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Ero Sukebe Power! E.S.P.! Volume 2 [English, 192 pictures], by Ozaki Akira

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

And now I wonder, has Ozaki Akira already drawn a woman WITHOUT an XXXXL pubic hair bush?

Colour me impressed for the second time, regarding Ozaki Akira.
With this second volume of “Ero Sukebe Power”, we have once again been gifted with BOTH
– hardcore hard only bearing a tiny bit of censorship (black bars not hiding much, instead of the usual lightsabers and complete whiteout)
– a full-volume scenario, now spanning across 2 volumes :shock:

When you like Ozaki Akira, this is a godsend. Thank you so much for the effort, Ozakifan, you rule :twisted:

In case you’re new to the series, please start with the volume 1. To sum it up, we started by following a young man in an academy for people gifted with supernatural powers, and of course it turned out that being aroused was the key factor to improving their skills. Come now the volume 2, the male MC has started working, using his powers to protect peace, and still improving his control over them (while fucking left and right non-stop :lol: ).

I hope you’ll like the read, to me, it’s the best the mangaka can offer :)

Fore more, don’t miss The list of Ozaki Akira’s works on Hentairules!

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Shiori Sensei Wa Ochinchin No Sodateya-san (“Shiori-Sensei, The Nurturing Nurse Collection”) [English, 206 pictures], by Agata

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Come on, there was no way I could resist

The cover: “This is a story of sexual love with a school nurse and the growth of a boy’s penis


That’s actually the “engine” behind the story here, a middle schooler trains at getting a bigger penis with his school’s nurse, apparently the more sex you have with the more partners, the bigger the dick gets, or so the nurse said
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Anyway. Here’s a new Agata tank. Which means good-looking meaty ladies looking like they’re 30 years old, having decent-to-great vaginal sex with tolerable amounts of white bar censorship, showing praiseworthy beautiful entranced faces, with – this is where we collectively sigh – shotaboys.

I’d say the art looked a bit less great than usually with Agata, wouldn’t you agree? Otherwise, same deal as usual, so do whatever you want with this release ;)
Credits are for Kuenzel, thank you! :jap:

You want more? I got more!! See The list of Agata’s works on Hentairules!

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Ero Sukebe Power! E.S.P.! Volume 1 [English, 193 pictures], by Ozaki Akira

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

Military training.

–Update: and now, there’s a volume 2! :)

A volume by Ozaki Akira, with TOLERABLE amounts of censorship?!?
Only a few bars, instead of huge-ass lightsabers or complete whiteout removal?!?
And a scenario that is interesting enough to keep me, well, interested, until the very end?!?

Boys, girls, apache helicopters and all fairy tale things, here’s perhaps the best Ozaki Akira manga I have read so far, hurry up in case it’s a case of collective hallucination that may not last :D

To sum it up, in Ero Sukebe Power, we’re in an alternate version of the hentaiverse in which a small minority of people developed a wide range of super talents (not at a superpower/quirk MHA sauce level, still), and we follow the newest recruits at an academy for promising young men and women.
Needless to say, being aroused is the key to unlocking everybody’s hidden potential, the army and government encourage them as they see military and spying potential, plots and rivalries abound…

And graphically, you have vaginal sex and a few DPs, with various men and women, with “only” white censorship bars that failed to hide too much, nice!

It was a fun read ^^ Not fully comedy oriented, but plenty of small dialogues gave me renewed smiles, my favourite perhaps being the “You are naked, and my bazooka is about to fire!” that totally caught me off guard, huhu :lol:

You still have the Ozaki Akira fundamentals, all those fmiles, and behaviours that would be called harassment and assault in our real world, that here are merely common courtesy and would be candidly described pulling one’s leg. But to a lesser degree than usual!!

I hope you’ll love this read, again, I think it’s the best Ozaki Akira release so far, so THANK YOU very much to Ozakifan for the release, I’m grateful :)

Fore more, don’t miss The list of Ozaki Akira’s works on Hentairules!

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Dorei Saimin ~ Sanbiki No Mesubuta [English, 260 pictures, Uncensored!], by Minor Boy

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Coming up with westernized versions of SFXes must require a certain amount of creativity

I had big expectations from the few preview pictures I opened, until reality hit me like a brick wall: that wasn’t going to be a manga I would remember fondly.

Dorei Saimin ~ Sanbiki No Mesubuta is about women working in television, falling prey to an evil mastermind using the almighty power of hypnotism. For him, women certainly don’t need dignity and self-esteem. With an accomplice (who I’ll quote: ““Fujiko-san, welcome… Today is a memorable day, you will cease to be human…:roll: ), he works tirelessly at turning women into his private sows.

The ending was creative at least, but… yeah. I wouldn’t recommend this theme for everyone. Me, I sighed far too often.

Graphically, I’ll mention the manga is fully uncensored (hats off O_o), and there are a few creative and/or worthy panels, although the average quality is rather low in my point of view.

Well, see for yourselves, but you’ve been warned.
Release credits (translating, typesetting, however no idea who made the decensoring) are for Lodhel, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Gakuen No Nie (225 pictures).

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Haha To Ko No Kanbi Na Choukyou Kouza [English, 204 pictures], by Onikubo Hirohisa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

A brief moment of peace in which the story forgot to suck

With Onikubo Hirohisa, you can know in advance what you’ll get.
It’s like… It’s driven hentai, the mangaka isn’t only here to depic porn, women have to be treated like shit, men have to be treated like shit, and trust has to be destroyed, because yay! corruption or something.

Graphically, this is also the typical Onikubo Hirohisa. If you can put aside the worst panels with too much abuse for you to bear (or if you like it, of course, and then bless you you lucky freak, you’re going to enjoy that fap session!), there’s actual praiseworthy skill, and the amount of censorship could hardly be lower.
I gave up after something like 60 pages, so, erm… deal with it, see for yourselves :D

Thanks to whoever is behind this release, thanks remain an order!

By the same artist, I also share Tsukurareta Shisen (175 pictures), Trick-Ster (185 pictures), Hakudaku No Yami (190 pictures), Ingoku No Kyotou ~ Kemono-tachi No Kyouen (212 pictures), Seijuu Kyoushi ~ Boshi Haramase No Niku Wana (212 pictures) and a short works collection (A Collection of Young Ladies + Day or Revival + Distorted Portrait).

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Hinamix [English, the Complete version!, 351 pictures], by Ryoh-zoh

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

That girl is the rule34 of an actual hourglass

Last year, I shared a 75 pictures long “Hinamix volumes 1-2-3”, and then, well, things ended here.
With some delay, I’m glad I can provide a replacement, the COMPLETE Hinamix series, now 351 pages long in total :)

And to sum it up: carefree comedy hentai, INCOMING! ^^

The story begins as the male members of a student council are peeking at panties: that gave the tone away, everybody’s easygoing, and there’s a sense of ambient comedy :)
A girl joins the council, she’s busty, sports a splendid hourglass figure, she’s a total airhead, and she’s the perfect catalyst: the student council members, male and female, will have sex more freely than ever before, in multiple combinations, huhu.

The art was good, but not more than that, the thick censorship bars didn’t help.

In terms of reading pleasure, the overall feeling I subjectively got, that was quite high. I was fond of how easy it was for the characters to enter sex mode, how funny little things could turn out, how the mangaka depicted the cheerful dialogues between the characters. It may not be an unforgettable read, but the mood was lovely :)
I’ll add bonus points for the little gimmick in the end, almost resulting in a 4th wall being broken…

Thanks a lot to EroGPx, Mariannana and Donrandom! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love To Like EZR (202 pictures, an excellent hardcore comedy).

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Futanari Okami no Namahame Hanjouki [English, 166 pictures], by Kamotama

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments


Okay, the cover for this manga is awful, with the horrible censorship, but the contents are significantly better, it’s a relief ^^

Here’s a fine futanari hentai manga, about a traditional inn lost deep in remote mountains, in which the proprietress and her maid will gladly welcome female customers. And, one way or another, end up banging them with their futa dicks :D

The manga combined multiple plot ingredients. We start with sex that heals the soul, move on to carefree banging, proceed to punishing a dishonest streamer, and finish with a nice threesome starring a dark-skinned saleswoman. There will occasional comedy moments, no complications, hardly any worry, it’s an easy but not too shallow read, in my opinion :)

Graphically, again, I beg you, forget this horrible cover, the inside is much better. There are only a few small censorship bars here and there, nothing more, and for the rest, the art is, objectively, real good in my eyes, even the futanari aspect (with its obligatory idiosyncrasies and excesses) was decently delivered.

We owe this release to Local Oaf, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futanari Yodoushi Hatsujou-ki (183 pictures).

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