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BIG pack with ALL the works I could find by CDPA/ANICD [English, Japanese and HCG, 1452 pictures]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 54 comments
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Now, THAT is a fat pack ^_^

I gathered everything I could find by CDPA/Anicd (a doujin circle made of other artists or circles : Anicd, Milkcow, Eldo, Moonzero) in the present pack, I think this is damn good material, but I’ll let you make up your own mind ;)

This pack is made of 225 English pages, 177 pages still in Japanese, and 1050 pictures for 3 CG pictures sets. For the detailed list, scroll down.
I hope you’ll enjoy this fat pack =)

Short version : behind CDPA/ANICD and the names inside this doujin circle, there is the REAL artist drawing the Freezing series (among other series). And this time, we’re talking about hentai and ecchi, with the same characters and the same drawing style, YAY ! :twisted:

Thanks a LOT to Brolen, Thorw, Wrathkal, JjusJ and Altereggo, from Little White Butterflies :)
(and for the longer description, with all details, scroll down ! ^^)

UPDATE : 2 new English chapters (from Cross Make 2010, #1 and #4) were added, thanks a lot to the persons who gave the info and links in the comments, Alejandro and Kadou Denji ! :) These 2 new chapters have their own separate download links. I humbly apologize for missing them when preparing the pack.

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