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OP-SEX [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the One Piece series, by Majimeya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

And you haven't seen her ass in hotpants yet

I wonder if it’s supposed to be weird, or healthy instead, but while I dig busty provocative ladies in general, with the One Piece series, I felt almost betrayed when Nami suddenly went from “normal girl” to “bimbo that escaped from a Brazzers flick”. That was… useless, I felt, taking the readers for horny zombies at best.
Nami’s still good for hentai and faps, but for the rest, to me she’s dead as a character.

Fortunately, here, it’s hentai, so it’s cool: here’s a volume in which she’s drawn rather closely to how she is in the real manga (after the time-skip phase), she brings an average hentai joe to her room and enjoys his dick, the end ^^
The art was good enough, not exceptional, but with a good feel matching the One Piece style, so let’s roll with it, shall we? =)

It’s been released by Raknnkarscans, thank you! :jap:

For the list of my Isao shares, please follow that link =)

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Necro Fantasia volume 1 [English], by Jack-Pot

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Trivia: I would have preferred to choose another picture, but I didn't want to throw a spoiler ^^

The title gave me a fright, but it’s actually a very good release we’ve got here, scenario-driven, with promise for revelations, plot twists and character progression. Mind you, it’s just a volume 1, so it’s not like we’ve got everything already.

And now, the usual dilemma for me, how much should I reveal of the plot after I’ve praised it. Too little and you may be wrongly encouraged to read something you may not like (the worst thing in my eyes, contrary to the very reason I have and love my hentai blog); too much and you’d lost a lot of pleasure reading and discovering things. Argh.

Allright. I’ll say we’re in an heroic fantasy world, following a small party made of apparently inept members, but – that much is obvious, right? – they have hidden skills, and not just in bed. Namely: the male MC, an impressively strong man despite his shota appearance; a petite girl who seems she doesn’t fear anything (my guess was: she must be OP), and a beautiful, healthy, busty, braided female party leader with a cheeky smile, rough manners but a good nature below the ragged surface.
For the rest, see for yourselves ^^

In pure hentai terms, it’s good although a bit creepy at times, the mangaka’s skill shone all through every sex scene, hats off. However, sorry for the bad news, there’s huge whiteout censorship.

It’s been released by Crow Karasu Translations, thank you very much! ^_^
(And now, I wonder, as I’m late to sharing it because of the title that deterred me from reading it, will the volume 2 be released tomorrow, or will it be a long time from now? :lol: )

By the same artist, under the pen names Jack-Pot and Jyura, I also share Junai Sadi Sukittu (195 pictures), Tsukino Usagi (30) Uwaki Hen, Chibiusa – Enjo Kousai hen, Aiko Minako (Age 30) Fuzokujo-hen, a cheerful pack of 3 works (Love Nene + Lightning + Oppai Meister), the WTF Buta No Onna, a pack of 12 works (Hino Rei (30) Disposal of the Evil Spirit Arc, Kino Makoto (30) Shoutengai Zuma-hen, Mizuno Ami (30) Onna Kyoushi Hen, Monhan Erontier 1-2-3, Nyuugi Senyou Shimai, Obenjo Tenshi, Ryoujyoku Academy, School Fuuzoku, Tekken Mousou Ver, Tekken Suiminyaku ver), a pack of 2 works (Sailor Moon (30) + Tenoh Haruka (30), Rental Kanojo, another pack of 2 works (Tekken Saiminjutsu ver + Tsukino Usagi (30) R Deliheal Zuma Hen) and Entry Plug Injection.

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Kasshoku JK Onee-san To Futari De Ou-sama Game (“Playing The King’s Game With A Tanned JK Onee-san”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san series, by Hijiri Tsukasa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Makes one wish there was also anal ^^

Until the last page, I thought that was an original work, and not a doujinshi. And yet, nope, it’s from Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san) ^^
Also, before I forget: if you liked it, it’s on sale for like just 3 bucks, here!

Here’s a bountiful release, in which a splendid teen gyaru (she’s got the whole package: slutty clothes including hotpants, beneath it a nanobikini, sexy tanned skin with tanlines and a heart shape on the butt, twintails, insolently proud breasts) takes a lucky shota to an hotel room.
There’s no scenario frankly, it’s simply good sex, the boy is irrelevant, only the glorious body of the girl mattered =)

Hellsin is the name of the guy guy who scanlated it, thank you!

By the same artist, Hijiri Tsukasa, circle Shin Seidou Honpo, I also share Takebe Saori-chan To Iu Kanojo To Ofuro Ni Hairu Hanashi, Tomoe Mami No Seikantai Mo Soul Gem and Takebe Saori-chan To Iu Kanojo Ga Dekita Hanashi.

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Gekkan Za Bicchi Wo Mita Onna No Hannou Ni Tsuite (“About The Reaction Of The Girl Who Saw “The Bitch Monthly”) [English], by Miitoban

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

And it shows

Please, find in yourself the strength to forgive the censorship in this release, everything else is worth it :)

In Gekkan Za Bicchi Wo Mita Onna No Hannou Ni Tsuite, a girlfriend finds her boyfriend’s porn magazine specialized in black gals, easy to approach slutty girls with darkly tanned skin. She looks shocked and dejected. She leaves. She shuns him for 2 entires week.
And, of hentaiworldfucking course, she finally comes back, with slutty clothes, dark skin, and lots of enthusiasm ^__^

I always get good vibes from Miitoban, this share was no exception. There wasn’t *only* the sex, the GF was caring, after all, accepting her BF’s kinks. But not as a sign of personal failure, she whole-heartedly embraced it and got a personal level up! Her smiles were charming, hehe.
Also, something new I felt, her wiiiiide eyes gave her a unique touch I had yet to see…

Sorry, I always end up writing walls of text, but that’s the thing when I am convinced something is so good I would like everyone to read it, I plead guilty :D
Thanks a lot to Nishimaru, from Nishimaru Translations!

By the same artist, under the names Miitoban, Nikuman Umeew or Meetban, I also share Narikiri Mahou Shoujo Bokos, Majin Zensen, Ihara-chan Wa Futoppara, Mitain Desu (?I Want To See It?), Jinrui Niha Hokentaiiku Ga Hituyoudesu (“Humanity Needs Health and Physical Education”) and Different World Girl plus its short sequel Different World Girl 1.5.
There are two more Different World volumes, but I hesitate about sharing them, they didn’t impress me, so maybe I’ll wait for yet another volume to come, and bam! repack time.

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Nakadashi 100-nin Dekiru Kana (“I Wonder If I Can Reach 100 Creampies”) [English, 214 pictures], by Taihei Tengoku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

Just gulp it already, HURRY UP!!!

A pair of weeks ago, I was contacted by a nice guy called TheOutsideSource, he made repacks of chapters that were released separately but eventually made complete volumes.
Unfortunately, with fakku chapters and project-H materials in the mix, I can’t share those, with just one exception, that I’m sharing right here ;)
So, TheOutsideSource, you have my sincere thanks for this!! :)

The present tank is made of a relatively small story arc, making about one third of the volume, and then of unrelated 1 or 2 chapters long stories.
That story arc was borderline gold with bonus comic relief potential, a man had the luck to receive a travel ticket to “Bitch Island”, a remote island with a 99% female population in which men are revered. To quote the male MC: “A country that rapes men in the middle of the street. Am I in heaven?:lol:

Graphically, that’s Taihei Tengoku for you: tons of healthy meaty women, several of them plump, with giant boobs and enthusiastic faces, having hardcore intense sex with a broad smile :3 Some chapters bear massive black bar censorship, while most others are mostly okay, I felt.

Enjoy, my dear pervs! And thanks a lot to TheOutsideSource, SakuLens, Fated Circle and Garass! :jap:

By the same artist… Ah, this time it’s complicated. Honestly, I can’t escape dealing with it, but I bloody detest it, as it makes dealing with collections a huge pain in the ass.
There are two entirely separate things.
– Taihei Tengoku (the artist called like that)
– Circle Taihei Tengoku (a group of different mangakas united under the same brand, namely Horikawa Gorou and Aratamaru)
By the artist, I also share Enjyo Kosai (221 pictures), Pai Fella Lady (233 pictures), Isekai Bitch Ga Tokyo Ni Yattekita, and Misaki Fight G.
By the circle, be it the mangaka Horikawa Gorou or the mangaka Aratamaru, I share Haramu Made Okashite Kudasai (204 pictures), Zone 44, a (nameless?) Super Mario RPG hentai doujinshi and Night Head Harlock (Uncensored version).

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TS Ryuugaku-ki [English, Uncensored version, and now COMPLETE: 102 pictures], by Ohkami Ryosuke

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Not enough ropes to call it shibari, sorry ;)

I shared 2 chapters from this TS Ryuugaku-ki series in the past, but now it’s the whole thing, five chapters long, a whopping 102 pictures.

You’ll be treated to EXCELLENT art, featuring a dark-skinned girl with great body features, and a damnably weird story ^^;;
(And I meant it, really, excellent. It’s uncensored, there’s wonderful vaginal and anal sex with a dark-skinned girl, it’s frigging UNCENSORED, it can harldy get better than that.)

But met me warn you, because, yeah, it’s the dreaded gender bender trope. Because of rare genes, the manga’s main character becomes a woman after arriving in Japan. And every time she has sex, she becomes more feminine, going from tomboy to total babe, but becoming more of a slut with new orgasm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The scenario made me a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not like hentai exclusively serves simpleton stories, right? Enjoy what you can from what is available, maybe discover new fetishes or allow yourself to feel moved by things you normally wouldn’t have read, or move on if you just can’t ^^

Personally? The quality of the hardcore drawings totally make the manga worth it in my eyes, the story type can be ignored. So: thank you so much to the guys behind the release, AGB and 4chan anons! :jap:

By the same artist, whose name I’ve seen written as Ohkami Ryosuke and Ookami Ryousuke, I also share the great Chichimonogatari (199 pictures, it’s a sweet read!), Sexual Time (206 pictures), Hazukashii Chibusa (“Embarrassed Tits”, 230 pictures), Nemuri No Aizu, Ayutamu-Sensei, Chuuko Kanojo ~ Somekaerareta Seiheki, Love Hero 21, Love Hero 22, and Kano Kare Konpurekksu.

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Koisugi [English, 89 pictures], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Golden Kamuy series, by Nishida

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

No rest for the wicked

I… I don’t even find the proper words. That long volume (89 pages, no less) was a . we . some.
Served with very well drawn sex packing a massive amount of intensity, rich with excessive visual details (flying huge knockers, pubic hair, ecstatic expressions, super powerful thrusts, erotic juicy lips)… if you just want excellent fap materials, you’ve hit the jackpot :twisted:

And in terms of story? Once again, I don’t even know how I could tell it.

This is a sequel to Sugimoto-san To Rakko Nabe Shiyou, in which the characters from the extraordinary Golden Kamuy manga are resurrected a century after their first lives, in current-day Japan. Everyone’s personality and physical traits is preserved… With one exception: the maximally badass, muscular and tough as nails Sugimoto The Immortal, has been reborn as an hyper hot babe with a body made for sex :3

This time, Sugimoto pairs up with Koito Otonoshin, a hunk with a too serious personality. And they have plenty of sex, culminating in a memorable bikini session.

Me, while the gender bender part made me feel weird, I revelled in meeting again those characters I love in the original manga, and in addition I was granted wet and sloppy powerful sex: ZERO COMPLAINTS!! :D

Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to the kind soul(s) who are behind this release! :jap:

So, as I wrote, by the same artist, I also share Sugimoto-san To Rakko Nabe Shiyou.

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