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Dame Zettai Chikan Sensha [English], a Girls und Panzer hentai doujinshi, by Black Dog

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

In the Girls Und Panzers universe, tank warfare is a popular sport among highschool girls, and as part of their activities, five girls are asked to ride their tank in the presence of male educators. Obligatory group orgy in the tank follows.
How ten persons manage to have group sex in a small cramped tank is another issue we’ll delicately ignore, okay ? ^____^

The rest is typical Black Dog’s drawn sex, looking good, with lots of teasing beforehand. I’ll rant just a little, the girls would have been better older, and there wasn’t that much vaginal action. Still, a decent read: thank you, Tigoris Translates! :)

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