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Teisou Kannen Zero No Onna Tomodachi [English], by Alice No Takarabako

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This share’s title is an expansion to Teisou Kannen ZERO, but I don’t see any shared/common point, would someone have an idea about that?

In my eyes, here’s a totally enjoyable read! The joys of being in summer, of having a slutty female childhood friend who will openly come to pick you up at your house to invite you to fuck out in the woods where it’s most pleasant at this time of the year… No complications, no second thoughts, actually enjoying the good things in life :)

The art is on par with the story: straight-forward and generous. The girl smiles (fetishists: canines spotted) and likes her creampies, and her hotpants and slutty simple clothes are nice too :3
Honest warning, the censorship is on the annoying side and I felt the images lacked impact, because we lost a lot on shades and volumes (is “overexposed” the proper term? We hardly even notice the girl’s got tanlines at all), IDK if the printing or scanning should be to blame.

Cgrascal is behind this release, thank you! :jap:

For more, see The List of Alice No Takarabako’s Works on HentaiRules.

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ChichiKoi [English, Compilation version, 224 picturse], by Okumoto Yuuta

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Pew! Pew! ^^;;

Let’s get it out of the way: this isn’t an official tank. This is a compilation of chapters from various sources, some of them the actual ChichiKoi tankoubon, some of them magazine scans, and among these some will be in decent quality while some others will be super small images. The tank chapters are only slightly censored, while the magazine chapters are whiteout-censored. Deal with it, that’s still better than nothing ^^

And now, this manga… Well, sorry to be blunt, but this is the kind of manga that’s best read with your pants already down. Each chapter is a single story in which, past a brief introduction, faptastic sex will take place, either casual consensual sex, or hypnotism play revealing hidden “sex beast” desires, or even sex with mutual liking (borderline vanilla, vanilla once). The girls are total babes, with dream-like hourglass figures and huge breasts, that was visually quite the show :twisted:

Release credits are for a LOT of people, I doubt I got them all, but at least I’ll mention Prozess, Saha and Osma, N04h, Herzer and Alexey from Hennojin, Tonigobe and Max and Emily Tate, Instant_Noodle, Darporfe, Saltwatermelon, Alex68785, Captain Hooker, Memnarch, Dynellen, Mikufan3939, Sjaptajn, Tarovk and Kekerolou, and Doujin-Moe. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the scanlation and/or compilation! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Onee-chan No OshigotoWakaranai Yo Kurogawa-san, Lesson For Me, Princess Training, Horoyoi Cherry-Pick, Double Lesson, Dual Shock, Fortune Lovers, Sweet March and Moody Home Teacher.

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South Dakota To Shota Shikikan (“South Dakota And The Boy Commander”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Kimura Neito (AKA Egonokatamari)

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Oh boy, those boobs

It’s a welcome change, once in a while, a shota story in which it’s the boy who takes the lead and guides the girl all the way, even though he too is inexperienced.
Other than that, we’ve got an adorable cutie, called South Dakota, with sexy caramel skin, an outrageously arousing short outfit, braids, and a pair of boobs I would spend my whole day fondling if I could :twisted:
Once the actual sex starts the images look a bit less awesome, partly because of the censorship (bars), partly because the mangaka took certain liberties, I felt…

It’s a pretty decent read in my opinion, enjoy your read! :)
Thanks a lot to Dark Mac, Palaxius, Axalon, Kouya913 and MrWayne! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Wet Lips (199 pictures), Fire Woman and Watashi Wa Kore De Kazoku To Nakayoku Narimashita chapters 1-2.

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Anettai Passion! Oppai Sea Story [English], by Karube Guri

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Calling it "absolutely hot" wouldn't be doing it justice

Jebus Fucking Christ, that was awesome :shock:

Look, long story short, a heartbroken young man on a solitary tropical holiday finds a new love of his life in a tanned, busty, falsely candid, adorable local girl wearing loose shirts and hotpants. But it’s about the small details, the kindness, the acceptation… And the absolutely awesome hardcore art, because a dark-skinned tanned thick with braids, huuuuge breasts, a natural pussy and erotic lips, this is a godsent :twisted:

Also, for more sauce, you can find the complete Japanese tank from which this share is coming HERE, name’s Tsuyudaku Otome :3

Alexey, Herreis and Vilis, from Hennojin, are to be thanked for this release, great job!! :)

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Tsuyudaku Otome (“Tsuyudaku Loving Maiden”) [Japanese, 223 pictures], by Karube Guri

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The Japanese invented bloomers, the Americans invented cheerleaders, two nations of true perverts at heart

Usually I stick to sharing English scanlations, but this time it’s clearly worth making an exception: here is a Japanese tank, Tsuyudaku Otome, full to the brim with spectacularly sexy girls having quality sex. The ladies are meaty, busty, have angel faces, and hot sex without worries is coming to them :twisted:
Even if you don’t get the dialogues, I don’t think it will be much of an obstacle here, enjoy! ^_^

Anettai Passion, a translated manga that I share today, is taken from this tank.
Oh, by the way, in case someone wonders, Tsuyudaku means “with extra soup” for Gyudon, source here ^^

And, yeah, clearly, I’m interested in seeing more translated chapters from this manga, this isn’t alien to my sharing it on Hentairules: the more people see how great Tsuyudaku Otome is, the greater chances ;)

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Stopwatcher [English, 202 pictures], by Bang-You

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Should I have it, I'm not saying I would use a time freeze ability for evil deeds, but, still, every day of my life I would be filthy rich and my balls would be empty

Fair warning: this post’s tags include “vanilla, happy sex with love, happy sex”, but that’s just for one chapter. The rest of the manga is based on time stopping used to rape total babes, plus two other chapters, one with blackmail/rape/netori and the other one with consenting adulterous chikan.

Regarding the time stopping, Bang-You has applied a great idea to the shebang, that women feel what is done to them once time stops, at a normal 1x speed. Meaning you bang a time-frozen girl during ten minutes, she will feel every one of your thrusts for the next ten minutes after you restore the flow of time. That allows interesting combinations , if you use it multiple times in a row, no? :3

I’ll give my morality a leave of absence, the drawings were absolutely fabulous (very little censorship! Thick eyebrows! Great-looking girls! Vaginal plus anal!!) and, well, it’s embarrassing, but if I had time stopping abilities I don’t trust myself to not do things like that…. And you?

Release credits are for NaxusNL, Tracesnull and Rinflue, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Bang-You, Manguri Cannon and Nagaredamaya, I also share UrAnus, Uranus-san Vs Toumei Ningen, Shidoukan Future, Shidoukan Crouching + Shidoukan Outdoor, Bang You Collection Vol 3, Degeneration and Lunar Eclipse.

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Musume To Chichi No Ketsumatsu [English], by Distance

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A huge let down, metaphorically and objectively

This is drawn by Distance. It looks good.
But, damn, apart from that it’s like the mangaka tried his best to pile up as many boner killer ingredients as possible. Father having sex with daughter: check. Cheating on earnest wife: check. Impregnation without thinking of its consequences: check. Betraying mother: check. Blurry scans: check (admittedly, not the mangaka’s fault). Daaaaaaaaaaaamn :shock:

So, well, entertain yourselves to that one guys if you like (it’s a sequel to the last chapter of the Triple H tank that I shared eight years ago) but don’t expect words of praise for me.
Oh, maybe not praise (I’m not a fan of the typesetting, I spotted typos and the English sounded awkward at times in my baguette eyes) but, still, thanks are due, to SMDC and his commissioner, Anonymous.

(Remember to view the updated list of all Distance’s works on Hentairules)

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