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Sis-pai Heaven! [English, 205 pictures], by Kotoba Ai

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

That girl's sweater was the best thing that happened in the manga

Not bad. Hentai lacking soul and hugely relying on stereotypes, true, but done well enough nonetheless.
So, here’s another recently released complete tank, in which each chapter is a different story, although the global recipe doesn’t change, braindead sexy plump sisters don’t mind sex with their dear onii-chans.

The stories aren’t worth mentioning, and as for the art, well… It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. I wasn’t fond of the general plumpness (weird, maybe? I’m fine with it on a MILF, but a girl that has yet to reach her twenties ought to look more healthy, to me), and the collection of stereotypical traits ended up boring me (hooo, twintails again, hooo, unreal tits again, hooo, 50 IQ again… pls), to be frank.
At least, the censorship hardly got in the way.
So, I’d give it a pass, but not a cheerful marching band pass, let’s say ^^

We owe this release to Dynellen and Doujin-Moe, thank you!

I think I can safely say my other Kotoba Ai shares look better, they are: Ecchi Na Tengu No JK Onee-chans, a pack of 2 works (Osake Ni Yotta Souryuu To Hitobanjuu + Atago Onee-san Ga Shite Kureru) and Bitch Na Tengu No Onee-chan To Ikenai Natsuyasumi.

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Gift To Xmas [English], by Mikawaya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Step one: lift a leg. Step 2: RAM LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT

Hentai_Doctor has brought us a sweet vanilla hentai manga, thank you! ^^
In this out of season Xmas-themed story, a girl dressed as a female santa because of works pays a visit to the boy she likes without taking the time to change into more usual clothes and, well, that had to happen, happens :)

The setup is not excessively focused on vanilla, it’s more slice of life and mutual desire during most of it. As for the drawings, it’s pretty good, the censorship doesn’t hide much, and the mangaka was surprisingly creative and delivered very well, in my eyes.

By the same artist, I also share Pool Side No Koi Moyou (“Poolside Love Patterns”), Class Caste Joui No Gal Ga Layer Datta Ken and Neet Meets Princess.

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Oshigoto Theater 3 [English, Full colour], an hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Million Live phone game, by Andou Shuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment


Minako Satake is a lovely female santa in this volume, visiting the “mister” she loves (is this her producer? No clue), and having a lovely time catering to his needs with human warmth, food, and plenty of sex.
All along, there are those smiles, there’s this heart-warming feeling of comfort, confidence, understanding, an impression reinforced by the choice of colours, warm, not brutal, gentle but not weak… Please forgive my poor vocabulary, I hope I managed to convey the idea, it was a great read ^_^

Release credits are for Obsolete Zero, Varcon Keiki, PaGe422, AgroTC and Raifu, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, whose name comes written as Shuuki or Shuki (I’ve seen both), and that I once saw named as Werk, I also share Oshigoto Theater 1, Oshigoto Theater 2, Oshigoto After 1, Oshigoto After 2, Oshigoto After 3, Oshigoto After 5, Oshigoto After 6, Oshigoto After 7, Oshigoto After 8, and a pretty good pack of 3 works (made of : Oshigoto After 4 + Nan Kuru Nee Nichi-Nichi 2010 + Oikawa Bokujou No Chichi Shibori Taiken Tour).

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Santa Claus Is Coming [English, Full Color], an hentai doujinshi (loosely) parodying the To Heart series, by Tear Drop

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

That amount of censorship is an insult to Christmas

We’re back to the good old To Heart series by Tear Drop, in which Iinchou (Tomoko) and her boyfriend Fujita are having good times left and right =)
In the present iteration, she tries on a series of sexy female Santa outfits, and eventually, bam! Christmas hentai magic, her boyfriend is transformed into a horny santa. He looks less sexy with the beard and the belly, but he traded it for deeper wisdom.

The rest was excellent art, that I hope you will enjoy, I’ll express my gratitude to Tigoris Translates and the glorious anon who commissioned him :)

By Tear Drop, to this day, I also share Like A V(irgin), a pack of 3 works (12.30 On A Summer Day + 8.45 On A Summer Day + Winter Hot Spring), Weekly Island (uncensored, and glorious ! IIINCHOO !), Physical Education (also Uncensored, and reedited into higher resolution), Santa Claus Is Coming, C2 (repacking two works formerly known as Connect and Re-Connect), Aqua Blue volumes 1-2, and Charm.

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Carol – Saint Bell [English], by Yokoyama Naoki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Honest disclaimer, there are only a few full-color pics. But I really wanted everyone to have a chance to enjoy that one, even if you didn't click to read the manga.

It’s an odd but pleasant little vanilla hentai share we’ve got, here. To avoid spoilers (and hide what I suspect, that I might have misunderstood a certain something *cough*), I will simply say this is about a female santa in love :3
The drawings are good too, not too censored (a few thin bars). I don’t feel like saying more, check it out, simply ^_^

Thanks to Freudia, Amalthea, CellTF, Crystalium and Hayatek4L, from Team Koinaka, for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share Siren – Kyousei Saimin Keitai (198 pictures), Zettai Fukujuu Ousama Game to Rin-chan Now, French Kiss chapter 6 (which made me appreciate gender bender, to my great surprise O_o), Wifes, Yokoyama Naoki Ni Yoru Yokoyama Nao No Eroi Hon and Yokoyama Naoki also drew 2 bonus pictures in Eternal Love.

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Santa Suzuya To Ecchi Shiyo (“Let’s Have Sex With Santa Suzuya”), an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, [English], by Seniman Kartun

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Good girl, Suzuya ^^

« Did someone say… Virgin?!? HEYA! Santa Suzuya brought a sexy present for all the virgin admirals today! »

Not bad ^^ This share is a simple story-free manga, in which Suzuya visits a christmas party for virgin Admirals. The rest is nice group sex :)
We owe this release to Bango, Eno and Vilis, from Hennojin, thanks again! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Juujunyoukan Mogami, Footjob and Joshikou Saber (“Saber Is A HighSchool Girl”).

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Doki Doki Community Life chapters 1-3 + EX [English, 86 pictures, Complete!], by TakayaKi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

That's the kind of image that, ahem, brutally affects my blood flow

Some mangakas, even if you shared something by them just the week before, you can still say it had been far too long since you published some of their stuff on your blog. This time, with TakaKi’s Doki Doki Community Life, it was six months — an eternity :D
It’s a pretty standard scenario, a male teenager moves in with three sisters (no wincest, they’re childhood friends) who – of course – made the grade school promise to marry when they would be older. As expected, the youngest sis is the boldest one, near-slut, the oldest sister is busty, confident and daring, while the middle sister is the shy tsundere.

The censorship was a bit much (thick black bars) and (please, tell me it’s not just me who noticed?) it seems TakaKi failed a good number of belly drawings, to my surprise. Other than that, it was a fine read, I daresay :)
Obsoletezero is behind this release, thank you very much! ^_^

For more delicious hentai, see The list of ALL TakayaKI’s works on Hentairules!

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