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JK Enko ~ Kurosawa Mia No Baai (“JK-Enko, The Case Of Kurosawa Mia”) [English], by Tamagoro

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Look at her cheeky smile! A. Do. Ra. Ble :D

I wonder if many of the hentai fans are opposed to prostitution? I don’t want to bring politics in my blog if I can avoid it (I keep that privilege for twitter trolling), but, well, maybe it is possible to enjoy all those hentai mangas about highschool girls selling their bodies and still oppose the real world more shady practice, in which a proportion of the girls aren’t doing it of their actual free will and don’t keep the profit…
Personally, I’m all for it, some women won’t find a good job, and some men are just too fugly to hope to have a normal sexual life, while some other men want the juicyest girls and have too much money anyway.
You could even say professional life is full of shitty jobs in which we sell our health for crap money and end up wrecks before retirement age, isn’t it already selling away our bodies and self-esteem cheap every day? At least, let the cute girls and boys earn huge dough if they can with their body.
So, eh, it’s like grease in an engine, society works a little better in my eyes when prostitution isn’t fought.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I couldn’t resist and wrote a wall of text. Again.
I’m sorry ¬_¬

Oh, this share? A cute highschool girl proudly sells her body to rich customers, she hooks a prostitution virgin (first time paying for sex) and gives him the best sex of his life, they meet again on other times, and no-condom ending. Revolting blur mosaics censorship, but godly art, it’s still worth it for me ^^;;
Thanks to Constipat8 and Selcouth! :jap:

For more, I recommend you check The list of Tamagoro’s works on Hentairules!

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Boku No Oshiego Wa Bitch Gal (“My Students Are Slutty Gals”) [English, 108 pictures], a CG pictures set by Uo Denim

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Pity girls like that only exist in fiction ^^

A teacher finds two of his female students wandering in the streets, he confronts her, they forcibly invite themselves at his home, and the rest is exactly what you’d predict (unless you’re a sick fuck ;) ). More scenes follow now they’re fuckbuddies, etcetera.
No complications, happy go lucky sex, drawn with Ueno Denim’s excellent style (very meaty bodies, boobs bursting out of bras, cheeky smiles) but with the gross mosaics censorship of CG sets, I think it’s worth it ^^

Arkngthand is behind this release, many thanks! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Uno Denim, Selvage Fisheries and Serubitch Suisan, I also share Boku No Seishori Gakari Wa Ijimekko Gal (221 pictures), GuP Hside + GuP Hside+, S&N, FHO, Ride On Bitch, Get O~Ba~, ATG, My First Bitch Girl, Nuku Nuku Gyarux, Backside – She has two faces, 3230t Sukebe (“3230 Tons Of Slut”, what an AWESOME title!! :shock: ), TKO, Abazure Summer, Miss Bitch (a different version of Abazure Summer) and Bitch Frag.

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Kami-sama No Iu Toori (“As God Says”) chapter 2, + the chapters 1-2 in another Zip file [English], by Takatsu

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Guaranteed 100% censored thanks to Fucking Stupid Laws

I apologize, the chapter 2 of this series was released 2 weeks ago, but I forgot to share it at that time.
With my luck, the chapter 3 is going to be released tomorrow lol, and then fuck it I’ll share it as fast as possible, no more two weeks of delay :D

In Kami-sama No Iu Toori, a local god helps a male teenager with venting his anger at the people around him abusing his and his mother’s helplessness. Basically, he’s granted superpowers for revenge, and they’re all of a sexual nature.
In the chapter 1 it was a hot stern stingy MILF, and in the chapter 2 I share now, it’s a slutty gyaru. Weird sex, but good sex, in short, with lots of public humiliation to begin with.

I hope, in the end, that god will reveal a really fucked up keikaku, because why not :lol:
Release credits are for Secluded, Baha815 and Dynellen, thanks for the WTF read ^^

I retouched the chapter 1’s images (no need for that in the chapter 2): before / after.

For MORE, I recommend you The list of Takatsu/Takatu’s works on HentaiRules

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Gal Ga Dorei Ni Ochiru Made [English], by Tanenashi Miya

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RIP your public image, girl

“If this is in the name of justice, it’s okay to humiliate and mindbreak a bullying gyaru”. Basically :D
The story in Gal Ga Dorei Ni Ochiru Made revolves around the stereotypical magical hypnosis phone app that nobody but the male MC managed to hear about, one win for team otaku, and around revenge, with domination, humiliation, and public sex. You’ll have aheagos, weird huge boobs, decent not too censored sex, and for the rest, it’s up to you and your tastes ^^

We owe this release to Freudia and Crow Karasu Translations, thank you! :jap:

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Kokugo No Jikan Wa Bokki Suru (“I Got A Boner In Japanese Class”) [English], by Marui Maru

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Dayum, brothers and sisters.

Aaah, the magic of hentai. See here: a boy is laughed at because it was noticed in class he had a raging boner in his pants, and the girls laughed at him. His pride crushed, he stops coming to school. And so, in an admirable move of human kindness (and not because he probably had a massive tool, you creeps), every girl from his class comes to his house, to comfort him, etcetera ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
You won’t find me complaining, this is good group sex (9 girls!!), drawn rather well (with the usual idiosyncrasies, perfect heart-shaped bubble-butts, big breasts, smiling girls with a touch of gyaru, and this time today’s special is an hentaiburger), not Marui Maru’s best but still good, with quite tolerable censorship, why refuse to enjoy it ^_^

For more butts, Cf. The list of ALL Marui Maru’s works on Hentairules!

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Kinbaku Kyuukou (“Bondage On The Express”) [English], by Kumoemon

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Her twintails were a touch of genius

Justice is best served dripping inside.
In Kinbaku Kyuukou, a super hot gyaru with a rotten personality sees her past misdeeds punished. For several years now, she had been throwing false molestation accusations at innocent salarymen to extort money from them, not caring at all their lives were ruined in the process. This is chikan time, and this time I was cheering on the rapists =)

We’ve got ahegaos, shibari, dildo play, hard sex (double penetrations), verbal abuse (my favourite quote: “A scummy, slanderous woman, who’s lower than my smegma, is calling my cock gross?!” – what is it, with the Japanese and smegma?!? :lol: ), this isn’t light. But, eh, it was a good chikan manga, precisely :)

It’s been released by CrowKarasu and Selcouth, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Junyou Kanmusu Ikemesu Shibari and Osanajimi Wo Yattsukero.

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Joushiki Daha! Kuro Gal Bitch-ka Seikatsu [English, 189 pictures], by Inoue Nanaki

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That must have been a weird tatoo job session

When you look at what ganguro girls (or black gyarus) look like in the real world, I tell myself the hentai mangas are very kind to them, and portray them under a very advantageous light.
And then there’s the present share, that does the opposite, at first representing them in a more realistic manner, technically, but going further and, I don’t even know how to say it properly, turning them into WTF dark-skinned hentai monsters. Drug addicts, cock addicts, vulgar, with zero self-esteem – in my eyes: pathetic wrecks, but if you disagree, to each his own.

The themes will be either mindbreak or willingly consented abandon of whatever made the girls a proper person, in various setups ending, always, with the girls now ganguro junkie sluts :wall:
So, yeah, I reckon this is very hardcore, hardly even censored, and done mostly well (with plenty royal fuckups, like this cubist face for instance, wtf), but this isn’t for me. If YOU, you love it, hey, good for you.

Release credits are for Mysael, Dark Mac, N04h, Axalon and Eiri, thanks for those who enjoyed it!

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