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Sakaki-san Satisfaction [English], by Fue

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments

If it were me, I'd be almost dead after three, four times, and the girl would be horribly disappointed. Yay hentai, lol.

Two lovers working at a restaurant go to a love hotel and have at last all the sex they wanted, not a quickie at work, but the intense sausagefest they yearned for, taking all their time. Most of the manga is about the joys of French kissing (I’d tend to agree, it makes everything better), followed by oral/deepthroat/skullfucking, and vaginal time in the end.
Sure, there was the whiteout censorship, but, oh boy, that was intense :shock:

Update: I had forgotten, that’s a sequel to Sakaki-san Franchise!
Update2: Sakaki-san Franchise now belongs to Fella Hame Lips.
Credits are for Darkfire and Desu, thank you so much! ^_^

There’s more for you: see The list of all the works by Fue shared on Hentairules!

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Kiss Shite Sawatte Motto Shite [English, 205 pictures], by Amanagi Seiji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

I can't say it has always been my dream to call a big preview pic "to-fapistan-we-sail-brothers.jpg", but I confess I love the name I gave to the image ^_^

Here is a nice and complete h-manga, brought to us by SMDC, from SMDC Translations, thank you ! :jap:

You won’t need many neurons for this one (let us delicately say the girls shine more for their titanium determination and their hot bodies), this is brains-free happy sex taking place in a highschool, in which we follow a few couples as they mate and sometimes interact with each other (I loved the scene between two lesbians and an hetero girl joining for the fun ^^). I found themes that don’t usually come together, like yuri (I’d say at least a half of the manga is lesbian time), crossdressing, very light yandere, and some weird fetishes (like voice sounds).

Graphically, it’s the best part, the censorship is very moderate, the girls have sweet “almost natural” looking bodies, and their manga faces (those eyes, those blushing cheeks O.o) are very expressive, yum :twisted:
I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

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My First Lover Hatsuzumi Cherry [English], by Meme50

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 13 comments


Please forgive me, I’ll have to use my Gunma Cry :

Here is a new hentai release by a godly but now rarely seen artist, Meme50! The scenario is simple, a teacher-student forced themselves to wait for the girl’s highschool graduation to move beyond kissing. That day has come.
This is solid vanilla, sex, love, mutual understanding, it’s really pleasant, also including the open ending :)

UPDATE: following a legal request from Fakku’s Jacob, acting as a Wani Group DMCA agent, I am removing all download links to this from Hentairules.net

In due time, this will become available for sale on the Fakku! webstore, thanks to a new partnership between Fakku! and Wani. Think about it, it will earn some well-deserved money to the hentai mangakas (every sale will bring them additional bucks), the works will be in top quality, available on paper or digitally, and they will be fully uncensored!