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Attention Please [English, Uncensored High Res version!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Galaxy Angel series, by Sago-Jou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Those breasts... they're almost too realistic O_o

You won’t need prior knowledge of Galaxy Angel to enjoy this doujinshi ^^ It’s simply about two female characters from it, pushed by hentai magic into having sex and starting a romantic relationship, Ranpha (who becomes a horny futanari) and Forte (whose breasts become extremely erotic when fondled, and start to lactate after a while).
This is top notch futanari art, intense, powerful, rich… not too anatomically correct (breasts *that* huge, xrays, laserbeam lactation shots) but packing quite a punch :D

We owe this good futanari release, scanlation and decensoring, to Belldandy100, thank you very much! ^_^
(Inb4 someone asks: I was already sharing another version of Attention Please, from seven years ago. It was burdened by thick black bars, the images were in low 1400 px res and in poor quality. The present version is a dozen times better.)

By the same artist, known as Sago-Jou, Saura, or Seura Isago, I also share Chocolate, Apron And The Childhood Friend, a huge pack of 9 works (Aria Sono Dekai OO Wo + Futa Milking + Koto-rin Kanzenban + Listy Kanzenban + Mikoto-Rin + Ryoujoku Tama Ane Mousou + Ten Kara Forte + The Witch of The East (uncensored ver.) + Zecchou Yuusha), Catalpa’s Memories (Uncensored version), the uncensored version of Hayafuya Rocket (great dope, probably Sago Jou’s best ! – Heterosexual happy sex), and also Nekotama 1-2.

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