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Witch Bitch Collection Vol 3 [English, 51 pictures], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fairy Tail series, by Tamagoro

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Dark Knight, thank you so much for this, brings us an intense, action-packed and very long (51 pages) Fairy Tail hentai doujinshi. In which Lucy enjoys prostituting herself, and then “falls” for one of her customers, kind with her, super rich, with a monster cock: for the first time it’s not just for orgasms, but it’s for the pleasure of being loved and receive XXL orgasms. Tons and tons of hardcore well-drawn sex later (some of it with Yukino, another Fairy Tail girl) Lucy has to choose between her guild and a carefree future with him…

I briefly considered calling it mindbreak (mind-blowing orgasms sought for like a drug, ahegaos, considering giving up on her guild and family…) but eventually decided against it, I think it’s just a different view on how Fairy Tail could have gone, if there hadn’t been so much drama and fighting…

As for the drawings, damn, Lucy is fucking hot (paizuri, vaginal.) And it’s not even badly censored. Enjoy!! :twisted:

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules

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Lucy And Virgo Daikatsuyaku [English, UNCENSORED VERSION, woot!!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fairy Tail Series, by Gambler Club

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I'll be honest. I'm no stranger to fantasizing super hard on Lucy. *cough*

Hentai intensifies :3
I think we’ve got here the BEST Fairy Tail doujinshi to this day. The drawing quality is god-tier, there’s lots of comedy, the sex is hardcore and enthusiastic, and we have both the #1 bimbo (Lucy) and a babe not getting enough sunspot (Virgo).
Plus, from now on, it’s uncensored!! :twisted: :woot:

I’ll let you enjoy your read, it’s a threesome scene between Lucy, Natsu and Virgo. I hope you’ll love the read ^_^
Please, though, would you know WHO is behind this decensoring ? I love when I can at least give credit…

(I did just one change. The decensored version came with a low-res cover. I brought back the full-high-res cover we had before.)

By the same artist, I also share PM Gals Compilation, PM Gals XY 2 + BBS Note 2014 Winter What the Cameraman Saw, the full-color version of PM Gals XY Volume 2, Zetsubo-Teki Ni Kakko Warui Ze, Dokidoku Punicure 1-2, Smile PunicureHapiPuni Moshi Kami O Hodoite Nakattara , Fresh Mamacure, 3-A 5, 3-A 3, Natsu Aki and a Pokémon hentai doujinshi. Actually, more works by Gambler Club exist in English, but unless I’m mistaken (and please, if I’m wrong, I’ll be glad, just remember to share the links in the comments ^^), the rest is straight loli, sadly.

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Pack of 2 Fairy Tail hentai doujinshi [English] : Chichikko Bitch volumes 4 and 5, by Funi Funi Lab

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Ah, isn't she hot. If anything, thank you Mishima-sensei for crafting this wonderful bimbo.

I share here the repack of Chichikko Bitch volumes 4 and 5, they’re both about Lucy, from Fairy Tail, falling into prostitution because
(a) it’s easier than being pwnt every day at trying to be a good mage while she sucks most of the time, and
(b) she grows totally addicted to cock and creampies.
There’s a negative atmosphere to this, with Lucy choosing the easy way and losing sight from what’s important in Fairy Tail (like : nakamas, fighting evil, team work)… but, graphically, that’s quite powerful, Lucy’s ecstatic face, her generous body, that’s a sight to behold :shock:

Credits for these releases are for Doujin-Moe, thank you !
For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules :)

The volumes 2 and 3 of Chichikko Bitch were also translated, but they’re lolicon, based on Wendy, so I’ll let you endure the excruciating pain of losing 30 seconds in online searches to them yourselves elsewhere, should you need them ;)

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Fairy Bitch [English], a Fairy Tail hentai doujinshi, by Diogenes Club

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Yes, this is Lucy, from Fairy Tail, climaxing.

I’ll recognize it at once, this doujinshi’s got poor art (lack of shades and volumes, simplistic) and a nonexistent storyline (it’s just about sex fights instead of magic fights for Fairy Tail female heroines : Mirajane, Erza, Jenny, and Lucy).

So, why am I sharing it ? Because we need MOAR hentai featuring Lucy, the series’ blonde bombshell :D
Here, a Lucy with pigtails, in a bikini ? Even with poor art : YEAAAAH ! :twisted:
Oh, and thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release ^^

(For MORE, don’t miss The list of the shared works by Diogenes Club !)

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Hentai Audio : A Bunch of Requested Japanese Audio Files

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With this post, I, Hurp of Durp, end my reign of terror, because Oliver has now returned from his vacation (two days earlier than he was supposed to actually).

So last week, I posted an erotic audio drama that involved fucking your mother and sister. It had a surprisingly positive reaction (Oliver thought people were going to say “get this shit off my HR!”) and several people requested I send them some files in an email. I’ve decided to just post them here instead of sending an email. Keep in mind, I haven’t actually listened to MOST of these, so I can’t review them myself.

Basically if you asked me (or someone else and that person never responded to you) to give you a file, it’s right in here.

Note: Some of these are hypnosis and others are non-erotic. I’ve marked these so you can differentiate between them, and skip them if you do not want to listen to those.

Warning: This is a rather long post because it has 8 different shares on it…

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Fairy Tail hentai doujin [English] : Chichikko Bitch volume 1, by Funi Funi Lab

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I'd love to read a Natsu x Lucy vanilla hentai release, some day

Lucy, the blonde bimbo from Fairy Tail, is hentai raped by a whole group of men. This starts as typical hentai rape, and ends in a “typical Lucy way”, with her concluding on her complete victory over her sex partners :lol:

The scenario is worth its worth, on my side, I’ll just highlight we can enjoy a very big-titted blonde teen having energetic good sex and starting to adore it halfway already. There’s titty, oral, vaginal and DP. Don’t miss the final Erza bonus page, lol :D
Credits are for Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh and An-chan, thank you :)

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules :)

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