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100 challenge [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Hundred series, by Fukuyama Naoto

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I cropped out of the pic the huge fail with the way the breasts of the girl on the left were drawn

Me, I am incredibly proud when I manage to give my wife three orgasms. Damn all this hentai, setting up false unreachable standards and making us feel bad! ^^
Jokes aside (the joke is also on me, three times is actually an almost impossible feat for me), this share is parodying something called “Hundred“, that’s got a light novel, a manga, an anime, and about which I know absolutely nothing. No clue. None at all. I’ll bother to read more about it only if more hentai doujinshi are scanlated, lol :D

For reasons unknown, we’re in a situation where a male hero is having sex with two cute girls, and the challenge of the day is to make the girls climax a hundred times. A hundred. One fucking hundred orgasms.
Actually, it’s easy: when it’s Fukuyama Naoto who’s storywriting, one penis thrust equals one female orgasm – if that’s not a teenager’s immature fantasy, I don’t know how better to call it ^^;;

The rest is porn. Relatively good porn, even despite my recent distaste for Fukuyama Naoto’s productions. Ahegaos, weird eyebrows, weird noses, those idiosyncrasies we either love or hate, pick your side, me I’ll simply end my post with a thanks to Tigoris Translates and his commissioner :)

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