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Kyou Koso Nukou Ne Kanjou Sen (“Today I’ll Tell Him How I Really Feel”) [English, 49 pictures, this is 2 chapters long], by Onapan

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Her face looks cuter in the rest of the manga, I'm starting to tell myself. Oh well.

There’s cuteness in this two-chapter release. Vanilla requires a certain amount of character development, of dialogues and plot, while here, well, frankly, in Kyou Koso Nukou Ne Kanjou Sen this is mostly sex all along, so maybe I should call it “faint vanilla” or something ^^ But, nah, we still get the idea, the two youngsters who finally figure out they’re in love after three years had their moment of blushing and of feeling the mirth, so I’ll say it’s vanilla, period :D

Anyway, this is it, a locker room confession, no more awkwardness, and then, bam, sex, more of it, plenty more of it. You won’t find me complaining, the art is on the good side, especially during the multiple missionary moments, yum :twisted:

Here’s to hoping you’ll enjoy this release! My thanks go to Tolkaz, @Multipoke, Hugs and Nitro :)

By the same artist, I also share Sleep An Adult.

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