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Sanshoku Hirune Tsuki TS [English], by Kazakura

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At this point, the breaking was already done

Life is hard, when you’re a successful Japanese salaryman, growing the corporate ladder, but you accidentally take the wrong drug and wake up a sexy, undeniably female babe. Sure, at first it’s schlicking time, but then, what next?
Luckily, the (formerly male) MC has a good friend, who introduces her to a new carreer path in which she will thrive.

Yeah. He totally sold her to a rich manly magnate with skill and a massive cock who will please her so hard she’ll end up mindbroken ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m a bit nonplussed, but the art was pretty good, intense, pulling all the stops. It should please a good number of you guys, I hope :)
Thanks to whoever has done the scanlation, and the typesetting work was impressive! :jap:

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Master Ga Kiyohime Ni Kigaetara [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order game, by Taniguchi-san

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It's still creepy, but let's briefly try to ignore the feeling

I’ll understand if you’re on your guard when the mangaka is Taniguchi-san, so allow me to reassure you: the story will look scary, but nobody was harmed, and, eventually, everything was cool and ended back to normality. Allright? You can enjoy whatever bizarre comes up without feeling bad! ;)

In this share, we’re in Fate Grand Order, and Gudao (the male Master) receives a disturbing gift from Kiyohime: her skin. I tried my best to make you guys freak out, but if I failed and you didn’t close Hentairules yet, I’ll make that precision: Kiyohime is a snake woman, or has snake powers (look, no idea, I never played F/GO), and for the sake of hentai fiction, in this volume she goes as far as shedding her skin periodically, apparently, and the gift was an old slough.

A slough, or, in Taniguchi-san lingo: a skinsuit.
Soon enough, Gudao becomes a second Kiyohime, with a fully feminine body, and it’s time for lots of yuri fun :twisted:
There’s very good art, the two Kiyohime have a sexy petite body, I believe it’s worth a read, and hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Thanks to Noelyui for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share, to this day, Kimi-iro Days ~ Onnanoko No Karada Ni Nattara Nani O Suru (188 pictures), Trans-Sexual Fiction – The Girl’s Play – TSF Catalog (182 pictures), Tamashii Insert (“Soul Insert”) levels 1-5 and Kashi Mashi 2.

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Ore-Mesu Trans [English], by Ichinomiya Yuu

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I'd almost wish for a rewrite in which there is no mention this was a girl at first. Almost :D

One day I’ll read a gender bender hentai manga with an interesting, original, creative and convincing scenario.
But today is not this day.
Today is WTF gender bender hentai :D

In the hentai world, you can’t even trust bath salts, they’ll turn you into a meaty busty girl and then your friend will sex you, tsk, tsk, tsk ^^;;
Still, the art is good, and this little censorship is always welcome nowadays.
Thanks to Cgrascal! :jap:

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Nyotanazuma [English], by Sakura Puchilo

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The interest of gender bender, for me, doesn’t reside in the potential eroticism of the drawings (if I share it, it means it went over a certain quality threshold in my opinion, of course), but in how much the story goes in unbelievable WTF mode. If I get an incredulous laugh at how unconvincing it is, I think “okay, it’s silly enough, now I want to share it” ^^;;
Somehow, that almost places us in bathos humour territory, wouldn’t you say?

Ahem, so, this share? Good enough art, and a WTF story in which an elder brother gives a randomly found drug to his annoying younger brother, against all odds the drug works as promised, and what else could follow, if not sex, naturally, right? Right? Fuck no that doesn’t make sense, but enjoy anyway if that’s your stuff!! :lol:

Thanks to whoever released that one :)

(Side note: first time ever in hentai I am not turned on by an “Onii-chan! <3” ^^;;)

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Otoko To Otoko (Datta Koro) No Yakusoku (“The Promise Between A Man And Another (Former) Man”) [English], by Kasuga Mayu

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Oh god those tits

#NoHomo, right?

(come on, just once, forgive my lazyness, read at your own risk :lol: )
Thanks to Desudesu and Espeon, I had a good healthy laugh, I hope you may enjoy it too ^^

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300 No Oshirushi Atsumete Koukan Suru Yori Kawaii Anira Ni Natta Hou Ga Ii [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Granblue Fantasy game, by Kamiya Zuzu

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The question I frequently ask myself when you have girls with horns: wouldn't that make missionary position a particularly dangerous endeavour?

I supposed I should, impartially, criticize this doujinshi for its low picture resolution (around 1445 px), the relatively poor printing/and/or/scanning quality, sigh at the weird story type… But frankly I didn’t care much for it. There was “something” that greatly pleased my eye. The drawing style, the iodiosyncrasies, basically, it can’t be described, it’s a matter of personal taste…
Sorry for the unhelpful description, long story short, I liked a LOT the art in this doujinshi, so here’s to hoping it may please you guys too ^^;;

Oh, and the story? A mindfuck. The commander in Granblue Fantasy uses a skinsuit to become Anila (not just in appearance, it turns him into a full female), and then somebody else (called Cagliostro, no idea) uses a similar trick to become him and have sex with him now that he has Anila’s body.
Giving a whole new meaning to the “go fuck yourself” expression ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Thanks to NoelYui and Elysion for this release! :)

By the same artist, I also share Amenochi Imouto, Incantation Contract and Oki Ni Meshimase.

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Yaritagari Nyotaika Bish [English], by Marneko

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Let us quote the female MC, as she proceeds to take out her nanobikini: “One day, I found the perfect porn book. My mind was completely taken over by hot women… And before I knew it, my body had turned out like this.”
That’s one way of introducing gender bender, huhu, right?

Oh well, it’s an original setup, and for what matters most, we’ve got a hottie in a nanobikini, enjoying sex, with a voluptuous body, with three boys, leading to action going as far as DP. As long as you don’t mind a bit of GB, it’s good =)
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Marneko and Maruneko, I also share Soshage De Toransu, Kaoru Kanojo + Masumasu Kaoru Kanojo, Asa Onna Na ore To Futanarikko Ojousama Tomodachi Mo Taisetsu Ni, When Aniki Wore A Bikini, Furubita Dress and Trans Layer.

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