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Pack of 500 pictures by the Ero-Artist Neurodyne. Watch out, they’re not your usual erotic material ;)

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I actually burst out laughing when I saw that picture

I’ve gotten the recommendation to share this pack of artist pictures from an Hentairules regular (let’s call him Anon), and although it freaked me out at first, I reckon this is solid. Extremely weird. But there’s definitely an aesthetic sense, and technical skill in the making of those images. Not just porn, this is art.

Long story short, here is a pack of no less than 500 pictures by the ero-artist Neurodyne, most of them dealing with sci-fi aliens (the scary kind, not the “do me NOW” 99% human-looking Liara T’Soni type) or evil creatures, or somehow animalistic (furry?) female beings :D

I’ll let your tastes be the judge, but me I don’t regret sharing it, it’s a breeze of fresh (although spooky) wind :3

I’ll share some links, too, Neurodyne’s got (unsurprisingly ;) ) a Furaffinity page, a book for sale and a hell girls novel apparently. Plus, naturally, there’s a Patreon and (are they better than Patreon?) a GumRoad :)

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Pack of 327 hentai pictures, by the ero-Artist Slugbox

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What kind of creature is that supposed to be?

This is THE pictures pack I would have wanted to share on April’s first, for my furry monday, if I had seen it in time. So, disgregard the calendar, I’m sharing it now :D
You’ll have plenty of furry (no shit Sherlock!), but also plenty of cute girls with, as always when I hand-pick stuff that I want to share, this undescribable impression I have that there’s a little something making it more than basic fap-and-forget porn; an impression this is a form of art, with inspiration, creativity, originality, making me feel the artist poured more than a bit of talent, of work, of himself/herself in the images…

Enjoy! ^^
For more Slugbox (honestly, I have no intentions to post updates with newer images), check Slugbox’s Deviantart profile, there’s a Patreon for the exclusive donors-only images (think: decensored, higher res, or not shared elsewhere, that kind of stuff), Twitter for random talking, and, special hugs for the sick fucks (AKA the furry fans :lol: ), this furaffinity page :)

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Mahou No Juujin Foxy Rena (“The Magical Foxy Rena”) volumes 1-13 + 5 Digest + 9.5 [English, 455 pictures, uncensored for the most of it], by Sweet Taste (a circle made of the mangakas: Amakuchi, Nakagami Takashi, and Nagareboshi Purin)

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What kind of species is she supposed to belong to?!?

Those 13 volumes (plus 2 extras) went by in a flash while I was reading them, I wouldn’t have thought I’d have binged 455 pages in a row, it’s good shit :shock:

We’re in a mixup between youkai-based Japan, and an Asgard populated by villainous animal gods (lion, lizard, snake, dog, horse, and others I have no clue what they are) plotting to invade Japan. Fortunately, the villain empire is severely understaffed so they only focus on Tokyo and send the villains a few at a time or full solo ^^
Opposing Asgard is Rena, a female fox, Orca, a female orca (sorry), a kitsune, a bat, her succubus mother (what?), plus two villains who kinda switched sides eventually, a wolf and a tiger ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

There’s tons of sex, naturally, tons of comedy, fortunately, and occasionally some plot, surprisingly :D
The drawings are hardcore and original (here’s to hoping you don’t like thin women), it’s mostly non-rape, and more than that, the comedy setups, the loveable cheerful female characters, that made for a seriously excellent manga series. Even if by the look of it the plot isn’t even close to reaching any ending, I believe this is quite worth a read :)

Enjoy! And thanks to TraumaFox, YQII, Super Shanko, G-Birkin, Art, Kumosu, Maipantsu and Llumi! :jap:

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Futari No Jikan [English, Full color], by Kiichi

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A most enticing view

It’s like it’s got the best points of wincest, without having its issues, here: two childhood friends aren’t blood related, but they both think of each other as brother and sister. Guess what happens when the parents leave them alone =)
Their being of different species (cat, rabbit) doesn’t get at all in their way either.

All that’s left is to enjoy admirably delicate and well-done drawings, showing highly praisable skill, the full-color art was exceptional, I mean it :)
Enjoy this cute vanilla wincest release! ^_^

It’s been released by Nenio, many thanks!

By the same artist, I also share Tsugi No Kata Douzo.

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Belle’s Love Vacation [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Animal Crossing game, by Shortcake Jam

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At this point, being gentle is an impossibility

I played Animal Crossing for a pair of hours with my son, years later I enjoyed crushing Marie in Smash Bros Ultimate, and yet, never, I never entertained any erotic thoughts about Marie, the mayor’s assistant. Well, fuck, someone in Japan had to rule34 her :D
I’m sharing two variations of this Animal Crossing hentai doujinshi, one in full grayscale, and the other, with Marie’s body colourized on most of the panels.

Also, don’t ask me why there’s this name misunderstanding, with the girl being called “Belle”. I googled, in Animal Crossing, Belle is a cow NPC. Here, very clearly, this is Marie, the mayor’s assistant. Bah, no idea why the name’s been changed, maybe it’s a localization thing.

Thanks to whoever is behind the grayscale release and its colourization! :jap:

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Panda-sanchi Shukuhakutan [English], by Rikose

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The universal language of boobs: it doesn't matter what species they're from, lol

The beginning reminded me of the Kung-Fu Panda movie… a bit, but just a little bit :lol: We watch a young feline warrior visiting a rodent elder warrior, seeking a match with the legendary female panda boxer he has heard about ^^;;
Hentai oblige, this legendary female panda warrior has retired, she looks like a gorgeous highly fuckable MILF, and she is available, who would have thought, right?

Well, I’ll have no complaints, it’s, to make an understatement, a very original and worthy take on the MILF theme, and it’s vanilla-flavoured to make it even better :)

We owe this release to BSN, thank you! :jap:

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Tsugi No Kata Douzo [English, Uncensored], by Kiichi

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Another fine victory for modern medicine

A young human male visits a cat-woman doctor for a consultation: how could be cured of his fear of beastpersons? Honest, he’d want to get along with them, but his fear of them is an instinct he has no control of.
The doctor’s answer: let’s mate, you’ll see we’re fully compatible and can get along very, very well ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The drawings were fantastic. My other recent share by Kiichi, Futari No Jikan was the soft, gentle type, in terms of art. This one’s also very beautiful, but with a more crude, energetic, powerful vibe+. This is quality enthusiastic action, of the highest quality even outside of its niche, enjoy! ^_^

Thanks to SMDC and G-Birkin for this one! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futari No Jikan.

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