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Delivery Hells – Here Comes Hell [English], a delightful piece of maximum WTF hentai, by Kemonono

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WHAT THE FUCK :shock: :D :lol:

This is hilarious, and extremely weird. I would have been tempted to challenge you guys, by writing it is simply impossible to fap to this release, but that would be underestimating the internet and its lurkers :D

Look, I don’t encourage you to download it to your hard disk. But at least, please, pretty please with sugar on top, try reading it, at least ^^

The story line, in short, is about a world in which human ingenuity for evil has even conquered hell and demons are now forced to work among humans; here we watch a male MC call for a demon prostitute, however he will be served with a she-goat-demon instead of the usual friendly slime demon. The female MC acts like a spoiled bitch, and yet ends up acting like a tsundere horny fresh teen ^^;;

This delightful unfappable piece of furry hentai has been brought to us by Midori, thanks for the scanlation :)

By Kemonono, I also share Groove Tube (195 pictures, Uncensored), Yellow Pop (231 pictures) and Muchi To Ha Zai 1-3.

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Pack of 2 works [English], by Tanmatsu Ijou

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I could have picekd a hardcore picture, but that one, I don't know... it felt... magical

I have already seen the name “Tanmatsu Ijou” in the past, for loli releases: moving on.
However, in the second week of January, for the first time, I saw the name on stuff that might interest me, at last :twisted:
With a bit of a delay (sorry about that, etc, never enough time, etc, the usual excuses :D ), here it comes, if you haven’t read them already I’m confident this will catch your eye and be a worthy discovery :)

Those two works are:
Byakko No Yuu
Enju No Mori – Byakko No Mori Gaiden

In both of them, we have a human, married to a loli kitsune, who is visited by the mother of the bride: a fucking HOT MILF Kitsune, with fluffy tails, great boobs, and an aura of self-confidence doubling her already considerable sex-appeal :twisted:
Check out the art, it’s excellent, in my opinion :)

Biribiri, Axalon, Afro Thunda and Zathael (he is the commissioner) are behind those two releases. Many thanks in the name of kitsune lovers! ^_^

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Serval Nipple [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kemono Friends series, by Chirumakuro

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The real world doesn't have such amazingly good-looking paizuris :D

I’ll only rarely pick Furry hentai for my shares, but I must disappoint some of you, it’s not maximum kemono furry, this is “only” a girl with huuuge real animal ears and tail, plus matching stockings and long-sleeved gloves mimicking animal fur ^^
The contents of this share? A really cute, cheerful girl, called Serval, from Kemono Friends, is prostituting herself and visits a new customer, for whom she will fall. Easygoing sex (blowjob, excellent prolungated paizuri, vaginal sex) follows :)

The censorship is almost bearable, and anyway, Serval looked mighty good, a petite body, a huge smile, massive knockers, it was fine eye candy :D Thanks to Philo for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, that you will find called Chirumakuro (mangaka’s pen name) or (circle name) Entelecheia or Entelekheia, I also share Sports Club No Mikako-san and Kekkonn Zuri-Zuri.

Edit: as mentioned by Don Travoka in the comments, Serval has both animal ears, and human ears. She must have excellent hearing, lol :lol:

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Mahou no Juujin Foxy Rena Pack + Spinoffs [283 Pictures, English] by Amakuchi

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Hey Troops! Delta here with a share I planned to post on April Fools’, but real life sneaked up on me again and I had to put certain things in my life on hold. I’ll try to be more active, but I can’t promise anything until summer hits. Anyhoo this was the share I promised to do on April Fools’ and as I promised I’ll do this type of shares once a year since I doubt there are any Furry-Lovers among you. Still this is a nice treat for y’all, Amakuchi’s still ongoing series: Kemono of Magic: Foxy Rena and stories inside that very universe.

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Kemomimi! 5 ~ Tanuki Musume Toujou Hen [English], by Ryoji (circle A.O.I.)

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I wouldn't see a reason not to like her ^^

Furry ears and tail or not, she’s got perfect boobs and a welcoming pussy: «Doesn’t matter, had sex» ©®™

A short description should be enough: a young man with a fetish of kemomimi, half-human half-animal girls (they’re common in his side of the hentaiverse), meets a friendly tanuki-girl, plump, with big breasts, who takes him to the love hotel, where quality time will be spent. The end :D
The drawings are only a little bit censored, there are zero complications, I loved it like that, ENJOY!! :twisted:

Dura and Donwel, from Heart And Feather Translations, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, there is Kemomimi 1-4.

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Shota Eater [English, 228 pictures], by Yuuki Ray

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That image has impact, right? And... THAT ASS!!! :D

Oh well, here’s a massive shotacon fest for those with this special taste :shock:

All along, it’s mutually satisfying sex, with welcome frequent comedy bits (two sneak peeks: here, and there ^^); each chapter is a new story, and the scenario is just a minimal canvas for a comedy bonus and lots of sex. The dominant/initiating ones are usually the older women (from teen age to MILF), but occasionally, it will be the boys, while domination reversals happen, or the dominated may actually enjoy being taken in charge.

Many themes are displayed, see the list of the tags, huhu ^^
If I may, I’ll “negate” some tags I added: hentai rape, elf, furry and tentacles. These only show in one chapter, the final one. My biggest issue was with the practice of fisting, shown in only one other chapter fortunately (pages 83-102), ew, fucking gross.

As for the art, it made shota bearable. The girls are total babes, cheerful, slutty, very busty, with great huge butts, and have quality sex, with oral, paizuri, vaginal, anal, DP :shock: :D
Release credits are for Biribiri, helped and/or commissioned by Khalikryst, DrtyBird, Afro Thunda, Axalon, Blohx3 and Job Truniht. Many thanks! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Peach Hero and Kuro Gal Mama No Junan (“Black Gyaru’s Mom Suffering”)

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Kitsune No Yomeiri (“The Fox’s Wedding”) [English], by Kamizuki Shiki

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Beautiful, moving and original. GOOD JOB JAPAN!

Fair warning, in Kitsuno No Yomeiri, the English is bad and the typesetting is mostly nonexistent. But to hell with it, someone was kind enough to scanlate it, even if it is amateurish, it is very much appreciated :) (I wish I knew who to thank! Would someone know please ?)

As for the story, hmm… You will have to work your brain harder than of usual, but in exchange you will receive many feelings. Positive emotinos, with a bit of sadness, a bit of comedy, a TON of love, a bit of tsundere. The art serves the story quite well: it’s true the are several thick black rectangles, but the censorship doesn’t remove too much, and there is a strong focus on the beautiful face of the heroine, on her expressive eyes, as a window to her soul…

I’m not telling you what the story is about, though: this is intentional. Some stories are best discovered without knowing anything in advance :)
If you have five minutes, without spoilers at all, you may want to read this wikipedia article before the manga, for additional reading feels.
Last note: I ran a faint retouching routine. Before / After

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