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How Many Diamonds Is A Kiss Worth [English, Uncensored!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Frontline series, by ElisKalti

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That's because it's hentai, girl. You're lucky.

It felt like this volume, How Many Diamonds Is A Kiss Worth, was written as a sequel to some event that took place in the Girls Frontline game, to me, those of you who know the game, would you know, I’m curious?
The scenario is simple to grasp, still: the game’s commander feels guilty about a misunderstanding with one of the game’s girls, Kalina, and one thing leading to another, they have make up first-time sex confirming their mutual feelings of love. Which is cute, vanilla is always welcome =)

The art is fully uncensored and felt quite fresh, there was talent, I’m confident you should enjoy reading that one :)
I have no idea who is behind that release, so, thanks to whoever is concerned, I’m grateful!

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Sunao Na Kanojo To Hetare Shikikan (“The Honest WA-chan And The Cowardly Commander”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls’ Frontline game, by Rei’s Room

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Anyone with a foot fetish? It's your time

I pretty much don’t know anything about Girls’ Frontline so I’ll bail out of commenting much, basically this share is about a tsundere Wa2000 getting drunk and being finally honest with her commander who, on his side, kept her lingering for a long time because he didn’t dare ask for her hand.
Booze helping, we’ve got a fine fap volume ahead, with sweet drawings, only faint white-bar censorship, and ambient vanilla to soothe our soul :)

Enjoy! And thanks a lot to Spicaworks! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Sunao Na Kanojo To Hetare Shikikan, Royal Harem, Taigei Kai No Tsukurikata, There’s No Way My Yozora Is This Cute, Cinderella No Aishikata, Kujira No Ongaeshi and Tsukihi Karen And I Fight Too Much.

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Grifon Summer Swimsuit Sex Party [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls Frontline game, by Zen

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Definitely nice :3

AR-15 and SOP (seriously? What’s with those names?!?) have an orgy with a group of commanders. The girls look great in their white swimsuit and black bikini, small boobs fans will dig it even more, and suspicious icing on the hentai cake : I’ll mention the drawings are fully uncensored :twisted:

For this release, credits are for Herreis, Vilis, Orla and Animefan71109, from Hennojin. Thanks a lot! :)

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Wa-chan Sunao Ni Naru Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls’ Frontline game, by Fumi Miyabi (AKA Bunga)

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I'm on the verge of entering my Aphex Twin mode

This share’s female main character is actually called Wa2000 O_o I know, I know, it’s the trend of those last years, games with girls impersonating battleships or weapons, and thus named after them (here, the Walther A 2000, you can view images of how she is in the Girls Frontline game here), but it still feels weird O_o

In the present doujinshi, Wa2000 is a cute tsundere girl too shy to express herself properly and tell her male partner how she feels about him, but fortunately (1) he reads her like an open book and (2) when horny, he assumes she agrees to anything :D
Which gives a nice sex scene, especially pleasant if, like me, you’ve got a torn nylon fetish :twisted:

Thanks to L-san and M-san for the scanlation! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kimi No Shiranai Ichimen.

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How To Use Dolls volumes 3 and 6 [English, Full Color, Uncensored versions], a pair of doujinshi parodying the Girls Frontline game, by Ooyun

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I was reluctant about these two volumes (because: borderline age looking), but a friend’s been bothering me with insistant recommendations that I should share it, the visitors will love it, so you got it J., there, done, damnit :D
There’s nothing to mention in terms of scenario, these are two girls from the game Girls Frontline, etcetera. One of them called Negev, no idea for the other. At least it’s uncensored, but it’d be better if the girls had bigger builds, sigh.

Credits go to Dáinsleif, Catbomb, Chobitsroll, T2morrow and Darrick966, thanks for the releases!

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FN’s Special Marking [English, Retouched], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Girls’ Frontline game, by Tsukimiya Tsutomu

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Her falling tits, lol ^^

A few years ago, I was surprised by anime and games in which women were anthropomorphized to represent objects. Man, those years are so behind me :lol:
As wikipedia explained to me, this time, these are firearms that have become women ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This time though, I came prepared, my first gun-women were in Soul Eater ^^

I care very little about the (absence of) storyline, frankly, me, these are the graphics that caught my eye. It’s a mix of good and bad, of weird and inspired, of almost entirely uncensored art… The drawing style made me think of a Fukuyama Naoto that finished his rehab after two years of junkie life and invents himself a decent new style…
At the very least, that’s unusual and worth more than a look, I thought you guys would deserve a chance to read it :)

However, the images looked kinda shitty, with spotty surfaces and they were in desperately dull grey (no relation with ebony porn – although I dig the “truly” black actresses, not the milk coffee ones *cough*, but I want my blacks, black, not grey), so I retouched and levelled the images a good deal: before / after!.
Thanks to Darrick966 for this release! :)

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