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Lovers In Winter [English, 224 pictures, COMPLETE], by Boichi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 28 comments

There's only one DP chapter in the manga, but at least it's a great one :)

Lovers In Winter is an extremely original manga, full of well-drawn happy sex, barely censored, with lots of mutual love :)

On top of all, there is a CRAZY sense of humour, only the mangaka Boichi has this style :twisted:
This was VERY pleasant to read and I laughed a lot :lol:

And, sometimes, besides the either hardcore, normal or caricatural drawings, there are shots of really great art, showing us that Boichi can draw wonderfully when he wants it, cf. the Nekogirl chapter, my favourite, it felt like Masakazu Katsura, in a way :)

This manga has been very kindly brought to us by Weaper (editor), Prozess (translator) and Koro (proofreader) from the late SunKenRock.com website, and they were commissioned by Zathael and me :)
Really, thank you very much for all this work, and thanks for taking the initiative of organizing this, Weaper! :)
I must mention the Lupo chapter, done earlier, by Cannibal, AGL and Vampie117, from late Hentai-Enishi, and the Winters chapter done by Weaper (again!), Cresent and Bigtrollcumming from TrollScans, thank you too!

In case you still missed it so far : Boichi is the mangaka drawing the EXCELLENT non-adult manga called Sun-Ken Rock, and this is REALLY worth a read :)

The final word? HAHA-HOHO-*click*

By the same artist, I also share Space Chef Caisar (246 pictures), Personal Lesson Full Of Love and No means No.
The rest of Boichi’s works are non-adult, as the mangaka led (and continues leading) a most successful career. Among all of his works, I would encourage you to check out Hotel, perhaps the most unique and amazing of them all :)

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