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Wind Asschestra [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Hibiki! Euphonium series, by Natsuki Kiyohito

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I chose an image that kinda represented WTF sense of the doujinshi

I wanted to share this doujinshi the moment I read its title.
Wind Asschestra – damn :D

The doujinshi isn’t awesome TBH (starting with spanking = waste of pages, thick enough censorship bars to ruin a large part of the enjoyment), but there’s a funny WTF feeling as expected.
As for the rest, I’ll let you see, depending on your own tastes ^^

Thanks to Ditshick Translations and Tanjoubi for this release! :jap:

By the same artist (known as Natsuki Kiyohito, T Cop and Nyworks), I also share Jimiko To Ichinichijuu Sex vol. 2, Watashi Wa Dare No Mono, a pack of 4 works (Candy Lucky, Candy Heart, Nure Hana, Let’s Merge The Saved Data) and Yoko Moushiroha Suki Darake.

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Soshite Tsugi No Kiss Ga Hajimaru No Desu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the “Hibike Euphonium” series, by Kensoh Ogawa

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I have actually nothing to add, it feels weird

Here is a simple and agreable share, without a complex story, not trying to pull emotional levers. In Soshite…, simply, one of the girls from the Hibike Euphonium series, Kumiko Oumae, starts having sex with a young male teacher. There is a commendable focus on female pleasure, with actual foreplay, a first time that’s not being easy, then on another day the first orgasms, and at last, the first “big time” when you see stars.

The drawings deserve a similar form of praise, nothing extraordinary, simple and well-done. The girl looked much more realistic than your usual hentai babe (down to her natural pubes, pity she shaved in the end), and I liked that :twisted:
Enjoy! And many thanks to Mikakunin! ^_^

(Remember to view The List of ALL Kensoh Ogawa’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Chotto H Na Euphonium [English], an Hibike Euphonium hentai doujinshi, by Itoyoko

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If the English in that one sounds funky to your ears, please tell yourselves that is, still, the officially English-translated version, and not what was released first (I was going “WHAT THE FUCK” while reading it), a version in which the “scanlators” poured as many memes and jokes as they could. If it had been funny, I would have shared that other version, but, no (hey, to each his own, right ^^).

As for this share, two couples from the Hibike! Euphonium series (it’s got a visual novel, a manga and an anime), have sex. Yeah, thrilling, isn’t it ? :D Still, it does the job, huhu.

Thanks to Texasforever, Fuccboi-kun and Raccoon Orgy, from Sturdy Scans for this release! :jap:
By Itoyoko, I also share Safety Lodging House Utopian, Fucking, Cute And Lovely Bust Nurse, the funny Erobato Fuka, Slave Girls, Dragon Pink volumes 1-4 and the – frankly hyper lame – He is My Brutal Master 1-4.

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