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10 Things To Do While I’m Still A Boy [English], by Orimoto Mimana

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Thank you, dad.

I doubt you’ll manage to fap to this, but PLEASE, I ask you, take two minutes to read it, it’s very funny :lol:

This is, in a way, a gender bender story, but far from the usual type. Cmon, read it, you’ll laugh too ;)

My laughing thanks are for the WOW Scans guys :)

I couldn’t help noticing there was a certain form of similarity with the father in Muchi To Ha Zai, the grave seriousness and pride in upholding a gloriously perverted nature…

By the same artist, I also share Futachu and Nichijou.

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An addition to Maruimo, by Sena Youtaro, has been translated and released

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Futa Gender bender, YAHOOO ! :-|

Almost 1 year ago, I shared Maruimo, a great complete hentai manga (220 pictures), with humour, good drawings, and characters so obsessed with sex they were loveable :)

Well, the good news is that, once again thanks to Setebos, a sequel to Maruimo has been published, called Little Sisters Can’t Help It (“Imouto Sho Ga Nai”) ! :D

I updated the download links on Maruimo’s page with this sequel.

Kawase, Me, And That Thing [English], by Ryuta Amazume

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Wow.. This is WEIRD !

This is an interesting work, but, holy cow, it was WEIRD !

Try to imagine, Ryuta Amazume trying his hand at gender-bender style, with an uneasy fantasy note…
Honestly, I’d call that an unfappable release, and yet, it’s sort of interesting…
So, thanks to Wow Scans !

Besides this super-weird thing, I share other considerably more pleasant hentai goodness, take a look !

There’s only one conclusion after you read the ending of this :
Fortunately, there is internet porn ! ” – you’ll understand ;)

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Hunter X Hunter hentai doujin [English] : Reversal, by Mocha

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Yeah, it's transgender. Gender bender, if you prefer

I hope that serves Yoshihiro Togashi right, if he had stuck to weekly publications instead of always screwing up in the end, he wouldn’t have been punished with a gender bender hentai parody, MWAHAHAHAHAAAA !

*cough* *sorry*
OK, more seriously, here is a gender Bender Hunter X Hunter doujin, about gender bendering cookies. The drawings are correct, and it’s pretty nice already, I had yet to see a non-hideous HxH english doujin :)

Hey BTW, would you know what’s taking Yoshihiro Togashi so long to resume manga publishing, this time ? Broken wrists, depression, STDs, divorce, amputation of the fingers ? Or the horrifying realization he’s been screwing up again and again to non-recoverable points because he should have made partnerships with scenarists ?

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Sisters Ring [English], by Hisashi

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Ring, the horror movie, is really adapted in every possible way ^^

A short summary :
– Aaargh !
– what’s up sister ?
– I grew up a penis because I watched this cursed DVD !
– can I touch it ?
… and intense hardcore almost uncensored sex follows. :roll: :lol:

The sex was jolly good for a futanari story, I guess I’ll have to be content with it ^^;;

Update : good news ! This post is now obsolete ! :D
The present story now belongs to Cute Devil Girlfriend, available HERE :)


Pack of 4 works by the artist Yurikawa [English, 145 pictures]

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I just LOVED the face of that girl :D

Since I never have enough time, I made a repack with everything I could find by Yurikawa that I wasn’t already sharing : the chapters 1-2-3-5-7 of the tank manga “After School Strawberry Dildo”, and shorter stories : This Arcade has a Ban on Love, Carnivorous Fujoshi Hikikomori and The Story Of A (Planned) Trip To Tokyo.

My thanks go to Conan, Schmidt, Taruby, Ershin and Dark Knight :)

Graphically, this is good happy sex, not so awesome that I’m going to bang my head on the walls, but still, good. Scenario-wise, haaa, now that’s something ! :D

(By Yurikawa, I also share That White Sticky Stuff)

Yurikawa is a master of the gender bender genre, his (her ?) characters play with their appearances so much you can never know who is a he or a she until he removed this shirt and/or his undies. Males may or may not look virile, may or may not be strong, or weak, and the same goes for women, there are no fixed rules and the situation may change very fast… Usually that puts me off, but Yurikawa managed to make it REALLY interesting and not unpleasant :)

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