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KYKY [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Haikyuu series, by Manga Super (AKA Nekoi Mie)

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Managing hard, I see

Shimizu and Yachi, two female chars from the Haikyuu series, perform their duties as volley ball club managers.
… yeah, they fuck the boys, what else were you expecting, actual club management?? :D

The drawings have a pleasantly crude side to them, with the censorship not getting too much in the way (multiple thin black bars that reveal enough to automatically get a clear picture). We’ve got oral, vaginal sex and double penetration. A certain “WTF am I reading” feeling comes here and there, but it’s good enough, I hope you’ll like it :)
Release credits are for yowacrux, from Glittering Translations, thank you! ^_^

A note about file sizes. Originally, I got this doujinshi as a 162 MB large archive, containing images that were 6067 px high. I don’t know for you, but unless you’re into manga editing as a professional, I don’t see anyone needing that size, so I allowed myself to resize the images to 3000 px, allowing the .zip to now only claim a much more reasonable 32 MB on disk.

For MORE works by Nekoi Mie/Manga Super, Cf. the list of all his shares!

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Karasuno JoshiMane Ryoujoku High Ace [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Haikyuu series, by Narusawa Sora

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Fucking SIGH

A highschool girl (Shimizu, from the Haikyuu series) is taken by a group of lowlives and raped, and then blackmailed to deter her from speaking about it to anyone or refuse to let it happen again.
I detested the story, but I must reckon the drawings are quite good, and I can make an effort from times to times to share graphically quality content that is outside of my comfort zone.

Enjoy this sick shit if that is your kind of sick shit, so to say, me, I’m done and moving to another post ^^
Oh, and thanks to Cgrascal for the release!

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