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Hitozuma Haramu [English], by Meme50

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Sure, if you love them slim and small, you've opened the wrong blog post

I hope you have grown as desensitized as me and won’t care that the story’s based on adultery just because the husband isn’t available often enough.
‘Cause if you don’t mind, here comes some glorious milf for you. The female’s MC cute, plump, has heavy huge breasts, cute large glasses, and a slutty face during sex (as one could expect from Meme50, the talent’s there.)

In terms of story, a MILF and a teenage boy become buddies through in-game chat and IRL meetings, eventually they’re lovers, etc. Their relationship evolves, in the end the girl is proud to let the boy impregnate her and all. I’m no fan of preggo sex, so here’s for the warning, there’s 4-5 pages of that in the end.
Before that, it’s simply a cute plump 30 yo-looking woman enjoying life =)

Enjoy! And thanks a lot to Axalon, MrWayne, Mysael, and Misty :jap:

By the same artist, with working links, I’ve only got Asobizakari.

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Wagaya No Setsuden Taisaku (“One Family’s Plan To Save Electricity”) [English], by N.O. Chachamaru (AKA Heisei Chachamaru Dou)

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The first time I saw that pic, I was under the impression she was wearing a sweaty shirt ^^;;

What the fuck, this hentai manga doesn’t make sense. Not because a mother and her son are fuckbuddies, that’s hardly worth lifting an eyebrow in hentai. No: because we’re in the peak of a summer heat wave, the A/C is not an option, and they decide to have sex to cool themselves and feel fresher O_o

The story is not worth mentioning, however the art struck me as unique, original, outside of the usual releases material. The woman’s plump and drawn very crudely, with very little censorship, and there was this impression of watching a pencil drawing (something that becomes rarer now that everyone’s using a computer/tablet to draw).

Maybe you’ll like it, thanks a lot to Amoskandy and Hentaieyebr! :jap:

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VictimGirlsR Watashi Wa Makemasen [English], by Asanagi

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A good summary, that image

I have done my very best to steer clear of the Victim Girls series, by Asanagi/Fatalpulse. It’s about women physically dominated without mercy, often punished, quickly mindbroken, treated as meat, as disposable holes for the rightful alpha males, etctera… I have no problem with other people digging this, simply, it’s not my own kind of fantasy.

But I think I’ll make an exception here, this volume is milder compared to the previews & random pics I saw for other Victim Girls volumes, and this will be a way to mention the sheer existence of the series: do you love to see women mindbroken, forced, punished, brutalized, treated like shit (but shit you can fuck and who loves it)? Then search for more Victim Girls on the internet, you’re in for a treat, you’ll feel soooo much superior with that, your fictional view of the world will be comforted. (Apologies, I couldn’t resist throwing bait alongside the information.)

So: there you go.
We’re in a highschool in which the male MC is a modern-day bigot, a moral hypocrite yelling he defends women, he’s got giant blinders when it comes to his understanding of the world and, naturally, he simply won’t tolerate that others may dare think differently from him, blah, blah, blah… This is an alt-right activist’s wet dream, feminism is the new face of totalitarism, gender equality is an oppression tool, etcetera, women desire to be objectified, blah, blah, blah again. Netorare ending naturally.
It’s funny in a way, but the toxicity level is too high for me (mutual hatred between sides is apparently the rule, “live and let live” is never an option on such topics), so I’m out.

Release credits are for aidsair, Thanks for the work!

By the same artist, I also share Girls In The Frame.

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Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan [English, 502 pictures], by Kojima Miu

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Hard not to love MILFs :3

Five. Hundred. And. Two. Pages.
Packed full of MILF sex, plus a bit of young adult and a tiny bit of teen.
With a complex, rich, interesting scenario.
In which the sex is intense, drawn crudely with only very faint censorship.
… Nice :twisted:

The scenario? A male highschooler’s incestuous life with his sexy MILF of a mother thanks to nymphomycin, a drug that places its user in an hypnotically induced submission state… Well, that’s how it starts, anyway, it certainly doesn’t end there…
You know me, I’d love to write an entire novel and waste your time, but I feel my hands are tied, I must STFU because the scenario is long, evolves, multiple protagonists interact, and don’t even think it is linear as you’re in for a few surprises and changes of perspective ;)
I’ll just say, I’m glad I read Nympho Maman Boshi Soukan, for BOTH the art and the story :)

Just in case: it’s almost entirely happy sex, with rare bits of forced sex, strong domination, and occasional netorare vibes during hallucinations.

This long and interesting manga has been released by Fated Circle, thanks a lot!! :jap:

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Gal Tomo Harem [English, 217 pictures], by Shiki Takuto

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That picture is orgasm printed on paper. HATS FUCKING OFF, SHIKI TAKUTO SENSEN!!

Hooooooooly cow, that manga was pure GOLD! In terms of art, in terms of story, and perhaps, although that is quite vague spelled out like that, in term of those lingering impressions that we”re left with for a good time even after the reading is long over.

The deal: a fat otaku is demoted to the lower class section of his highschool, in which only the dumbest dwell. Turns out, the only students in there are gyarus.
And those gyarus… man, they’re something. On top of all, they’re honest to a fault, they’ll be open about what’s on their hearts. They’ll call the male MC a creepy fatso, because that’s what he looks like, but they’ll also accept him without any hypocrisisy, and gently cheer him up until his inner negativity evaporates away and only leaves the good man with a good soul, because that’s what he is.

Plus, they’re highly sexual in nature and welcome with open arms a non-evil male blessed with endless stamina.
The drawings are splendid (the entire bikini and nanobikini session was legendary to me), hardly even censored, detailed, very intense (95% vaginal, a bit of anal, some paizuris), it’s a harem with a vanilla ending, basically.

Enough said: enjoy if you haven’t read it yet, the manga is gold ^_^
Release credits are for Orla, Anon, Seijirou1337, Baran and NekoHime, from Hennojin, thank you so much!!

By the same artist, I also share IF – The Puppy Story, IF – The School Story, Honey kiss (NTR and yandere, not my favourite niches) and Namaiki JK Onsen Ryokou 2-haku 3-kka.

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Osananajimi To Bukiyou Megane [English], by Arisawa Masaharu

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Too censored. But looking great nonetheless =)

Please help me out, this is horribly frustrating. The drawings SCREAM to me they’re similar to another mangaka’s, but I can’t recall the name. The eyes, the shape of the breasts, the fine details, I keep on telling myself this is …………… and, aaargh, no name resurfaces >_<

My obsessions aside, Osananajimi To Bukiyou Megane has a beautiful story, that makes you sympathize with the grief and overthinking of its female heroine. She depreciates herself, calls herself “used goods” because another man of no worth was her first instead of the boy she likes, her childhood friend to whom she didn’t dare confess before it was too late.

It’s going to be a piece of work for the boy to restore her self-esteem. Past the first moments of bewilderment, a first time having sex and the first words expressing love, mutual care and comfort start doing the job :)
It’s bittersweet vanilla, but not dramatic: life is hard and complicated, but the overall perspective is radiant, would you see the idea?

I didn’t care the censorship was strong (extra-thick bars), to me, that was moving and beautiful :)
Thanks to MrBubbles for this one, I hope, you too, you will love reading it! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ookami-san To Sentimental Danshi.

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Idira Revenge [English], by Kiasa

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Keeping the tie on was a genius idea.

Ah, I loved that one. It’s about a young man, maybe not fully adult yet but close enough, and his slightly older female childhood friend. She’s been teasing and gently abusing him for years, and after puberty, the games went sexual, his dignity was long forfeited but at least she played with his penis with her hands and feed so there’s that :lol:
And at long last, the male MC has had enough, a point at which the girl’s protestations became mere cute tsundere noise.

You’ve got the great mutual love package, with tsundere flavour, on a plate of excellent art, even if the whiteout censorship ruins it a little.
In my eyes, that’s an excellent release, I hope you’ll find it to your taste :)

It’s been released by BadCorrado, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, under the names of Kiasa and Jyouren Kishidan, I also share Hinata NTRism (222 pictures), Aoku Blue volumes 1-2-3 (122 pictures), Nagusami Rasen, Keiyaku Melusine Jo, Kagehinata No Hinata and Sakura Neya.

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