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Hajimete No [English], by Turiganesou

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I had a horrible idea. Let's make a ducktales parody, only with Japanese teenagers, and call it Cucktales.

My smile evaporated away, replaced by a cringe, and then a pained Harold expression. We went from budding vanilla to something I had yet to experience, pre-cuck.
More accurately: the moment the two members of a couple establish the nature of their relationship (mutual love, domination, kink play, or whatever kind of “ingredients” combination) this time they settle for a combination of verbal teasing and cuck fetish in which the girl reminds the boy he is sexually inferior to other men – and yet this is still a form of mutual love.

Quotation: “This painful expression must be the very proof of his love” – Bitch, no. That’s his masochistic cuck face arousing your inner S instinct.

And… so what? Plenty of people dig this genre, and I reckon it was done with talent, so why not ^^ In all other regards, the manga is great, very little censorship, good art bursting with talent and originality, minimal censorship.

It’s been released by N Translations, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Donkou.

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Youkoso Kokujin Koubi Beya E [English], by Bakunyu Fullnerson

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Oh, come on, the Japanese aren’t racist. It’s just they have a massive inferiority complex toward the westerners, view the other Asians as (sometimes fuckable) test lab material at best, and regard the blacks as inferior animals only led by their breeding instincts. Other than that, no, they’re really chill, non-racist, non-xenophobic guys, everyone is welcome as long as that everyone is Japanese.

If you can manage to put the cringe aside, this is a rape-mindbreak-netorare flavoured release in which students who dare be a bit intimate at school are punished, the girl is offered to a group of animals black men (conveniently stored in a school room /okay), they have zero brains but huge dicks so they rape her immediately, she becomes a slave to pleasure, which will teach her a lesson undoubtely (what lesson, by the way, if one may ask?)
Meanwhile, the boy is forced to watch and endure the humiliation as the girl tells him his pathetic Japanese cock will never satisfy her again.

Who would (1) fap to this, and (2) pay for this, for fuck’s sake?
Ah, well. Not everyone has to have exactly the same tastes as me, I can respect tastes differ. So, if you’re among the sick fucks who like shit like that (hopefully I triggered a few of you), why, enjoy, for here it comes. At least it’s drawn very well, as expected of Bakunyu Fullnerson!
It’s been released by Biribiri and commissioned by Jerk, thanks for this!

By this artist, under the names Bakunyu Fullnerson, Magoroku and Kokuryuugan, I also share good and bad stuff, and oddly perhaps, the bad stuff is his tankoubons, while the good stuff, when it is good, is his smaller volumes ^^
Here’s the list: Sensual Scent Proactive Legs (220 pictures), the revolting Ashigami (235 pictures), Now Aging, Paradise, a pack of 2 works (Hebi Ichigo + Secret Job), Suteki Na Oku-san, Sangri-La, One More Time With The Beautiful Sister, Watashi Uranaishi No Oji-san To Saimin Koubi Shichaimasu, Seiken Koutai, Bikou Shoujo, The Common, The Chaste, The Cleanin-Inclined Woman, Youkoso Kokujin Koubi Beya E, Oh Girl, and Exotic Syndrome.

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Girigiri [English], by Zero No Mono

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You know what? I’m glad there is hideous censorship in that manga. It fits the despicable storyline. It would have been a lot sadder if it had been a good story that had been cursed with that censorship.

A brief summary, newlyweds temporarily have to live at the parents’ house, in which the father and a brother reside, and unsurprisingly the father and brother lose no time in raping and mindbreaking the girl, etcetera. The censorship is as hideous as the story, but I’ve got reckon the art is quite good, Zero No Mono’s talent is the real deal after all.

Release credits are for Rizo and Biribiri, thanks are still an order.

By the same artist, I also share Wasurena volumes 1-2 (316 pictures), Chii Mama, Synchrome, Iregui, Oheya – The room, Asa Kara Ban Made, Girigiri, Kuroi Ito and Save Point.

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Hitozuma Haruko No Choukyou Netorare Seikatsu 2 [English, 86 pictures], by Miito Shido

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Still, ass is ass.

Full title: “Hitozuma Haruko No Choukyou Netorare Seikatsu 2 ~Katsute Musume O Moteasonda Otoko-Tachi Ga, Watashi No Karada O Kuruwaseru~”. Bless you.

Not gonna lie: I didn’t manage to read this 86 pictures volume. Basically, I quick-browsed for the pages looking juicy.

It’s weird, maybe? I had no problem reading a full tank about pegging, I was cool with the fact this wasn’t something I liked, and, “live and let live”, you know, I simply didn’t feel concerned.
But a mini-volume in which women are only good to be raped, dominated, manipulated, mindbroken, in which all sense of morality is gone and corruption reigns supreme… I find myself tested, and I fail the test, it’s too nauseating for me. There are days I can cope with what I view as complete shit, and other days where I just can’t, such as today.

I leave it to whoever wills to propose a description for this post, I’ll check the comments ^^ I think I recognized some characters from earlier works by the mangaka, unless I’m mistaken, though?
Still, thanks to Shakuganaexa for this release, no doubt that it will please greatly a good number of people =)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Shoujo Nikuyoku Chitai (“Lustful Flowers”, 224 pictures), Dokusebe Appli (216 pictures), Lustful Berry (166 pictures) and Poppin’ Cherry (212 pictures.)

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Hitozuma Nanpa NTR Onsen Ryokousaki De Nakayoku Tanetsuke Saremashita [English, Uncensored!], by Etuzan Jakusui

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Kind of a waste, in my absolutely unbiased opinion

From carefree cheating drunk sex with available studs, to treating the women like disposable holes and the leader of the men laughing and telling he’s a psychopath. That’s the kind of situation where, metaphorically, I let out a shrill laugh and discreetly search for the nearest exit.

Ahem. Let’s rewind a little bit. Two wives are taking a break at an onsen, without their husbands. The most carefree of the girls accepts to let boys hit on them, drinks are poured, etc. The women wake up climaxing from the boys’ fingers, and basically, from there on, during a full day, they’re never allowed to rest, continually climaxing as the boys use their bodies as they see fit. Mostly vaginal, a bit of anal and double penetration.

Honestly I would have had nothing against it, if the mangaka had not decided to represent the men as pure assholes. Why, though? That was unnecessary, and would only alienate part of the readership without ensuring any significant gains as a tradeoff, no? O_o

Anyway. Graphically it’s super hot, and icing on the hentai cake, the drawings are fully uncensored!! :shock: Sometimes poorly TBH (a few panels), mostly well.
Release credits are for Ashura, NekoHime, Opus, Dabor and Kotana, from Hennojin, thank you!

By the same artist, Etuzan Jakusui, circles Hayo-Cinema and Buppa Studio, I also share Tobashi Sensei Wa Kyou Mo Button O Tobasu and Onozomi No Ketsumatsu.

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Youbo (“Impregnated Mother”) [English, 243 pictures], by Bai Asuka

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The people who masturbate to this must be using their tears as lubricant, imagining they're cuked hyper hard, no? It's just beyond my imagination

MAXIMAL WARNING: the manga is full of shit.
SO full of shit I didn’t have the strength to read it entirely. I would read a dozen pages, feel the need to throw up, skip-browse dozens more pages, and again till the end. Until the end in which I simply gave up on understanding why the mangaka didn’t seek psychiatric help.
How is it possible there are people buying shit like that?!?

So here’s a fucked up scenario in which a black student steals a good Japanese housewife, but he’s outscumbagged by his other fellow black men, in the end the mother, with her brain fried by orgasms, has become a private cum dump for the scummy few, her son is bringing dishonour to Japan, her husband is a hollow shell distributing “have you seen my wife and son” leaflets without any hope left.
(I didn’t read every speech bubble, far from it, so if I’ve understood it wrong, please correct me in the comments, okay?)

At this point I’d be tempted to ask “why” but I’m afraid of the reply I might get, so, better just give up and consider you’re warned: unless your tastes are very clearly defined (I can respect that, to each his own), I think you’d best skip this share.

Release credits are for Look At Moth, N04h and Herzer, thanks are an order as always.

By the same artist, I also share Hametorare (252 pictures), Mama Koubi (219 pictures), Swap Slave (212 pictures) and Sinful Mother volume 1 and volume 2.

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Kayumidome 17 Houme [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Hibike Euphonium series, by Carn (under the Magono-tei circle name)

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Some pages were good, at least.

Never, in the entire history of hentai, has a girl’s selfless sacrifice protected another girl from a sexual predator. Aren’t these the basics? How could the female MC not know? I warn you, if you make facepalming an olympic sport, the gold medal’s good as mine already.

So, yeah, here’s an Hibiki Euphonium doujinshi, girl #1 discovers her friend, girl #2, is blackmailed and fucked silly by a temporary teacher, she accepts to trade fuckhole places with her, she comes to like it, and in the end, oh, man, what a crazy surprise, who would have ever thought, girl #2 had not quit and now they’re reunited, glad to both be cum dumps at last ¯\_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯

Ah, well, some people love themes like that, so if you count yourself among those, I’ll be glad for you!
Graphically though, Carn has done better, it’s like the mangaka forgot how to draw hips and bellies, on several pages, and the censorship was pure evil, countless black bars.

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this one!

Hey, remember to check the list of ALL Carn’s works on Hentairules!

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