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Akiko-San To issho UP TO DATE REPACK: the Volumes 1-10 (Uncensored, Re-translated, high res), 11-21 and 24, by Mitarashi Club (AKA Mitarashi Kousei), in total: 22 volumes, 771 pictures :)

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In one word: BUCKETS.

Boys, girls, aliens, this is the post in which I’m repacking the complete Akiko-san To Issho series (today as I write it, in English), by Mitarashi Kousei :)
With occasional delays (*cough*) I’ll keep this repack updated over time.

To avoid grandiloquent speech, I’ll just say this is the best MILF hentai series there has ever been. Akiko-san, a 30-or-so widow living with her daughter and nephew, Yuuichi, is the pinnacle of MILFs: cute, childish at times, mature every other time it matters, with a splendid body, a nice braid, a perfect hourglass figure, god-tier round heavy breasts, and, simply said, the most perfect butt I have yet to witness in hentai :twisted:

We’re treated to multiple slices of life of Akiko-san and Yuuichi, with adorable vanilla, heart-warming moments of mutual love, mutual care, and steamy hot vaginal sex. The mangaka enjoys rebooting again and again their first time, experimenting with variations on the pivotal moment in which the series branches away from the original Kanon visual novel, though…

I hope you may enjoy it, and, as I always say, may MILF love never end :twisted:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…

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Akiko-San To issho Volumes 02-10 [English, UNCENSORED, RE-TRANSLATED and HIGH RES versions, 315 pictures], by Mitarashi Club (AKA Mitarashi Kousei)

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Huhu, I opted for a cute picture rather than a super hardcore one ^^

Aaaaaaaaand here come the decensored volumes 2-10 of my beloved Akiko-san To Issho series! :kickass:

I owe you my apologies, I’m super late in sharing those decensored Akiko-san To Issho volumes. To place it into a context, they have been released by Belldandy100 (he decensored and retranslated + reedited them, hats off!!), but I had no idea how many of the volumes he was planning to make, and I didn’t want to share a repack that would almost immediately become obsolete as a new volume would have come out… So I decided to wait a bit and see if he was going to do them all, or take a break at some point….
And then I simply forgot about it. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, chain me to a radiator and yell at me in German.
Time to catch up, at long last! :D

Those ten volumes might be the very best Mitarashi Kousei has to offer.
– In terms of drawing quality, the images are in excellent quality, in high resolution, and uncensored, it can’t get better.
– In terms of drawing choices, we enjoy plenty of different outfits on the best MILF in the entire multiverse, and man does she look absolutely gorgeous, our Akiko-san. Her ass might be the best I have ever (yep: EVER!) seen in hentai.
– In terms of scenario too, instead of an Nth reboot of the first time Yuuichi and Akiko become lovers, we get better, plenty of slice of life moments in which the aunt and nephew are lovers and the people around smile at how cute they are, making their love life easier :)

Enjoy the best MILF hentai has to offer, my dear pervs, and in tonight’s prayers, don’t forget to thank Belldandy100 ^____^

As I intend to write as long as I live, may MILF love never end :twisted:
For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…
And of course, you have my Akiko-san To Issho full repack ;)

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Akiko-San To issho Volumes 21 and 24 [English], by Mitarashi Club (AKA Mitarashi Kousei)

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Oh god, thanks for the booty

Allright, so, here are the 2 latest Akiko-San To Issho volumes that were released and that I had not shared yet, #21 and #24. Inb4 you ask, yeah, the volumes 22 and 23 aren’t translated yet, deal with it ^^

The volume 21 is yet another reboot. At first I felt the mangaka started to go in circles and stopped evolving, but after a while, I told myself that had been the artist’s focus from the beginning, taking the canon Kanon story, and make it stray into his own hentai. I may prefer slices of life with 2 adults already lovers, but the mangaka prefers otherwise. How to say… what was truly important for Mitarashi Kousei wouldn’t be how things go on for years and years, but that pivotal moment when they branch off, like unlocking a new route in the Kanon visual novel game….

The volume 24 felt a bit lacking in the drawing department, and it’s a pity, as time travel is involved and the male hero, Yuuichi, is transported back to when Akiko-san was still a highschooler, their alchemy works and they’re lovers again. Which makes for fine highschool uniform fetish :3

I hope the 2 new volumes will be to your taste, thanks a lot to Moroboshi Yuumei and RoadWarrior2! :jap:

For MORE, Cf. The list of Mitarashi Club’s works…
And of course, you have my Akiko-san To Issho full repack ;)

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Sister Taste [English], by Ran Hiryuu

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Her body does the talking, let's say?

Sometimes, an easy story in which it’s not necessary to think is fine, too :)
Here, let’s introduce an overprotective brother, and a sister who can’t achieve anything by herself and feels the need to rely on her bro (that was the weird creepy part, maybe, she’s seriously not talkative and the brother has to fill in the speech bubbles – every speech bubble). The rest is rather good hentai, drawn with Ran Hiryu’s style ^^

Thanks to Amoskandy for this one! :jap:

By Ran Hiryuu (but these days I see “Hiryuu Ran”), I also share Mamma Mia (182 pictures), Mamama (186 pictures), Inyuuzuma No Soto (211 pictures), On A Distant Island 1-4, Mitsu No Getsu 1-3, Karma, and Ha-Ha.

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Hitozuma Moto Doukyuusei Ni Namachuu (“Married Woman Creampied By A Former Classmate”) [English], by Hi-Per Pinch

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Allow me to reassure you, they give up on condoms afterwards

Immoral, hot, intense, deliciously crude… Niiiiiiice!! :twisted:

In this manga, a hot wife meets a highschool male friend during a class reunion, the discussion quickly becomes sexual, she mentions her husband is losing drive and interest and she still can’t get impregnated to have a baby, and a pair of pages later they’re at a hotel ^^;;
Forget morality, okay, it’s all about having worry-free intense sex, both anal and vaginal, frequently at the same time with the help of a dildo :)

The censorship hardly got in the way, and the drawings’ intensity went through the roof all along, I can’t complain :3
I hope you’ll love the read, thanks a lot to Friggo!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Service Time (Uncensored), NMB – Nudist Mud Beach, Nano Da Ze, a pack of 3 works (Asa Na Yuu Na Yarippa + Hentaito + Yukariko Kikuko 17), Ore No Serio Ga Konna Ni Untarakantara Naunau and a BIG pack of 10 works (0 Plus Minus 0 + Celebrating Serio + DoGU Family + Double Twin Tails + Eromero MIX + Iis interactive IN-NYO system + Makenrou + Nagato’s Keeper + Tondekke Hishou Kassou Tsubasa + Witherless Flower).

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Homestay [English, Uncensored and complete, 159 pictures], by Kusatsu Terunyo

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As annoying as it gets, it looks glorious

Racist, Japan? Hell yeah. Worse shit released later made me lower my standards, but, still I have little good to say of this Homestay series.

A quick summary, if you will, it’s about a black male teenager spending a year in Japan among a typical family. By “typical”, I mean the men are naive herbivores while the housewife is a total MILF who will love feeling guilty enjoying the huge BBC she’s offered. The family’s son has, also, a girl itching to become his girlfriend, but how much do you think she’ll resist against the call of black dick?
And chapter after chapter, it’s the same setup, the black male teen is welcomed warmly, shows a friendly open face to everyone, and cleverly brainwashes the two women ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The art isn’t ranting material, at least. Kusatsu Terunyo has skill and experience, and while I facepalm too hard to find myself able to fap, I must acknowledge it’s quite good as long as the theme is OK for you.

The drawings used to be disfigured by full whiteout censorship, and tonight, I saw a new decensored version has been released. You know what? That’s what convinved me to finally see Homestay to its end, before that, I had simply given up on reading or sharing its latest chapters, it was disgusting me.
So, yeah, thanks to Mr.x1, the Hennojin team, Kusanyagi and StarzDremer, and whoever else contributed too but whose credits mention I missed.

By the same artist, I also share Tengoro (167 pictures), Ane Haha (193 pictures), Sonotoki, Kanojo Wa (215 pictures.)

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Boku No Hajimete Agechau No (“I Want You To Be My First”) [English], by Behind Moon

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Too many dicks for my tastes, but to each his own

Has my reluctance to opening Behind Moon releases (“oh no, pls not another WTF borderline-disgusting Dulce Report sequel”) made me miss more works like this one?
Here is a work shortly following or preceding Ushiro No Futa-Ko-San (I’d bet on following, but I’m not sure), featuring the same two main protagonists, two female futanari highschool girls, and this time the third-party is another girl, former school mate, etcetera…

There are no complications, no worries, good futanari sex if you love futanari hentai, with the mangaka’s talent that oddly enough seems out of place when the storyline isn’t fucked up, enjoy! :lol:
Thanks to FutaRisette, again, for this Behind Moon release :jap:

By Behind Moon, I also share Dulce Report 1-14 (Uncensored version), DR II episodes 1-6, Morning Practice 0(Love)-15, Phallic Girls 1-3 (Uncensored version), Phallic Girls 4 (Uncensored version), Phallic Girls 5-6 (Uncensored version), Futanari Erection Girl (185 pictures), Fuck Bang Juuketsu-Chan, Ushiro No Futa-Ko-san, Nyotaika Clinic, Yamato 2199 Alternative, a pack of 2 works (BehindMoon Recycle + Glass Fire) and Watch Me Maria-Sama.
(Side note: I should call the mangaka “Q” or “Dulce Q”, but old habits refuse to die.)

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