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Boku No Kanojo O Shoukai Shimasu volumes 1-2 [English], a pack of two hentai doujinshi parodying the Hinabita series, by Shika Yuno

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The future is VR hentai in which there is the (paying) option to grab a (virtual) baseball bat and wreck the face of the male boyfriend.

There isn’t even a wikipedia page for this series, wow ^^;; Here is a pack of two doujinshi parodying “Hinatabi Bitter Sweets“, short name Hinabita. Relevant pages: here and (more detailed, but user unfriendly) there.

In those two volumes, one of the idols in Hinabita, Cocona Shinonome, falls into the hands of an abusive boyfriend. He’s a douche, he’s possessive, fucked up in the head, and if the girl he’s obsessed with can’t be his only or isn’t as pure as he dreamt, he’ll prefer to fuck her over to mark her as his own possession. Sigh.
Just like a typical Japanese hentai girl, Cocona lets herself be fucked over and over, enjoying the pleasure, etcetera, etcetera.

It made me rage a little, but I’ll have to reckon that graphically – if you can endure the countless thin black censorship bars – it looked pretty great. A milky welcoming body, if you see the idea.
Actually… I think I detest this for the same reason as netorare: because, unlike most fantasies you’ll see, here, this is something that CAN happen in real life, that can befall anyone unlucky enough… somehow, this is, well, threatening?
Ah well, your call!

Thanks to Aerozext for the scanlation! :jap:

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