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Nyotaika Shite Hyoui Sarete Kokuhatsu Suru [English], by Labui

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Spectator mode.

This could have been worse, for a gender bender story ^^ The male MC becomes possessed by the ghost of a woman who passed away just before she could lose her virginity with the person she likes, the possession turns him into a woman, etcetera…
But the bit I felt strong relief for: when the time comes, the MC transfers full control and feedback to the ghost haunting him. This is, er, a bit less homo? Sort of? :lol:

Sorry, I should laugh, I have no problem if you guys are fans of gender bender, and in the present case the drawings are good enough, plus there’s a funny ending :lol:

Many thanks to Espeon and Desudesu! :)

By the same artist, I also share Junai Memory (194 pictures), Nana-san and Nyotaika Shite Bunny Girl Ni Naru.

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Dennou Sekai ni Torawarete ~ Onna Avatar de Seihoushi Jugyou, Uketemasu [English, Full color], by Reitou Mikan

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Not even facepalm worthy. Just a huge sigh.

The year is 2099. Mankind now possess perfectly realistic virtual simulations, and a genius just brought this technique to its culmination: time can be “compressed”, you can experience years of virtual life in the scope of a few real-world hours.
Infinite knowledge is at hand! The potential progress in science, humanities, phisosophy, is limitless!

The device is used to mindbreak students, male and female, into believing they’re cum dumps, and then resell them on the black market. That’s all.

Putting aside my slight exasperation, you’ve got a decent full-color CG-like set of pictures. Censored as fuck, as predictable, naturally, but it’s good-looking in general and the story has at least an original canvas, it’s got to count :roll:

Thanks to Anon and Desudesu for this one! :jap:

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Okashii Onee-chan [English], an adorable non-hentai doujinshi parodying the Kimi No Na Wa (“Your Name”) movie, by Neko Toufu (circle Grinp)

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Huhu ^^

(But there’s & and & for this)
There, better avoid misunderstandings from the get go :D

I thank my friend Mousse for this one, he emailed me about it a while ago, and I’ve only read it today. Okashii Onee-chan is a cute and very funny doujinshi inspired by Kimi No Na Wa (“Your Name”). There are cute feelings, gags, references to sexuality but not a single erotic drawing, lots of occasions to laugh :)
So, yeah, while you won’t find any excuse to fap to this one (please, don’t) (or if you succeed, please don’t tell), I’m very glad to share it on Hentairules as a bonus, for all of you who already watched Kimi No Na Wa :)

Release credits are for Zeroblade, Yuki`N and Flam, from PlanetHima, thank you! I’ll add renewed thanks to Mousse, once again, thank you for the recommendation, man! ^_^

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& And & [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kimi No Na Wa (“Your Name”) anime, by Coelacanth (circle Local Kintas)

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Don't miss the last pages, the little sister pages :D

This isn’t the best-looking Coelacanth doujinshi I’ve read, this is “only” (between double quotes) a good volume. But it’s good enough to place under good light this recent Kimi No Na Wa doujinshi. As a movie, Kimi No Na Wa was almost beautiful, moving and warmly human, a feeling the mangaka managed to capture and bring in this hentai adaptation :)

In case you didn’t watch the movie, at its core, there were two teenagers who didn’t know each other, who started to occasionally swap bodies, randomly waking up in the other’s bed, and dealing as best as they could with their daily life. After a certain time and a worthy amount of twists and turns, they meet again, and this doujinshi takes place some time later.
Sorry I’m being vague, but I don’t want to spoil the movie to those who haven’t watched it yet ^^

Thanks to Freudia, Amalthea, Rokusanji, Katyusha and The Joy, from Team Koinaka! :jap:

Bonus: if you don’t want the porn, but more gags like in the end of this volume, check Okashii Onee-chan ;)

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Good Times (202 pictures, now Uncensored!), the great Funky Glamorous (217 pictures), Hot Dog, Play Back, Hotondo Byouki, Mister Mistake, Kanzenshiai, Practice Game (the only disappointing Coelacanth manga so far, I think) and the uncensored version of Heat Island.

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Virtual Shirokami TS Musume NewTuber Oji-san [English], by Kurimoti Tiduru

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She makes it look easy

Let’s quote the main character: “This is the best! I’m getting paid just for looking cute!”

The MC started as a bored average man, but a night of heavy drinking and the usage of a “become a popular female youtuber” thingy turned him into a super cute girl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Making the best of his new life, she starts youtubing (no: here it’s called newtube, not youtube, my bad) and her popularity skyrockets. She’s living the life until fans find her real home, rape her, which makes her popularity even soar higher. Good ending, she’s had what she wanted, etcetera.
Once again: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Still, the art is great, so you won’t hear me complaining about odd stories like that, it’s kinda refreshing ^^
Thanks to Desudesu and Espeon for this release :)

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Motto! TS Fuckin Bitch [English], by Ikeshita Maue

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Nobody expects the gender bender inquisition!

A con man who fucked with too many women’s pussies and wallets is punished in the most hentai possible way: he’s turned into a woman, fucked with a strap-on by the babe who took him to a hotel, and next thing he knows they’re prostitutes working for manly rich dudes :shock:
I won’t blame anyone if the story freaks you out, but I want to commend the art, it was pretty good and intense at least ^^

It’s been released by Desudesu and Espeon, thank you! :)
By the same artist, I also share Haduki Run Wild and Love Tool Ni Goyoushin (“Be Careful Of The Love Stickers”).

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Hyoui Koukan [English, 230 pictures], by Hinotsuki Neko

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Best girl in the manga. The MILF.

I’m cumming while my mom’s giving me a creampie!!
The magic of hentai is that, once you read the manga, it makes sense ;)
Mind you, the manga is rich with hentai quotes material that will give you with a bewildered grin, I have kept a soft spot for “I’m gonna end up bringing a baby home from your free impregnation service!” ^^;;

Allright, long story short, this manga is made of long or short arcs, in a “single universe” in which mikos exorcize evil spirits with sex, scummy neets abuse soul possession, and teachers with a righteous spirit use sex to provide guidance and moral salvation to lost students. You’ve got intense hardcore sex (vaginal, anal, DP, everything goes) with very little censorship (just a few bars). I should say this is mostly, technically, rape, but the way it’s presented, it’s also got a consented or willingly enjoyed dimension, it’s hard for me to find the proper words. Plus, a good number of scenes with genuinely happy sex, too.

And story-wise, to my own surprise, I liked this enthusiastic piece of WTF, it was so weird and original, it was a good read =)
The manga has been commissioned by Espeon and scanlated by Desudesu, thank you very much! ^_^

By the same artist, called Hinotsuki Neko or Jitsugetsu Neko, to this day, I also share Man X Koi Ero Manga De Hajimaru Koi No Plot, How To Pet Your Older Sister, Anetsu Summer, Kinshinsoukan no Yoru – Chichi to Musume ga Kouen deStealth Rape Sonzai Naki Tanetsukema and Let’s Joubutsu.

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