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Boku-Tachi No Kinki [English, 219 pictures, Complete], by Tohzai

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 32 comments

That's the picture that screams "Are you free right now ? Cause it's time to bust a nut."

Haaaa, now that’s quality hentai :twisted:
Here is the COMPLETE Boku-Tachi No Kinki, a volume almost entirely about taboo incestuous relations between sisters and brothers, save two chapters with a different theme, a “housewife while husband is at work” chapter, and a “two female highschoolers playing maid” chapter :)

This is happy sex all along, with a more developed (although not so interesting, linear and no unforeseen developments) plot in the main ar (till page 140), with occasionally (what, half of the volume ?) mutual love. Not really moving (well, not me), but pleasant already :)
The drawings are where the manga shines most, the expression on the women’s face, focused on pleasure, on making it mutual, their beautiful realistic bodies (fair warning, one of the women’s a loli, deal with it), including public hair, it gave great “immersion”, if you see the idea ?

Credits are for Traen and Waterflame, from Vapor Scans and, for one chapter LustyLady00 and BlackRussian, from The Lusty Lady Project. I’m really grateful, thank you for all the time and work that has been poured into this volume ! ^_^

For plenty more, why don’t you see The list of Tohzai’s works on Hentairules :)

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Ikinari Harem Life [English, 219 pictures], by Tachibana Omina

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 36 comments


In the beginning, there was Regrettable Heroines. Published in magazines.
Now, there is Ikinari Harem Life, scanned from the tank compiling the above.

I did my part, better than a long story : BEFORE / AFTER :)

And the difference between Regrettable Heroines and Ikinari Harem Life ?
harem baton is DEAD !. More : before / after and before / after :twisted:
And I was tame, some magazine chapters displayed whiteout or blur mosaics censorship.

As for the harem scenario… For no particular reason (some could say it’s to lure in customers, me, I say this is genuine poetry, to reveal the randomness of life IS beautiful ! *cough*), five girls become madly attracted to a highschool boy. Two classmates, one teacher, a class junior and her own megane blonde adult guardian.
They have sex at school, at home, on the beach, in a cabin, in the bathroom, in a swimming pool. Naturally, the boy has equipped his Long Harem Baton Of Might (+10 against women, unlimited ammo) and the girls are in ecstasy :roll:

The drawings are good, the girls have juicy voluptuous bodies, YUM, and they provide paizuris, oral and vaginal sex. The censorship is very small. Let’s add to this a good mood all along, bits of humour and slightly extraordinary slice of life contexts :D
Credits are for CustomX who “ported” Regrettable heroines to the tank scans version, and, previously, to Black Russian and LustyLady00, from The Lusty Lady Project, and, ahem, LazarusLP and CovertOpBoobs, from Lazarus-H, great job, my friends !! :jap:

Do you want more harem? Check the list of Tachibana Omina’s shares! ^^

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Rinjin Trouble (“Neighbor Trouble”) [English], by Shimaji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments



What’s the word for this, hot pants ? Or simply tight jeans ?
Anyway, the scenario is nonexistent, a hot MILF needs a young man’s help to move furniture and stuff, but of course she’s after something else. Which she receives, proficiently and abundantly.

And the whiteout censorship ? Who cares, the hottest element was the tight jeans ! This is also one of the reasons I cannot absolutely hate the censorship laws in Japan. Sure, banning the censorship of genitalia sucks (why not rather fight the Yakuza or the rampant corruption ? Bah, better focus on complicating masturbation time, the streets will be definitely be safer if there are more mosaics and whiteouts). But on the other hand that forced generations of mangakas to learn how to draw incredibly arousing girls even when they’re fully clothed… how to say it… every body or clothing detail of an ecchi or hentai woman can be arousing and used to fap, isn’t it some sort of miracle ? :D In comparison, with the rare exception of only a handful of artists (the best of them would be Manara, I think), the vast majority of western draw porn focuses far too much on genitalia to draw women correctly :-/
Oh, and thanks to Cgrascal for the release, however much proofreading would have been required !

By Shimaji (circle Shimajiya), I also share Kotori Dream, Fan Kansha Dai Ya Yo, Mushaburi Learning (Let’s Study Penis), PanKore, Change Watashi Ga Mesu Ni Naru Koku, Hatsukoi, Nyan Nyan Idol and Oshiete Nyan Nyan.

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Koiiro Oppai chapters 1-2 [English, Uncensored version !], + the Complete Japanese manga (217 pages), by Handsome Aniki (under the Asuhiro name)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Yum. That second girl, she was awesome. Those hips, that face, that cheerful mood ! FUCKING YUM !

The male sexual partners don’t even need to have a face, lol, only their penis matters :D
Here is Kooiro Oppai, its two first chapters, translated and decensored by No4h, Neko Arcueid Brunestud, Phantom Renegade and Jicko, from Trinity Translations Team, thank you very much ! :)

There is happy sex with love, a bit of fun, and the rest is happy sex with mutual liking, with zero dot zero complications ^^
The women are the cheerful, smiling and extraverted self-confident type, looking like they’re 20 or 25 years old, with large brasts and hips. And with zero censorship, YUM ! :twisted:

By the same artist, under the pen names Handsome Aniki and Asuhiro, I also share Love Of Love Boobs Are For Sex (214 pictures), Matsuribayashi, Yellow 2 Happy, Magic Of Love, Under One Small Roof, Tonight I’m Falling, Ookami Ni Naritai, and Mitsukere Secret.

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Have some Uncensored JAV :) — Sofia Takigawa’s Dirty Minded Wife Advent

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 43 comments
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It’s been a long time there hasn’t been some JAV on Hentairules, and that one caught my eye :)

No small petite Japanese mouse-like girl here (well, there’s still the squealing, though moderately ¬_¬), but a fully adult and well-endowed, more voluptous woman, with a beautiful face and really nice breasts (paizuriiiiiiii~~~), I easily imagined her as one of the characters of the mangas by Kuroki Hidehiko :twisted:
Enough said, I hope you’ll enjoy it, that one I uploaded it myself ^^

Download links :
Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3
(1 GB, 1 hour 49 minutes)

Virgin Na Kankei 1&2 [English], by Takumi Kobayashi

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By Oliver AKA The Admin on 7 comments

Do you know Takumi Kobayashi ?

He is an awesome mangaka, his style reminds me of Kosuke Fujishima, the author of the You’re Under Arrest and Ah My Goddess series.
The difference being that Kobayashi draws erotic and pornographic works… :p

I have uploaded the volumes 1 and 2, they were translated in English by the excellent translation group Solaris-Svu. The rest is still in japanese… and on my hard disks ;)

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