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Kumo No I [English], by Iwasaki Yuuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

This image could serve as an "are you heterosexual or bi" test, at this point, lol

Oweeeeee. This is one of those shares I can NOT summarize. OK, I can tell this is about a woman fucking the delivery guy, allright, but no more than that.

Please simply take my advice: if you love the drawings and you want to fap… Don’t make the pleasure last. Let it goooo~~. Come quick.
Don’t wait for the two last pages.

Thanks to Nisor for this release, haha.
By the same artist, I also share Kaerimichi Nite (“On The Way Home”).

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Kaerimichi Nite (“On The Way Home”) [English], by Iwasaki Yuuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

The man has a seriously good baguette, to make it out of this booby trap

Niiiiice! It’s quite rare, hentai mixed with the shivers of horror :3
As any good horror story, it starts normally but you quickly suspect something is amiss. Hentai oblige, this will involve lots of sex with a hottie.
As for the conclusion… as if I was going to spoil it for you!

Good art, for the hentai part, not too censored, and, damn, those boobs!! :D
Thanks to =7BA= and Nova for this release, I loved it :)

By the same artist, I also share Kumo No I.

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Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri – Igyou Kaikitan [English, 223 pictures], an horror hentai manga by Jyoka

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 23 comments

I considered placing a spooky AF image on top of my post, but reconsidered, what of the people who will get seriously scared? ^^

Oh shit. Wow. I’m under a manic laughter right now, I can’t stop it, probably to protect myself – I was shaken :D

You know this feeling, after a good horror book or horror movie, when you’re glad you were scared to death? Bingo.
It’s strange, even. I don’t like horror mangas, the non-adult ones, I find them boring and lacking in intensity. They make me yawn.
But add sexuality and suddenly the soup thickens, the recipe works, the emotions become strong enough to overpower me and make me yield, I’m taken, I’m a captive, I have no choice but to read it and enjoy being creeped out :twisted:

So there we are, a uselessly long intro (sorry! My specialty!) for a horror hentai manga, with extremely intense sex (very graphical, with very little censorship, expect the women to be plump, busty and kinda realistic) and story twist after story twist.
Some stories were grotesque. Some were shocking. Some were disgusting (pages 144-168, the cow head chapter: I wish I didn’t read that one, honestly you may want to skip it). Some (yep, plural form) were beautiful and moving. Every single one of them was freaky as hell :shock: :D

Release credits are for Hentaicore.net for the scans, Saha for the chatper 3, RampantSerenity for the basis of the translation of the chapter 4, and everything else, translation and editing, to Mongolfier. Thank you, really. I’ll have a shitty night now, but it was totally worth it! =)
(Update: I didn’t know, it’s got an OVA O_o)

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