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Ame Yo Muchi Yo, Yumi To Gen (“Carrots And Sticks, Bows And Arrows”) [English], by Igumox

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

Nice, right? :3

I’m not too much into stern, cold-looking women, who take pleasure in dominating the man they love and controlling his ejaculations, but I’ll reckon it’s not antagonist with vanilla either.
So, yeah, here’s a vanilla story featuring a dominating girl, she’s in archery club and the boy she likes will accept her all, until at last they’re equals in mating, to sum it up a lot ^^

It’s been released by Hive-san, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Boku Dake No Yuuyami (“Only My Twilight”, 205 pictures), Muramata-san No Himitsu 1-3 (85 pictures), Backstage, Sobaya No Haru-san and Atashi No Kachi.

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Seisai Kuubo No Shinkon Ryokou (“The Carriers’ Honeymoon Vacation”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Kashiru (circle Inaba Tea House)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

Apparently, the mangaka completely forgot to censor that panel. Not gonna complain :D

No more overthinking. This time, I fancied a fap’n’go volume in which no further discussions are necessary, it’s just good sex between good-looking people.
Here comes thus a very pleasant Kancolle doujinshi, in which the Admiral is married to two of the carrier shipgirls, Akagi and Kaga, and they spend the night having sex in an onsen =)

The censorship is quite moderate, the art reminded me of Nanase Mizuho and Tachibana Omina (meaty women with strong curves), I had a good time reading it, and I hope you’ll love it too :)
It’s been scanlated and released by an ehentaier called The Pepsi, thank you! :jap:

It’s been released by Feeed, Rapid and Lenzchen, from Feeed Translations, thanks a lot! :jap:

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Ore No Hajimete Wa Senpai Ni Ubawaretai!! (“I Want Senpai To Take My First Time!!”) [English], by Saemon (circle Tonpuuratei)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Even during sex, she has a gentle expression

Haaaa, good vanilla hentai, healing the soul since the existence of printed hentai. I’ll never get enough ^___^

Here, we’re in a version of the hentai world in which adults are good people with positive personalities. Don’t get me wrong, not the “positive” kind of persons you want to greet with a metal chair to the face, the ones who make you feel like a shit in comparison to the brilliance they eagerly throw in your face (one of the reasons I dislike most social networks TBH). No, simply, good persons, with a kind soul, who see no reason not to help and be kind.
I know, it sounds, and is, stereotypical, but it’s so rare, I enjoy it when there’s hentai like that :)

A super brief summary, it’s love finally blooming between two office workers. Read the details yourselves, huhu. No, come on, just read it, you’ll feel good about life for a worty while.
I allowed myself to slighly retouch the images, to grayscale them (they had a very light reddish tint, on most of the pages) and clean a tiny bit the surfaces (more and it would have been far too easy to overdo it and murder innocent pixels, with my just average skill.)

It seems it’s been scanlated and released by an ehentaier called Bigbro000, thank you! :jap:

I bet you want more? Don’t miss The list of Saemon’s works on Hentairules!

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Houkago Dorei Club +1 (“After-School Sex Slave Club +1”) [English, 203 pictures], by Tuna Empire

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

A sperm café. What a great idea :D

Sometimes, you’re reminded Japan is the country of the weird stuff. And among the creators of weird stuff, there’s this guy making the rest look basic and normal, Maguro Teikoku, AKA Tuna Empire :D
Sometimes, Tuna Empire will make weird stuff that creeps me out (like his Island volumes), sometimes it’s the full-on crazy comedy (I’m forever a fan of Viva Freedom), and there’ll be the middle ground we see today, in which all the sex is normal and nobody takes anything badly, with bits of comedy to give us good smiles :)

How to say… In this Houkago Dorei Club +1 Japan, being a female sex slave is a title one can be legitimately proud of, that is respected and praised, even by the boys. Hetero and yuri sex is fully OK, vaginal, anal, DP, dildos on women, full orgies, the girls are always ready and willing, nothing is wrong, ever ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
It’s not just female sex slaves all the time, a good number of times the girls are the customers and the boys are here to serve them, you’d see the idea? Slavery doesn’t equal superiority, it’s give and give, somehow ^^

There weren’t lots of actual WTF contents, nor a lot of comedy, but at least, please don’t miss the hazmat suits in the end, okay? :lol:

We owe this release to Crueltax, Nekohime, Baran and Zoneling, from Hennojin, thank you very much!! :jap:

For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares

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Hajimete No Hitozuma [English, 241 pictures], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 11 comments

In hentai, when there's more volume in a single boob than in the entire cranium, it's a bad sign, be on your guard

And with that, I’m sharing the last complete English manga that The Outside Source has sent me. Once again, man, thank you so much =)

The obligatory explanation and warning in case you missed it the previous times: what The Outside Source does is compile.
Look: there’s an artist’s full volume, a tankoubon (a definition is here, if necessary), and one may match its contents with multiple separate releases from the scanlation scene. Some of those releases may have used the tank’s images, some other of those releases may have used earlier versions of the images, either from magazine scans or magazine digital versions.
In the present case, some chapters look like they’re from tank sources, or at least sport very little censorship, some others chapters are fully uncensored, and some others bear abominable blur mosaics – quite the mixed bag.
It’s possible a full-tank version will exist in the future, of that, I have no idea (but hey one can always hope), in the meanwhile you now have The Outside Source’s cleanly compiled version :)

Today, it’s Shinozuka Yuuji’s Hajimete No Hitozuma :)
In terms of “compilation”, 2 chapters are new to me, the rest used to be shared separately.

I’m a huge fan of the art, but less of the scenarii. The manga is made of short and medium-sized stories, and the two thirds of them were based on this embarrassing and infuriating combo, when the men are low-grade scumbags who fantasize about impregnating a woman who isn’t theirs, and women who are braindead from the get go and lose what little IQ they had after an orgasm or two. So, yeah, regular sex behind the hubby’s back, superior dick conquering, the smug smiles of the male MC you’d want to erase with a metal chair… The usual. If you like it, it’s rather well delivered, culminating in a “bully superfucks the bullied’s mother” rage-generating netorare chapter, grrr.

But, hey, there are a few good stories here and there, too, like for a third of the pages, featuring among others the angel of slutty gyarus, a wonderful girl with a heart-warming smile, huhu.
And in terms of art, that was fucking GOLD, with an uncensored chapter to make it even better.

Now, I felt I didn’t write a long enough wall of text, so: 3 chapters have alternate versions, in full-colour, and decensored, that had no place inside the present grayscale volume despite their superior quality.
You can find them here: Delivery SexOyako No Omoi – Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku.

Many people contributed to the scanlation of the chapters, thank you very much, to all of them! Hoping I forget nobody, these kind persons are, unordered list, Dynellen, Axalon, Cabirtmann, Wuzapp, Hoary, CellTF, Mysael, N04h, Herzer, Ocho-H, Palaxius, Dark Mac, DerEX, MrWayne, WuzappSubjho, Anon, Desudesu and NekoHime27 :jap:

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Hiroshi is a mistranslation from the past, and additionally, the similar-sounding Shinozuka Jouji – 醸二 – is a different mangaka.) Those works are, to this day: Hitozuma Life (214 pictures), One Time Gal Zenpen (in its full-color Uncensored version, while the still censored version of it now belongs in the Hitozuma Life tank), and lastly there are uncensored full-colour alternate versions of some chapters of the presently shared Hajimete No Hitozuma: Delivery Sex, Oyako No Omoi, and Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku.

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Shitei Koukan (“Fucking Sisters In Succession”) [English, 195 pictures], by Shimotsuki Juugo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

The start of an adventure of discovery. Who am I kidding :D

Yummy! ^^
This share has a definive Tuna Empire vibe, the events and action are absurd, only a handful of brain cells are involved, but it’s all fun and games, so why not enjoy and stop bothering ourselves with pointless questions :lol:

I still owe you guys a summary, though. The manga is made of a main story arc, and two middle-size stories.
The main arc: 2 middle schoolers (I was on the edge, here, tag it as shota or not) don’t dare to try to have sex with their sisters, incest is bad. So they’ve got this 300 IQ idea, they’ll trade sisters for their first time. Eventually, wincest becomes the new sexy anyway, however the sisters are competitive and strive to get better, which will involve various feats and a massive pool orgy, as their strong sex drive is contagious ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
And in the second half, there are 2 unrelated stories of average length, about a librarian and a competitive skater and her suit that triggered wrong memories.

Graphically speaking, it’s got its up and downs, but mostly ups. I’m a huge fan of cheeky smiles and twintails, of huge breasts, of anal sex, so I’ve had my fill, in addition the censorship was almost always low.
Well, enough written, I hope you’ll like it! ^___^

I’m not sure how Dynellen and Doujins work together on this, but anyway, release credits are for Doujin-Moe and Dynellen, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Inniku Hanten.

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Haha Wa Buzama Ni Koshi O Furu ~ Gogo No Seibo-Tachi [English, 189 pictures], by Sink

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

The best part in sharing this manga is right now: I'm finally fucking done with it. Worst 15 minutes of the day.

After reading a manga like that, I feel like rincing my brain with disinfectant and shoving a 3000 watts UV light up my butthole for final safety: just to be sure I won’t have to read it again. Urgh, I feel unclean.

In this manga’s universe, nobody is clean, pure, everybody’s come corrupted from the start. Normal-looking characters will suddenly make weird faces with scary eyes (examples available on pages 11 and 100) and a lost expression, offering themselves for degrading sex, etcetera.

And so, in the manga’s main arc (almost two thirds of the pages) we watch a two MILF sisters, one with a son and daughter, the other with just a son, and basically corruption runs triumphant, women bask in self laughing and yearn for more sexual abuse to drown themselves in pleasure, blah, blah, blah.
I mean, if you like that stuff, it’s totally OK with me. But in my eyes, it stank to death.

Thanks to Dynellen and Doujin-Moe for this release! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Chief’s Job.

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