing nun mother and her teenage girl. By the end of the manga, the two women are proud cum dumps, mission accomplished, yay! (╹◡╹)

That said, I can briefly stay neutral and mention the art is better than before (the men are still fugly of course, but the women looked okay, it’s technically an improvement).
To each his own tastes, etcetera, deal? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s been released by Biribiri and commissioned SL-Gundam, thanks for this!

By the same artist, I also share Hitozuma Yukie (187 pictures), Seitokaichou Mitsuki (190 pictures), Gichichi ~Yuriko~ (188 pictures), Wedge Of Lust (181 pictures), Harai No Reika (Exorcist Reika) (190 pictures), Slavery Contract (174 pictures), Female Teacher Kyouko (191 pictures), Woman Investigator Training Link (185 pictures) and Adoptive Father (182 pictures).

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Otouto No Musume (“My Little Brother’s Daughter”) volume 2 [English], by Jingrock

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I tried my best to crop the fatass out of the picture

The story resumes where the volume 1 ended, showing us a loser uncle sexxing his niece behind her oblivious dad’s back, out of petty revenge. And because the scenario’s theme requires it, the girl takes it silently, with undisputable hints she secretly consents and likes it, yada yada etcetera.
A despicable story, true, but FUCK the art is awesome :twisted:

I’ll let you make your own opinion, huhu. Thanks to No Hentai No Life and Gian-Carlo (No-chan’s Nii-chan), and btw, check NHNL’s Patreon maybe? :)

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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Ai No Musume Sakurako [English, 199 pictures], by Tanaka Aji

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A confusing pic, just like the manga.

That manga was a lot to take in. The scenarii are confusing and… twisted. The stories aren’t typical vanilla, blackmail, facepalm (but there’s a fair deal of facepalms, oooh yeah), netorare material. Twisted, I tell you. We’re in a semi-permanent story canvas in which three sets of characters lead their own lives, some of them lawful good, some chaotic neutral, some lawful evil, if you’ll allow me the D&D alignments categorization. Despicable scumbags interact with good guys, relationships are built or transformed, girls move from one person to another and/or back…

In itself, after all, this is original, and chances are you’ll like it. The art too is original, not what you see everywhere else, I don’t even find the proper words to describe it, but it’s praise I’d want to express…

Sorry for the unhelpful description lol, that manga is beyond me ^^;;
It’s been released by Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-Tachi (192 pictures) and Ane Unsweet Miharagi Hiyori (139 pictures).

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Joshidaisei Minami Kotori No YariCir Jikenbo Case 3 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Love Live! series, by Kichirock

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I don't know for you, but me, I don't manage to feel sympathy for her

I could quote word for word what I wrote in the description of the volumes 1-2, this is sad sex, Kotori has been “broken” because she was poorly introduced to sex (booze, group pressure, betrayal of trust). She adores climaxing but can’t accept that she’s a sexual person, she lives it as a delicious corruption, her self-esteem must be crushed for her to climax. And the boys around her are perfect scumbags, showering her with verbal abuse to make her feel guilty and dirty all along. What more in this volume 3? Well, we go further in the mindbreak route, she’s really just a consensual lump of flesh from beginning to end :facepalm:

It looks really great: tolerable censorship, ecstasy faces (ahegaos too, though), hardcore sex, lots of Kotori. But, jebus hentai christ, the story killed any boner in me. And you, well, your call =)
Thanks to Obsoletezero, Varcon, Kelki, PaGe422, 8055, ChrisOs for the release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 3 Kotori works (Kotori To Trouble Travel + Joshidaisei Minami Kotori No YariCir Jikenbo cases 1 and 2), Yumemigusa Nite Haru O Matsu, Kotori No Yukue (“Kotori’s Whereabouts”), Chiho Renbo, Moru Futten Joushou, Riko Wa Toriko, Crank-In, a bonus picture in the end of Decorate and The Scenery I longed For, Beyond The View Finder.

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