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Ashiasobi (“Foot Play”) [English, 224 pictures], by Oouso

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Yep, there was a second pair of girl's feet in the upper-left ^^

This sure isn’t your usual fetishes: Ashiasobi is a complete tank entirely focused on three things:
– foot fetish (no shit Sherlock, it’s in the title, you’re right)
– nylon fetish (for me it’s subtly different)
– pee and urination fetish (a massive “stop” sign for me, but to each his own, eh!)

Other than that, there are tons of sex between youngsters (from teen age to young adults) in love or at least in a state of mutual appreciation, in kinda hollow story canvases. The girls almost always wear thighs/thighhighs/stockings and provide footjobs, they’ll have vaginal and anal sex, and it’s only a tiny bit censored (a few translucid bars), it’s not amazing but good enough, I’d say :D

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for yet another complete tank released, I’m grateful :)

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