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Nakadashi 100-nin Dekiru Kana (“I Wonder If I Can Reach 100 Creampies”) [English, 214 pictures], by Taihei Tengoku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

Just gulp it already, HURRY UP!!!

A pair of weeks ago, I was contacted by a nice guy called TheOutsideSource, he made repacks of chapters that were released separately but eventually made complete volumes.
Unfortunately, with fakku chapters and project-H materials in the mix, I can’t share those, with just one exception, that I’m sharing right here ;)
So, TheOutsideSource, you have my sincere thanks for this!! :)

The present tank is made of a relatively small story arc, making about one third of the volume, and then of unrelated 1 or 2 chapters long stories.
That story arc was borderline gold with bonus comic relief potential, a man had the luck to receive a travel ticket to “Bitch Island”, a remote island with a 99% female population in which men are revered. To quote the male MC: “A country that rapes men in the middle of the street. Am I in heaven?:lol:

Graphically, that’s Taihei Tengoku for you: tons of healthy meaty women, several of them plump, with giant boobs and enthusiastic faces, having hardcore intense sex with a broad smile :3 Some chapters bear massive black bar censorship, while most others are mostly okay, I felt.

Enjoy, my dear pervs! And thanks a lot to TheOutsideSource, SakuLens, Fated Circle and Garass! :jap:

By the same artist… Ah, this time it’s complicated. Honestly, I can’t escape dealing with it, but I bloody detest it, as it makes dealing with collections a huge pain in the ass.
There are two entirely separate things.
– Taihei Tengoku (the artist called like that)
– Circle Taihei Tengoku (a group of different mangakas united under the same brand, namely Horikawa Gorou and Aratamaru)
By the artist, I also share Enjyo Kosai (221 pictures), Pai Fella Lady (233 pictures), Isekai Bitch Ga Tokyo Ni Yattekita, and Misaki Fight G.
By the circle, be it the mangaka Horikawa Gorou or the mangaka Aratamaru, I share Haramu Made Okashite Kudasai (204 pictures), Zone 44, a (nameless?) Super Mario RPG hentai doujinshi and Night Head Harlock (Uncensored version).

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Bokutachi Wa Saimin Kakatte Benkyou Dokorojanai (“We Never Learn Under Hypnosis”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the We Never Learn series, by Eitarou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Rizu is Rizu, but no man on this Earth can stop me from picking the tanlines and bubble butt

Me, 20 years ago: shonen mangas are so cool!
Me, today: romantic comedies breathe life in me!
What will it be, 20 years from now? Isekai otome snuff battle royale? ^^;;

Anyway, back to the topic, thanks to hentai (as so often!), I’ve become an avid reader of the We Never Learn manga series (find it at your own favourite manga reader, or for recent chapters, I found Manga Plus also has a version that you can read in your web browser on your monitor, thanks heavens it’s not only on mobile as a phone app.)
And this share, here, is a deviation from We Never Learn, in which the girls try for fun a self-hypnosis app, and stop feeling embarrassed that they secretly want to be dicked hard by the series’ male MC, Nariyuki.
A few pages later, Nariyuki has been hypnotized too, and the 3 girls, him, and the 2 bonus sidechicks (pixie-chan, tsundere-teacher-chan, I forgot their names) are getting the Nariyuki Special ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The art was okay (side note, I cleaned the pics, the change is hardly noticeable), that was good enough for, erm, stuff, I’d say =)
Thanks a lot to HypnoMangaEditor! :jap:

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Lovemare Ge [English, 242 pictures], by Akatsuki Myuuto

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

I chose this pic for 2 reasons. The female MC deserved some exposure. And... DID YOU NOTICE THAT FOREHEAD HEIGHT?!? :D

Woot! Here is the sequel to Lovemare Jou! :woot:

In Lovemare, an openly perverted but good-natured guy gives shelter to a weird simpleton girl (and her ram) claiming to have magical powers, and, not a surprise, she HAS those powers. She makes the world similar to the numerous hentai mangas he drew, one after the other.

And thus, chapter after chapter, our male main character finds himself surrounded by a planet-sized harem, he’s the only male left, or women find it natural to greet him with free pussy, or he can freeze time, or they’ve become his cute imoutos, etcetera. His almost unique focus is his highschool female classmates, plus a few outside girls during a chapter.
And then, finally, around the end, plot makes a comeback, giving the manga’s close a cute touching side, all things considered.

Graphically speaking, that was fucking AWESOME. True, the mangaka is a bit “generous” when drawing backs on the boy and girls (they’re impossibly long, look at the male MC on page 104, that was the best :lol: ), but it’s just a detail, compared to the tons and tons of splendidly drawn vaginal sex, the cute girls with cute faces and beautiful slender hourglass figures, with very, very little censorship :twisted:

Enjoy, my dear pervs, enjoy! ^_^
And my great thanks go to Anon, Axalon, Job Truniht, Darkhellsing and Biribiri :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Beautiful Girls Club (“Bisyoujo Club”) volumes 1-2 (Tank version, 442 pictures), Lingua Franca (252 pictures, Uncensored), Dorei Usagi To Anthony (uncensored, 243 pictures), Lovemare Jou (250 pictures), Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo (213 pictures), Innocent ~ Shoujo Memoria ~ (202 pictures), Shoujo X3 the hentai anime – episode 1, and Moratorium Shounen X Shoujo.

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Mesuochi Z ~ Kyousei Ninkatsu Haigou Zukan [English, 235 pictures], by Hori Hiroaki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

That was the goddess of onaholes, allowing a worshipper to compare her pussy to the onaholes

Well, there we are, a new Hori Hiroaki tankoubon has been completed. Time to make sure you’ve got hankies nearby.

I’m both glad, because the art was EXCELLENT, very intense, hardcore (vaginal, anal, sex toys, fine meaty or slender bodies, hardly even censored), and blasé, as the story lines were as bland and disappointing as I was expecting.

In the end of the manga there’s a pair of chapters with comedy and originality (featuring onaholes goddesses bestowing gifts upon male humans who clearly don’t deserve them lol), but apart from that, the rest of the manga was confusing facepalm material. In my eyes, from my personal POV, etcetera.

The manga’s main theme is women happy to be broken by amazing orgasms, proudly seeking the path of the cum dump under the domination of a few Virile Men… Normally, that kind of theme makes me rage, but “fortunately”, this time it wasn’t so bad, most of the negative impact was lost on me because I felt it was poorly delivered, as it was hard to keep track of who did what (I was frequently under the impression the page order was messed up), so it ended up feeling kinda boring. A blessing in disgusise :lol:

Thanks to Doujin-Moe for the release! :jap:

(For more works by this artist, cf. The list of Hori Hiroaki’s works on HentaiRules)

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Ippai Itte Ne Yuusha-sama (“Please Cum Lots, Lord Hero”) [English, 190 pictures], by Fei (AKA Maidoll)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

A hard choice. The demoness, you can pull on her horns. The elf... well, she's an elf. HNNNG.

We’re in an heroic fantasy universe, in which there are demons, elves (here, called “fae”, for faerie) and humans. The male Hero is affected by a curse that turns him into a younger version of himself and afflicts him with near-endless sexual stamina.
On the rare occasions he is not drawn having sex with a castle’s maid, queen, knight, scientist, nun or demon queen (there’s not a single male in sight, save for himself, funny, eh?), the male MC will find there is a keikaku behind his curse, which will lead us to a surprisingly well-thought ending I had not seen coming.

Enough of the summary, who cared? ;) You’re getting thick hyper-fuckable babes, from meaty to plump (damn, that queen), with madly lusty faces, huge breasts, loving vaginal sex.
You may rant the male MC is a shota, the censorship is horrible, the mangaka takes frequent liberties with both anatomy and the laws of perspective (with sometimes weeeeird results), you’ll be right, but what can we do, deal with it :D

That’s an 11-chapters long complete story, 190 pages long, nice! It’s been scanlated by 3 persons/groups, namely: Cgrascal, Tigoris Translates, and Baran, Jac and Nekohime, from Hennojin. Thank you very much! ^_^

Moar! Don’t forget to check The list of ALL Fei/Maidoll’s works on Hentairules!

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Commons no Ma (“The Evil of Commons”) volume 4 [English], by Ink Complex (AKA Tomohiro Kai)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

It's not just me, right, the drawings are a bit more, how to say, sloppy?

Here’s a 4th volume to this pleasant Evil of Commons series. Featuring a new girl, a… wait, what? A dryad succubus? Combining the powers of trees and dream demons? Thus (possibly) explaining the weird translucent ramified horns over her head?!? O_o
Well, why not ^^

This new girl looks and is, technically, gentle. But she’s got a passionate side and uses badass magic to make sex feel awesome: each partner feels the partner’s pleasure in addition to his/her own, and sensitivity is enhanced (not like multiplying the pleasure, more like having no restriction anymore from feeling it fully.)
I have a feeling the drawings were a bit better in the previous volumes, but it’s still fairly good, so: enjoy! =)
And many thanks to Biribiri, Axalon, CellTF and MrWayne! :jap:

In case you need a summary of the previous volumes: In the volume 1, a succubus and a young human enter a mutually benefiting agreement, he gets the best sexfriend ever, she gets a quality regular food supply. Then, in the volume 2, a second succubus shows up, but it’s not a love triangle, she teaches him rougher forms of sex and shows him how to be manly and dominant in bed. The volume 3 goes back to near-vanilla with the two succubi.

Don’t miss The list of the works by Tomohiro Kai / Ink Complex on Hentairules!

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Hattoubun No Persona [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Persona 5 game, by Azukiko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

The female version of falling asleep after climax.

Ren/Joker faces a crisis, every of the women he’s been dating are gathered and finally figured out what’s been happening. And so, it’s time for punishment. Hentai punishment.

That was fairly great sex, the girls all had noticeably different body traits, there was plenty of vaginal sex to watch (38 pages in total), with not too obstrusive censorship… So, yeah, I hope this kind of release may please you folks ^^

We owe this one to Jerk, Axalon and Biribiri, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kawakami Sensei To Futaba No Himitsu Kojin Jugyou and Single Mother To Issho Ni – Boku No Mamakatsu 1.

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